Bingo Boom bookmaker: reviews, bets, bonuses
Bingo Boom bookmaker: reviews, bets, bonuses

Video: Bingo Boom bookmaker: reviews, bets, bonuses

Video: Bingo Boom bookmaker: reviews, bets, bonuses
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The well-known and beloved bookmaker called Bingo Boom, which receives very positive reviews, is attracting the attention of an increasing number of Internet users every day. In 2017, it became legal on the territory of the Russian Federation, so the citizens of our country can now place bets without any problems and get good winnings.

Image"Bingo Boom"
Image"Bingo Boom"

A Brief History

Reviews about Bingo Boom come from 2011, in which the office was founded. Although at first it accepted only sports bets, today users have a chance to win on non-sports events as well.

Now in Bingo Boom bets on football and other directions are called "Sports Boom". This name is familiar to every gambling lover, it is especially popular in their circles.

Popularity of the office

One of the last large-scale events where the name "BingoBoom", is considered a rapper battle between the English-speaking MC Disaster and the Russian-speaking Oksimiron. The bookmaker was the main sponsor of the first, so the rapper was in clothes with his logo throughout the entire confrontation. Since the video of the battle gained a fairly large number of views, a huge number of users became interested in the office.

Advantages and disadvantages

After considering several main features of the office, you can create a general impression of it. Benefits include:

  • calculation of a good bonus just for registration;
  • possibility to pass verification via video link without leaving home.

There are a little more disadvantages here, although they do not affect the popularity of the office in any way:

  • lack of video broadcasts;
  • limited deposit and withdrawal options;
  • not quite a good painting;
  • periodic outages on the site itself.
BC Bingo Boom
BC Bingo Boom

Official site

Bingo Boom bookmaker has its own website where you can find all the information about it, as well as place bets and take part in promotions. The main page is made in black colors. It has a lot of animation elements. In general, the appearance of the site can be called presentable.

From the very first second after visiting the main page of "Bingo Boom" you can understand that this bookmaker pays the most attention to games. The main menu consists of three items:

  • shares;
  • games;
  • sport.

With the first two buttons, everything is clear by name, but users often ask questions about the third one. In fact, there is nothing supernatural here. By clicking on this tab, the betting page opens. Other betting sites also have such a page, so there is nothing to be surprised about.

Bookmaker Bingo Boom
Bookmaker Bingo Boom


In order to make their first bet, the user must go through the registration procedure in Bingo Boom. It is necessary for every person who wants to place bets and earn money on it. The registration process itself does not take much time, but it may well get on your nerves. To pass it you will need:

  • enter phone number;
  • create a password;
  • write email address;
  • insert Promo Code if available.

Additionally, you will need to create a Qiwi wallet (or another virtual payment system provided for by the rules of the bookmaker), and then link it to your account. Without this stage, there will be no point in betting, since the player will not be able to make them and extract the winnings.

Bingo Boom Registration
Bingo Boom Registration


To fully use Bingo Boom online, you must pass verification. It is an identity verification procedure and can be performed in three ways:

  • directly on the site, answering the operator's call (the most important thing here is the presence of video communication);
  • inany betting shop of this office (you will need to present your passport);
  • in the Euroset salon.

Bonus system

"Bingo Boom" does not please users much with bonuses, although the main prizes are present here. For example, each new verified client is provided with 500 rubles to the game account, which can be safely used for betting.

Besides, there are other bonuses in Bingo Boom. For example, a daily promotion called "Jackpot". This amount is made up of the stakes of several participants and is displayed in the upper right corner, it is updated every minute.

Also, bonuses include an affiliate program. Absolutely all registered and verified users can take part in it. By attracting new customers, both bettors and the office itself make a profit, so this scheme is beneficial for everyone.


In Bingo Boom bookmaker, payment systems are very diverse. First of all, you need to consider the issue of a deposit. It is possible to deposit money into a game account using Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi cards, as well as Beeline, MTS, Tele2 and Megafon mobile operators. In this case, the minimum amount is exactly 100 rubles, regardless of the chosen method. As for the maximum allowed replenishment, it is not limited. The deposit is credited to the game account instantly, and the transfer costs are not borne by the client, but by the office itself.

No less importantpoint is the withdrawal of earned money. It is made in the same ways as the replenishment of the account. The minimum and maximum are also the same. The only difference is the withdrawal time - here it does not happen instantly, but within a day from the moment the user requests it.

Line and bets

Positive feedback about Bingo Boom often points to the line and bets. They have their own characteristics and distinctive features, so they are worthy of attention. Here it is important to pay attention to:

  1. Prematch. The line presents players with more than 30 types of events. Pre-match margin is 5%.
  2. Live. In this case, the list of rates is below average. If there is a football match where there are not very many fans, about 100 choices are provided. Speaking about the margin, it is worth noting that its average value at football events is 5.5%.
  3. Minimum and maximum rates. In Bingo Boom, the smallest bet per event is only 10 rubles. As for the maximum betting odds, it is one thousand Russian rubles.
Bingo Boom: sports
Bingo Boom: sports

Platform and mobile betting

You can bet on sports at Bingo Boom from your phone or tablet. Especially for this, the office has developed its own application for Android and iOS operating systems. Finding a mobile program is not difficult, since the link to it is located at the very bottom of the main screen.

The handheld app is famous for its intuitive interface, user-friendly design and accessibility. In addition, herethe manufacturer has implemented the most basic functions, without which a decent program would not have been possible to get.

From your phone or tablet it is very convenient to search for events in one or another sports direction. All of them are marked with characteristic icons - a ball, a puck, and so on.

Sections load fairly quickly. Chat with technical support here works around the clock, so any question of interest to the user, he can get an answer very soon. Also, people may be interested in where the murals are located in the mobile application. Fortunately, you won’t have to look for them for a long time, since they all fit in the Sport Boom tab.

Bingo Boom: Betting
Bingo Boom: Betting


Bingo Boom bookmaker offers its customers not only classic sports betting, but also live betting. In addition, the main site provides a center where all sports statistics are present, which can be used at any time.


When talking about the support service at a bookmaker, users always point out its advantages. Both in the mobile application and on the official website, it works around the clock. The client has the opportunity to make a phone call or write in the online chat located on the main page. Specialists on the other side of the screen give an answer within 20 minutes (depending on the workload). As a rule, they explain everything in an accessible way and the problem is solved at the same second when the answer arrives.


As mentioned inarticle, reviews of Bingo Boom are most often positive. Users enthusiastically comment on the fast work of the support service, the opportunity to make real money, as well as the accessibility of the site. In addition, customers consider the availability of Live betting as an advantage, the demand for which has been growing rapidly in recent years. Also, in the reviews about the bookmaker, users positively evaluate the external design of the site. Moreover, this applies to both the phone version and the computer one.

On the negative side, it can be noted that people more often point only to periodic delays in payments. This does not mean at all that the money does not come at all, it just comes to the account a little later than the required time. The support service explains this situation by the load of the site, due to which such failures can easily occur.

Popular questions

In reviews, users often ask various questions. They relate to the activities of the bookmaker, the operation of the site, common mistakes and other interesting points. To immediately dot the i's, you need to highlight the most frequently asked questions. The answers to them are clear and accessible to everyone, so there will be no problems with them. So, most often users ask:

  1. Why do I need to enter passport data or show my passport at the betting shop? This is necessary in order to verify your identity. Providing the operator with your data, you can not worry about their integrity and safety. The bookmaker undertakes to keep this information confidential and notprovide it to third parties. If the office violates these rules, the user has every reason to file an application with the court.
  2. Where can I find betting shops? Their addresses are provided in a separate section on the site. If you can't find the nearest location, you can use the support services and get a clear answer to this question
  3. Why can't I find a sweepstakes on the site? The bookmaker in question does not involve the use of sweepstakes.
  4. Can I delete my profile? This cannot be done. If the user decides to leave the site, the only solution is to simply not use it, but there is no way to make the account disappear.
  5. What to do if the account is "cut"? This problem is quite common among players. It represents a reduction in the maximum rate for a specific client. However, the reasons for this limitation are not always explained. In this case, you will need to contact the support service, as there is a possibility that it will not be possible to return everything back, since the user has committed an illegal act.
  6. Why do other clients switch to a working "mirror" and what is it all about? The so-called "mirror" is a site that has the same appearance and works according to the same scheme as the official one, but its address is somewhat different. It is used by users who, for technical or other reasons, cannot go to the official home page of the bookmaker.
  7. What if you blocked access to the site? Since on the territory of the Russian Federation the siteworks legally, local authorities cannot block it in any way. This situation can occur due to problems with the provider or in connection with technical work. To solve a problem, you must first understand the cause. If the bookmaker himself is the culprit, you need to contact the support service, where they will give a clear answer about how long these works will last. But if the reason lies in the local provider, you will have to solve the problem with him personally by contacting the company for help.
  8. Where can I find the mobile version of the site? The link for this is on the main page of the site.
Bingo Boom: Football Betting
Bingo Boom: Football Betting


In general, the bookmaker's office as entertainment for fans of excitement is quite good both in concept and in implementation. There is an opportunity to place bets and earn real money, which is confirmed by a lot of feedback from users who managed to replenish their financial condition after a couple of successful matches.

There are quite a lot of questions about the work of the site and the activities of the office itself. Fortunately, there are clear answers to all of them, making it much easier for a person to understand whether he should become a client of this particular bookmaker or is it better to look for something better.