Quotes about advertising: aphorisms, sayings, phrases of great people, motivated impact, list of the best
Quotes about advertising: aphorisms, sayings, phrases of great people, motivated impact, list of the best

Video: Quotes about advertising: aphorisms, sayings, phrases of great people, motivated impact, list of the best

Video: Quotes about advertising: aphorisms, sayings, phrases of great people, motivated impact, list of the best
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Modern advertising can motivate and inspire. It has ceased to be a simple sales tool and has grown into a kind of modern art. Many famous people expressed their thoughts about advertising. The impact of advertising on people's lives, their choices, their interests is enormous. It is impossible to hide from her: we often discuss her or criticize, believe or not believe what she says. Below are quotes about advertising from renowned marketing geniuses and social greats who forever changed the way advertising should look.

quotes about advertising
quotes about advertising

David Ogilvy on advertising

In the world of PR, advertising and marketing, David Ogilvy is referred to only as the "Father of Advertising" or the "Wizard of the Advertising Industry". During his 88-year life, this man managed to open more than 30 representative offices of his company in various parts of the world. It is difficult to list all the eminent clients of the companyOglewee and Meter, among the most famous brands: Adidas, American Express, British Petroleum, Coca-Cola Company, Rolls-Royce, Ford, IBM and many, many others. And for each client, Ogilvy and his team managed to find an approach and increase sales, sometimes by several times. Books written by D. Ogilvy, such as "Secrets of an advertising agent", "Just about advertising" or "Theoretical aspects of the image", have long been dismantled into aphorisms.

advertising quotes and aphorisms
advertising quotes and aphorisms

David Ogilvy Advertising Quotes:

  1. Good advertising is one that sells a product without drawing attention to itself.
  2. The more informative your ad, the more persuasive it will be.
  3. When trying to convince a consumer to do or buy something, I think you need to use their language, the way people think.
  4. In order to grab the attention of customers and encourage them to buy a product, you need a big idea. If an advertisement lacks a huge idea, then it will pass unnoticed, like a ship in the darkness of the night. I have my doubts that more than one firm in a hundred has this idea.
  5. What you say in an ad is more important than how you say it.
  6. I don't see advertising as entertainment or an art form, I see it as a medium. When I write an ad, I don't want you to tell me that you think it's creative. I want you to find it interesting enough to purchase the product I'm promoting.
  7. Consumers are still buying products advertised for value for moneybeauty, he althy eating, pain relief, social status and so on.
  8. Advertising, not deals, builds brands.

Leo Burnett on marketing and advertising

Leo Burnett is one of the most creative and expressive progenitors of marketing and advertising. Leo's company is notable for the fact that it was opened during the Great American Depression. Then Leo and his friend Jack Okif borrowed fifty thousand dollars from friends and began their conquest of the advertising Olympus. Friends said that Leo had gone crazy and in a few months his company would close, and he would sell apples. Now in every office of the company founded by Leo, there is a bowl of apples, which is designed to motivate employees. Isn't this the best ad in the world?

quotes about advertising and marketing
quotes about advertising and marketing

Quotes and aphorisms by L. Burnett:

  • Advertising is the ability to feel, to interpret. To put the very heart of business on paper.
  • If someone wants to be original just to stand out, they can show up to work with a sock in their mouth.
  • I believe that advertising is dangerous not because it deceives people, but because it can make you die of boredom.
  • Just make a great ad and the money will come.

Aphorisms of great people

Quotes about advertising were created not only by professionals in the advertising world, but also by many famous writers and even presidents. Perhaps there is no person in the world who at least once in his life did not think about advertising, its quantity in the modern world,influencing society or shaping the tastes of the population.

quotes about advertising and marketing
quotes about advertising and marketing

For some, advertising is annoying commercials on TV, but for someone it is a creative thought. The best sayings and quotes about advertising from great people:

  • Advertising is the most believable part of newspapers. Thomas Jefferson (third US president, author of the Declaration of Independence).
  • The purpose of good advertising is not to give hope, but to inspire greed. Charles Adams (American diplomat, grandson of the second US President).
  • There are a lot of ads far better than the products they advertise. Jerry Della Femina (famous US copywriter).
  • Advertising is the art of aiming for the head but hitting the pockets. Vance Packard (American journalist and critic).
  • Advertising helps to increase the standard of living by increasing the level of desires. Andrew Mackenzie (designer from Milan).
  • All advertising is great news. Marshall McLuhan (philologist, literary critic from Canada).
  • Advertising is the great art of the twentieth century. Marshall McLuhan.
  • Advertising is a kind of confidence, and confidence is not a science, but an art. Advertising is the art of persuasion. William Bernbach (advertising genius, creator of Doyle Den Bernbach).

Thoughts of famous writers

sayings about advertising quotes
sayings about advertising quotes

Quotes about advertising and marketing can be found not only in specialized literature, but also in fiction. Some ofThe statements of such writers as F. Begbeder are proclaimed by entire generations as their slogans. Here are some interesting aphorisms of the authors.

  1. Advertising does not duplicate life, life duplicates advertising. Frederic Beigbeder (French writer and publicist).
  2. Advertising is a way to make people want something they haven't even heard of before. Martti Larni (Finnish writer, journalist).
  3. Advertising is perhaps one of the most interesting and difficult forms of modern prose. Aldous Huxley (English writer and philosopher).
  4. You can show the ideals of an entire nation with your advertising. Norman Douglas (prose writer from the UK).
  5. Advertising is like tapping a bucket of slop with a stick. George Orwell (English writer).

Marketing quotes and sayings

Inspirational advertising and marketing quotes:

  • Marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, then the second date will not take place. David Beebe (VP of Global Creative).
  • Visual and interactive content add experiences that inform and create an emotional connection with shoppers. Lee Odden (President of TopRank Marketing).
  • Content marketing is interest, not promotion. John Buskal (Marketer at Moondog Marketing).

Quotes about marketers and advertisers

thoughts on advertising
thoughts on advertising

The work of advertising writers and directors is always behind the scenes and often remains undeservedly forgotten. Quotes about advertising and advertisers:

  • The last poets of the present time work inadvertising agencies. Tennessee Williams (US playwright).
  • The hallmarks of a potentially successful copywriter are: an obsessive curiosity about products, people and advertising, a good sense of humor, a habit of hard work, the ability to create interesting prose for the media. David Ogilvie (marketer).
  • The job of a marketer is to bring dead facts to life. Bill Bernbach (marketer).

Bad Advertising: Quotes and Aphorisms

  1. There is an opinion that every advertisement is an engine of trade. Not! Bad advertising cannot be an engine; rather, it is a brake. David Ogilvie (marketer).
  2. Anyone can make a bad ad, but it takes a real genius not to touch a good one. Leo Burnett (famous marketer).
  3. A million dollars of bad advertising equals zero. W alter Schoenert (marketer, writer).
  4. Tell those who calculate the company's losses that advertising can't be bad. David Eidelmann (journalist and writer).

Advertising quotes from top executives

business no ads quotes
business no ads quotes

Collection of thoughts and quotes about advertising and marketing from the leaders of large companies.

  • Advertising is a way to sell as many products as possible to as many people as possible, as often as possible, and at the highest price. Sergio Ziman (one of the chief marketers of The Coca-Cola Company).
  • Support advertising, and then advertising will support you. Thomas Dewar (entrepreneur, creator of the whiskey brandDewar's).
  • Before you dive into an advertising project, regardless of the platform, you need to understand the goal that you want to achieve. Rebecca Lieb (Head of Conglomotron LLSy).

Advertising and business quotes

As you know, there can be no business without advertising. Quotes from great people about business and advertising:

  1. Businessmen will always need to advertise their products - on good days and bad. On good days they just want it, on bad days they have to do it. Bruce Barton (copywriter, writer, businessman).
  2. Growing a business without advertising is like flirting with a girl in the dark. Nobody but you knows what you are doing. Dr. Stuart Henderson Britt (sociologist and psychologist).
  3. Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping the clock to save time. Andrew McKenzie (designer).