Perfume quotes: amazing aphorisms, interesting sayings, inspiring phrases, their impact, a list of the best and their authors

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Perfume quotes: amazing aphorisms, interesting sayings, inspiring phrases, their impact, a list of the best and their authors
Perfume quotes: amazing aphorisms, interesting sayings, inspiring phrases, their impact, a list of the best and their authors

Video: Perfume quotes: amazing aphorisms, interesting sayings, inspiring phrases, their impact, a list of the best and their authors

Video: Perfume quotes: amazing aphorisms, interesting sayings, inspiring phrases, their impact, a list of the best and their authors

People used perfume even before the beginning of our era. And no wonder, because many people firmly believe that love is found with the help of pheromones. Who wants to be single for the rest of their lives? And during the Middle Ages, perfumes were used to hide the stench caused by the dislike of lords and ladies for taking baths. Now fragrances are created to raise status. And, of course, because everyone subconsciously wants to smell good. But what exactly did celebrities say about perfume?

Historical background

Perfume in a golden bottle
Perfume in a golden bottle

The very first perfume was invented before our era in ancient Egypt. However, quite recently, in the course of archaeological research, the oldest spirits on Earth were discovered. In Persia and India, the manufacture of various artificial flavors was also widespread. Later this knowledgemigrated to European countries. The word "perfume" itself comes from the Latin expression "per fumum". This translates into Russian as "through the smoke".

Beautiful perfume quotes

Different types of spirits
Different types of spirits
  • Y. Stefan Jellinek, the famous perfumer and writer, called his debut in the world of literature this way: "Perfume is a dream in a bottle." Over time, the phrase moved to the quotes section.
  • "First you need to inhale the woman. And only then look at her." This saying belongs to the pen of the French designer of the early twentieth century, Marchel Roche. He invented the corset, which women still use today, and his words became one of the most famous quotes about perfumes and perfumes.
  • "Perfume is with me every moment of my life. I'd rather forget my keys than go out without perfume." And this quote about perfumes comes from Catherine Deneuve, the famous actress and singer from France.
  • "Perfume is like a business card. Without it, a woman has no name." This saying belongs to Hubert de Givenchy, a 20th-century fashion designer from France.
  • "Perfume is a kiss, that's all." Quote by Hippolyte Lemaire.
  • "When a woman leaves, what remains in a warm house? Her perfume and the smell that filled the breath." Lines from a poem by an unknown contemporary poet. They almost became a model for quotes about perfume and a woman.
  • "Perfume is good only when it does not contradict the spirit and character of its time. Only in this case, the workperfumers was a success, and this perfume will subsequently be considered a timeless classic. "No one knows who this rather famous quote belongs to.
  • Catherine Deneuve, a film actress and singer originally from France, often said: "Their goal is … to tell - but not everything and not at all to everyone they meet."
  • Madame Rocha, a cosmetics chain based in France, used the phrase "Perfume is the melody of the body" as an advertisement.
  • Jean-Paul Guerlain, a perfumer originally from France, said: "Perfume is the only thing left of a woman when a man turns off the light."
  • "Nothing is more important than perfume. This is a woman's autograph." The perfume quote is from Paloma Picasso, a successful French fashion designer and daughter of the famous artist Pablo Picasso.
  • "Perfume, which is chosen wisely, resembles beautiful accessories. They give women incredible grace and charm." The quote is from world famous designer Marcel Roche.
  • There is a legend that when the world-famous actress Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wears to bed, she answered without hesitation: "Chanel number 5, of course."
  • "All women love perfume. If they say they don't, they haven't found their scent." Quote of the great Marilyn Monroe, actress, singer and model who became famous in the United States of America in the fifties. Her fame soon spread throughout the world.
  • Professor of perfumery Roger Dove once said to his students:"Choosing a perfume is like choosing a lover. You have to spend the night with it to decide if it's worth it."
  • Evelyn Lauder said: "Perfume tells everything that a woman does not say out loud for some reason."
  • "A good perfume is a moment of great joy that we always yearn for." Quote from an unknown author.

Coco Chanel Quotes

  • Coco Chanel, the founder of Chanel, in her usual manner stated: "A woman who does not wear perfume has no future."
  • Coco Chanel also claimed that the right perfume is the second garment.
  • "Perfume can't be seen, but it still remains an indispensable accessory for any woman." Another Coco Chanel quote.
  • "Where should you perfume yourself? Where you want to feel other people's kisses." The quote speaks for itself.
  • "Fragrance tells more about a woman's character and life than her handwriting."
  • "Women who don't use perfume are extremely self-confident. After all, the right fragrance completes the image created around a woman, and sometimes plays a crucial role in this image."

Controversial quotes

Woman spraying perfume
Woman spraying perfume
  • "After time, the woman's clothes will be erased from memory, but you will not be able to forget the scent of her perfume." This saying belongs to the famous Christian Dior, the founder of Christian Dior from France.
  • "The perfume we chose is an extension of ourselves."Saying of an unknown author.
  • Artist, writer and filmmaker Andy Warhol was sure that "it is the smell that makes people turn after someone on the street."

Smell quotes

Multicolored perfume bottles
Multicolored perfume bottles
  • "Fragrance occupies a key place in our lives. Having inhaled someone's smell, we begin to perceive this person." The quote belongs to Vitkovskaya Alexandra Mikhailovna, a Russian woman and a highly qualified teacher.
  • "You know what sticks in your memory the most? Fragrance. Fragrance is remembered the longest. What we see, what we are told. We forget all this, but aromas cannot be forgotten." Quote from the book "Spice and Wolf" by contemporary Japanese author Isuna Hasekura.
  • Quote from Fahrenheit 451 by famous 20th-century American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury: "You know, books have a special flavor: nutmeg or spices from across the sea. sniffing books".
  • "Smell is the brother of breath. It penetrates into the very insides of people, into their hearts, and there it is decided whether this smell is pleasant to us, hateful, whether we love it or hate it. He who owns aromas owns people." A quote from a novel by 20th-century German writer Patrick Suskind. The book is called "Perfumer. The Story of a Murderer".


perfume bottles
perfume bottles

A lot can be said about perfume, but it's still not a philosophy that needs to be discussed. Flavors should be firstturn to enjoy. What fashion and beauty titans like Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Hubert de Givenchy and others teach women of all ages with their memorable and witty statements.