What is an ace: meaning and origin

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What is an ace: meaning and origin
What is an ace: meaning and origin

Video: What is an ace: meaning and origin

Video: What is an ace: meaning and origin
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A deck of cards is an item known throughout the world. Some consider them a diabolical invention of enslavement and multiplication of sins. Others argue that the cards were created for divination, magical rituals, they are helpers in knowing the will of God. From the article you will learn what an ace is and what its value is.

Language History

The map takes its name from the Polish-German language roots. German daus translates as "hell", Polish tuz is "ace" in Russian.

In English, "ace" sounds like the usual Russian name for a specialist - ace (ac). Implying this card, the French pronounce l'as - "important person" in translation.

Meaning of the card in the game

The value of the ace in the deck is the highest card. In many games, an ace gives one digital point. This in no way contradicts his seniority. But there are games in which the ace is not only the highest, but also the most "expensive" of the cards with a value of 11 points.

There are games with separate rules, according to which the ace ceases to play a dominant role in the trump suit. He passes seniority to the jack or nine (ingames tertz, deberts, belot), and a weak card can beat an ace, for example, a six. Gambling blackjack, poker make it possible to choose which card the ace plays: high or low.

Four aces in a deck
Four aces in a deck

Design and decoration

Cards around the world may have different names and designs, but there are always 4 suits in the deck:

  • peak, guilty (black);
  • club, cross, acorn (black);
  • diamonds (red);
  • heart, heart (red).

Each suit has its own ace. Always 4 aces, which are indicated by the following letters depending on the country:

  • Russia - "T".
  • Germany - "A".
  • USA - "A".
  • France - "1".

Traditionally, the design involves applying the suit in the center of the card and a value of one point. The modern look has a mirrored lettering with a reduced suit symbol at two opposite corners (rare in all 4).

In English-language decks, only the ace of spades has a decorative design. It is considered to be the highest card in the deck. This is due to its history, since for a long time the map was used in the public interest. In many countries of America and Europe, the ace of spades is called the Death Card. In Russia, diamonds are decoratively distinguished.

Ace of spades
Ace of spades

The suit of an ace in a gambling deck has an advantage over other cards only if it is a trump card. You can understand what an ace is in a sacred sense by individually deciphering the meaningor in combination with adjacent cards in divination. For example, in Tarot cards, an ace means new opportunities for a person.