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Michel Muller - French actor
Michel Muller - French actor

Video: Michel Muller - French actor

Video: Michel Muller - French actor
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Michel Müller is an Austrian-born French actor. He is also a producer, director and screenwriter. Known for the role of Malosinus in the movie "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar." Michel Muller began acting in films in 1994. During this time, he starred in 38 films, produced several, directed and wrote the script for several. He also made an ironic autobiographical film.


michel muller
michel muller

Michel Müller was born in Vienna, the capital of Austria, on September 9, 1966. In his youth, the actor worked as a teacher in an elementary school. After working as a teacher, Müller worked for some time in advertising, and after that he began performing in cabaret and giving humorous one-man performances throughout France.

Later, thanks to Michel's diverse, unusual, interesting and original humor, he was noticed by workers in the television and film industry, for example, Claude Martinez, and began to be invited to play small roles on French television, and eventually they began to invite him to the cinema, mostly comedic roles. The first big project in which Michel Muller starred was the film "Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar", a little later he starred in the film"Wasabi" with Jean Reno, which was released in 2001. Prior to that, in 1998, he received one of the main roles in the movie "The Way is Free".

Michel Muller worked for some time in Canada, where he starred in the series "Borgia" and in the movie "Real Avenger's Handbook".

Michel also made an ironic documentary with an autobiographical component about working as an actor. It's called Michel Muller's Life More Beautiful Than Yours. Work on the film began in 2004 and in early 2005 the tape was released. Michel wrote, directed and produced this film, and also played the lead role.

actor muller
actor muller

Films with Michel Muller

  • "Peter", a 2012 short film, played the role of Flea.
  • "President Hainault", 2012, played the role of Pierre Hainault, director, producer and screenwriter.
  • "Their morality…and our morality", 2008, as Bricol, hypermarket manager.
  • "Runner (s/m)", a short film in 2007, played the role of Fred.
  • "Real Avenger's Handbook", 2006, played the supporting role of Robert.
  • "Our crazy life!", 2005, as Sliver.
  • "Michel Muller's Life Is Better Than Yours", 2005, starring as himself, director, producer, writer.
  • "It's not me, it's different", 2004, as Marius.
  • "Bad Mood", 2003, played the role of Simon Vario.
  • "Fountain-tulip", 2003, in the role of Tranche Montene.
  • "Wasabi", 2001, played the role of Maurice Momo.
  • "Taxi 2", 2000, episodic role of the husband of a pregnant woman.
  • "Like a fish out of water", 1999, as Desiree, screenwriter.
  • "Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar", 1999, as Malosinus.
  • "The Way Is Clear" 1998 as Station Master/Station Clerk.

Roles and work on television

  • Black Baron series 2016-present, as Gerard Balleroy.
  • The series "Borgia", 2011 - 2013, played the role of King Charles VIII
  • TV film "To the Construction Site, Monsieur Tanner!", 2010, played the role of Jeff.
  • The series "Black Suite", 2009, as an insurance agent.
  • The Agatha Christie Murders Mysterious series, 2009-present, played the role of Jean-Charles Humbert.
  • President Henot series, 2007, as Pierre Henot, director, producer and screenwriter.
  • TV show "You disturb everyone's sleep", 2006, as himself.
  • You Can't Please Everyone series, 2000-present, cameo.
  • TV show "Everybody Talks", 1998 - 2006, as himself.
  • TV show "The Biggest Cabaret in the World" 1998-present as himself.

Facts of life

actor michel
actor michel
  • According to the sign of the zodiac Michelle Muller is a virgin.
  • He is 51 years old.
  • Won the 2006 Ginny Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Real Avenger's Handbook.
  • Michelle Muller has an unusual shape and size of ears, which she often jokes about at her performances.

Müller has been in films for over 20 years, mostly in comedic roles. He also performs stand-up programs in France. As an actor, he is little known in Russia, but quite popular among French viewers.