April Fool's Pranks for Friends: Interesting Ideas
April Fool's Pranks for Friends: Interesting Ideas

Video: April Fool's Pranks for Friends: Interesting Ideas

Video: April Fool's Pranks for Friends: Interesting Ideas

Almost everyone knows about this spring day. After all, the first of April is one of the most reckless and fun holidays that people celebrate throughout the year. Of course, because only on this amazing day you can completely “legitimately” play a trick on classmates, friends, parents and work colleagues. And despite the fact that this date is not marked in red on the calendar, everyone quite seriously begins to prepare for the celebration in advance.

A bit of history

April 1st is known to us as April Fool's Day, April Fool's Day or Innocent Lies Day. What are the origins of one of the most fun holidays? Why is this day considered to be a legitimate occasion for pranks, laughter and jokes not only in our country, but in many others?

There are several versions of the birth of such a fun holiday. According to one of them, April 1 is a reminder of the ancient spring festival, which our ancestors celebrated withjokes and games. There are other opinions as well. They argue that the custom of making fun of their acquaintances and friends originates in the Middle Ages and is associated with the European carnival-booth tradition.

girl drawing a mustache to a sleeping man
girl drawing a mustache to a sleeping man

There is also evidence that the Day of Fools was celebrated in ancient Rome. Until now, the traditions of drawing have been preserved in East India. Liked to joke April 1 and the Irish. In the Icelandic sagas there is an indication that the tradition of deceiving on this day was introduced by the gods in memory of the daughter of Thiass Skadea.

There is another rather strange assumption about the history of this holiday. According to some statements, the appearance of April Fool's Day was facilitated by the request of the Neapolitan king of Monterey, who wished that he was served the same fish as a year ago, presented as a gift about the earthquake that had stopped. The cook couldn't do it. Instead of the fish that the king liked, he prepared another. It was very similar to the one that the ruler had tasted a year ago. But the forgery was exposed. However, Monterey did not get angry in the slightest. This made him laugh. Since then, as they say, the custom of draws has gone.

In the 18th century, this holiday gained the greatest popularity and fame. The French, British and Scots spread April Fool's Day in their colonies in America.

In Russia, April Fool's Day has been celebrated since 1703. It appeared in our country thanks to the foreign courtiers of Peter I. The "overseas" holiday pleased the tsar. And since then, on April 1, it has been customary for us to play adults andchildren, while coming up with the most incredible jokes.

Of course, the purpose of these amusements is laughter and everyone's good mood. That is why on April 1 you need to pick up non-degrading and not offensive jokes. Let's take a look at the most popular April Fool's pranks, which will certainly cause a cheerful laugh and charge all participants with a good mood for the whole day.

Fun traditions at work

Maybe someone else doubts whether it is worth holding April Fools' pranks in the office? This person should count how many times a day he or his colleagues smile. Yes, unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of everyday life draws people in so deeply that sometimes we not only cannot force ourselves to laugh at a joke or an anecdote, but we also do not find time to drink an extra cup of tea. But still, once a year a day comes to us when it is permissible to fool around and have fun, laugh and have fun. And this is not only possible, but also necessary to do! That's why it's April Fool's Day! Those who decide to play April Fools' pranks at work should overcome their laziness and come to the office a little earlier than colleagues to set them in the mood for the whole day.

computer mouse with a funny pattern
computer mouse with a funny pattern

Just don't think about stereotyped jokes that were popular about thirty years ago. Well, who in our time will respond to a warning about a white back or about calling the boss to the carpet? The process of preparing April Fools' jokes and practical jokes needs to be approached creatively.

Time-consuming and complex jokes

What are the best April Fools' pranks?The organization of one of the most interesting of them will require some material investments and little effort. But don't be afraid of it. The end result will be appreciated. After all, not all colleagues in the office will immediately guess that they are just being played.

Very often people who work in the same office for a long time have similar preferences. This applies, for example, to music. Try to listen to your colleague's favorite radio station every day from morning to evening, and after a while you will certainly begin to sing a song that seemed stupid yesterday. Or print publications that I have never read before. If they are constantly viewed by a work colleague, then they begin to arouse interest among others. So, if the majority of colleagues prefer to get news from the same newspaper, then they are advised to suggest its "emergency special issue". This is one of the most original April Fool's jokes and practical jokes. Extraordinary number must be pre-ordered in the printing house. Anything can be placed on the newspaper pages of such a newspaper. The main thing is that their content entices and excites readers, and the information provided is taken seriously by them. The task of the one who conceived and executed this joke will be to stir up interest in the amazing and unusual news.

Unconventional jokes

What other April Fool's pranks could there be in the office? You can try the following options:

  1. Broken mouse. This joke is pretty simple. It is necessary to make sure that the computer mouse does notworked. For example, she may stop responding to the manipulation of a colleague if her laser hole is sealed with tape. For laughter, you can use paper with a funny image. Another interesting option for April Fool's pranks with mice can be the connection of this computer attribute to a colleague's system unit. But this is only possible if the workplaces of two employees are located close to each other.
  2. Freaky photocopier. Such an April Fool's joke is great for playing an employee who spends a lot of time at copying equipment. To do this, a funny picture is printed, which is then attached with adhesive tape to the inside of the cover. It is placed in such a way that its image can be seen when printing an A5 sheet.
  3. Washroom. If the company works with a large number of visitors, then a sign indicating a toilet can be placed on the doors of one of the departments. Such an April Fool's joke guarantees genuine surprise for both employees and those who opened such a door. Imagine that people during the day will be interested in your colleagues: “Where is the toilet?”
  4. Unusual holiday. April Fool's pranks can also consist in "decorating" the workplace with a stretch film or newspaper, in which everything that is on the table, a chair, a system unit, etc. is wrapped. A stronger effect can be obtained by pasting the entire space with bright stickers. For such a prank, foil, toilet paper and regular napkins are suitable.
  5. Jelly delight. One who loves sophisticatedpranks, can buy jelly in bags at the store and dissolve it in water, after placing there small items belonging to a colleague (stapler, pencils, pens, etc.). For several hours, such a surprise should be sent to the refrigerator. In the morning, the surprise, joy and indignation of a colleague will be provided.
  6. The keyboard is the opposite. This April Fool's joke is very easy to perform. For her, it is enough to change the order of letters on the colleague's keyboard. Of course, an experienced user will instantly recognize the prank, but rearranging the keys back will not be so easy.

Within limits

It's worth bearing in mind that April 1 pranks at work can have fatal consequences for the prankster. This will happen if he crosses the line of what is permitted. That is why you should not prepare tough jokes that would make fun of the flaws in appearance and intellectual abilities of a colleague, would humiliate his dignity and honor.

It is also not recommended to joke and play pranks on employees with actions that damage public or personal property. Jokes, after which a person will feel embarrassed, are also unacceptable. To do this, while organizing this or that fun situation, you need to think through everything a few steps ahead and assume the consequences that may occur as a result of the actions performed.

If the level of a colleague's sense of humor is incomprehensible to you, then it's better not to joke with him, but to make a compliment. From this benefit will be much more.

Jokes for schoolchildren

There isa huge number of April Fools' jokes for children. After all, they love this day very much for the opportunity to fool around without any punishment. That is why April Fools' pranks on friends at school are very common. They usually do not require much preparation, but at the same time they provide joy for all participants, producing an incredible effect.

  1. "Paper Prank". Even before the first of April, you will need to prepare several sheets of paper, putting various inscriptions on them. This may be a notification of a lack of water or a repair, as well as the cancellation of lessons. These sheets must be pasted on the walls and doors of the school. Just don't get caught by the teachers.
  2. "Celebration Stone". April Fool's pranks for children at school can be very different. For one of them, a classmate who carries books and notebooks in a capacious backpack with a lot of pockets is suitable as a “victim”. You should wait until the moment when the bag is left unattended. Then a stone is put into one of the pockets. Going home, a schoolboy is unlikely to pay attention to the weighted burden. The results of such a joke will be known the next day.
  3. "Farewell to school". Such an April Fool's prank is suitable for those classmates who miss classes very often. On April 1st, they may be given a letter containing a notice of expulsion from school.
  4. "Soap Board". This prank is intended not only for classmates, but also for teachers. If you smear the board with soap before classes,then all efforts of the teacher to write on it with chalk will fail. But you should do this only if the anger of the teacher is not terrible for you.

When choosing a rally, it is worth remembering that all actions taken should not be offensive to others. And in general, on April 1, everyone should be attentive to each other. This applies not only to schoolchildren, but also to teachers.

Jokes for friends

It is known that laughter not only improves our mood, but also increases life expectancy. April Fool's pranks for friends will undoubtedly give them a bright and unforgettable day.

a jar with a photo in the fridge
a jar with a photo in the fridge

What are the most interesting ideas that will help organize a five-minute laugh?

  1. "Head in the jar". On April Fool's Day, you can invite friends to your home. Before they arrive, you will need to take a jar and fill it with water. A photograph of a friend is placed in a container that is placed in the refrigerator. In the evening, the “victim” is asked to bring a bottle of beer from the refrigerator. The effect of surprise is guaranteed.
  2. "Fizzy". This is another great way to prank your friends. Invited home friends are offered cola with ice. Only pieces should be put in the drink, inside of which Mentos candies are frozen. After the ice melts, a reaction will begin to occur. The sweets in the drink will provoke a fountain that will literally gush out of the glass.
  3. "Time to get up." Before the first of April, you can ask a friend for a phone for an urgent call. Imperceptibly, an alarm clock is set on ithours at 5 am.
young people with phones
young people with phones

There are many April Fools' pranks for friends on the phone. For example, you can call your friend for any reason and, without finishing the conversation, say that you will dial in 5 minutes. During the next call, instead of a greeting, a friend should hear an unexpected scream.

The most harmless and easy way to prank your friends on April Fools is SMS. An interesting and funny message is unlikely to offend or frighten anyone (for example, that a small amount of money has been withdrawn from a personal account). That is why use the April Fool's raffle via SMS. They will cheer up friends and make them smile throughout the day. There are many texts for April Fools' Day SMS raffles. They come in various content - funny, erotic, etc. The main thing is that the theme of the text or poetic form should suit the chosen “victim”. Of course, April Fools' Day via SMS must be prepared in advance. This will require some time for this work. But it is worth remembering that all efforts will certainly provide simply amazing results. Believe me, the received emotions and memories of such messages will be worth the effort. Alternatively, you can send a message asking the subscriber to wipe the screen daily, as it is hard to see, and subscribe to the surveillance service.

Student jokes

April Fool's Day is one of the favorite holidays of young people. After all, it allowscarefree jokes, playing pranks not only on their friends, but also on teachers.

April Fool's pranks at the institute are the most ridiculous. After all, students are fervent people.

As a prank on April Fool's Day, a piece of paper with the inscription "Classes (seminar) will be held in another audience" can be posted on the office door. Interesting and funny texts can also be placed on the bulletin board, near the pulpit, etc.

friends laugh
friends laugh

Sometimes first-year students play a prank on the teacher, removing doors from their hinges during a break between pairs. They are leaned against the jamb so that nothing is noticeable. The teacher, returning to the audience after a break, pulls the handle, and … Here comes the climax. When preparing such a joke, it is important that the whole stream be present at the lecture, and after that you need to restrain yourself and not give yourself away with wild laughter. After all, more than half of all students simply do not understand what, in fact, is the point.

But the best April Fool's Day jokes are the ones that take place in the dorms. Here, students especially like to play pranks on their fellow students in the common areas. As one of these jokes, on the night of April 1, you can carefully tape the taps of all washbasins with tape. What will happen in the morning in this case? Sleepy, unsuspecting student will go to wash. However, when he opens the tap, he will not find water in it. Naturally, he will begin to twist it harder. When the pressure in the tap reaches a certain level, the adhesive tape will come off, and the young man will have a morning shower.secured. Water will begin to whip in different directions.

Jokes for parents

Those who decided to make the people closest to him laugh on April 1 will have to try hard. In this case, the draws must be kind. After all, mom and dad require a reverent attitude and attention. How to joke so that family fun is a success?

For this, a surprise dessert can be prepared for parents. Its recipe is quite simple. Processed cheese is ground on a grater and a little hot chopped pepper and crushed garlic are added to it. Next, the resulting mixture is rolled into balls, which are abundantly sprinkled with coconut flakes. The dessert will look very appetizing in appearance, but its spicy taste will certainly surprise parents.

On April Fool's Day, you can put a letter in the mailbox of your apartment, allegedly written on behalf of the public utility. The text indicates, for example, that it is planned to lay a new cable on the roof of the house soon. During the execution of work, pieces of concrete may fall. To protect windows, the utility company recommends sealing them with tape. In case the parents take this joke for granted, don't let them go too far.

Pranks for girls

To those who decided to play a trick on the fairer sex on the first of April, the main thing is not to overdo it. After all, all girls are very different. Some of them will respond adequately to innocent jokes, while others will become very offended by them.

For girls, the draw is perfect, which is called "Cosmetics withtrick." When preparing it, you need to buy an expensive face mask in the store, but pour the contents of the jar into another container. Instead, the girl is presented with thick mayonnaise under the guise of expensive cosmetics. Surely the owner of such a gift will immediately want to test it in practice. After laughing, you need to give the girl a real remedy.

funny faces
funny faces

A stunning effect can also be obtained from the “Request” prank. To carry it out, a spool of thread is hidden under the sweater, one tip of which, using a needle, you need to try to bring it out. The girl is asked to simply remove the thread from the clothes. After that, you can begin to enjoy the spectacle.

Pranks for guys

If a young man has a good sense of humor, then the range of April Fool's jokes for him is simply unlimited. For example, if a guy has a car, then while he is sleeping, you need to take the keys and drive the car to another place. In the morning they tell him the news. Just don't wait until he starts calling the police.

the guy got scared
the guy got scared

Also, on the first of April, you can tell the guy about your poor he alth, asking him to run to the pharmacy and buy a tincture of the herb, the name of which is simply invented. It is worth following your "savior" and see how he will try to acquire a non-existent remedy.