Svetlana Aleshina: books in order
Svetlana Aleshina: books in order

Video: Svetlana Aleshina: books in order

Video: Svetlana Aleshina: books in order
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All lovers of action-packed detective stories that came out in large numbers at the very beginning of the new millennium are probably familiar with the name of the author Svetlana Aleshina. A list of all the books published under her authorship is presented below in this article.

Who is Svetlana Aleshina?

The author's biography, written on the back cover of each detective story, is familiar to all admirers of her work. It looks like this:

Svetlana loved the sea since childhood. A little later, she became interested in scuba diving, which did not prevent her from graduating with honors from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University. Traveled a lot around the country. I wanted to convey what I saw and heard to the reader, but … in an original form. Detective? Why not?! Life throws up plots that are sometimes twisted better than any journalistic investigation…

Even to this day, many fans of detectives released under this name do not know that in fact there is no writer with that name - this is a fiction, a trademark under which a whole staff of semi-professionals (or without any literary education) worked authors.

Such writers in publishing circles are referred to as literary writers, because they do all the work, but beforeend remain unknown to the reader. The only real name that recently appeared from under the mask of Sveta Aleshina is Sergey Potapov. This is a litagent who came up with the concept and the brand. He did not write anything, but managed the process, editing, and distribution throughout the literary life of the fictional writer.

Cover with photo of Alyosha
Cover with photo of Alyosha

The author's image of reality was supported by a photo of Svetlana Aleshina printed on the back of the books. To this day, it is not known for certain what kind of woman became the face of the brand, and where exactly the name and surname were taken from.

Sergei Potapov

The biography and work of Svetlana Aleshina would not have taken place without the personality of Sergei Potapov, a literary agent, business coach, author of numerous books on marketing technologies. He was born and raised in Saratov, graduated from a medical institute. In the early 90s, when almost all the inhabitants of Russia began to dramatically change their activities and professions, Sergey managed to take the post of editor-in-chief at the then little-known publishing house Nauchnaya Kniga, which he then headed as a director. That is why many books authored by S. Aleshina were published here in 2005-2010.

After studying marketing and management courses at the British Open University, Sergey Potapov first published books under his own name: "How to delegate authority", "Telephone sales do not happen, but they work", "How to manage time" and others.

Books by Svetlana Aleshina in order

Almostall detectives published under the authorship of Alyoshina are combined into thematic series, even if they went on sale in parallel with each other. The series differ in the presence of the same main characters, the nature of their activities and the reason for engaging in private investigation.

In some works there is a thin biographical line of each heroine, but given that the books were written by different people, there are noticeable discrepancies, up to the middle names of the characters and stories from their past.

Type of early series covers
Type of early series covers

Here are the main detective series:

  • "Alexandra", from 1999 to 2002.
  • "Paparazzi", 1999-2005.
  • "New Russian", 2000-2005.
  • "TV journalist", 2003-2004.
  • "One Actress Theatre", 2004-2005.
  • "Captain of the Ministry of Emergency Situations" 2013.
Covers from later series
Covers from later series


The first detective novel, published under the authorship of Svetlana Aleshina from 2000 to 2002, was united under the name "Alexandra". Here is a list of books published in this series:

  • "Whether there will be more" (1999).
  • "Wanderer in the Night" (2000).
  • "Potential Victim" (2000).
  • "Soaring in the Sky"(2000).
  • "Impatience Executioner"(2000).
  • "Mistake of Nature"(2000).
  • "One field of berries" (2000).
  • "Night of the Blood Moon" (2000).
  • "Irresistible Beast"(2000).
  • "Dream World" (2000).
  • "Dreaming is Good" (2000).
  • "Baby Revenge" (2001).
  • "Graceful Work Style" (2001).
  • "Two heads are better" (2001).
  • "Highlight" (2001).
  • "Blonde is a dark personality" (2002).
Books from the series "Alexandra"
Books from the series "Alexandra"

The plots of all stories are united by the investigations of private detective Alexandra Danich, a young and energetic private investigator. Her external features are rarely mentioned in the books, because the story is told in the first person. However, the Eksmo publishing house, which is engaged in the release of the Alexandra series, used the same model in creating the covers. Looking at this illustration, readers could imagine Sasha Danich as a pretty brown-eyed brown-haired woman in stylish glasses and a colorful bandana.


Despite the fact that the series, en titled "Paparazzi", came out for the most part in the same time period as "Alexandra", there were many more books in it. Perhaps because the adventures of the journalist Olga Boikova, editor-in-chief of the criminal newspaper Witness, were much more popular with readers. Eksmo was again involved in the release of books: for all the covers they used the same girl-model, personifying the main character - a long-haired brunette with a mischievous expression and teenage style in clothes.

Books fromseries "Paparazzi"
Books fromseries "Paparazzi"

Here is a list of all the detectives released as part of the Paparazzi series:

  • "Hit of the season" (1999).
  • "Favorites of the Night" (1999).
  • "Report from the Other World" (1999).
  • "Sex, lies and photos" (2000).
  • "Trick in the Hole" (2000).
  • "Look for the wind in the field" (2000).
  • "The Contingency" (2000).
  • "I don't like giveaways" (2000).
  • "Blue Dragon" (2000).
  • "Don't Drive the Horses" (2002).
  • "Widower's Joy" (2000).
  • "Curiosity is no vice" (2000).
  • "The Devil's Plan" (2000).
  • "Hunting Season" (2000).
  • "Two-Faced Angel" (2000).
  • "Cheaper only for nothing"(2001).
  • "When the Fern Blooms" (2001).
  • "To Grandfather's Village" (2001).
  • "Crime without Punishment" (2001).
  • "Love is Evil" (2001),
  • "Urgent room" (2001).
  • "Light Out" (2001).
  • "Bullshit" (2001).
  • "Paparazzi" (2001).
  • "Down the Cat" (2001).
  • "To perish, so with music" (2001).
  • "Nerves on edge" (2001).
  • "Shadow on the fence" (2001).
  • "Don't Pull the Tail" (2001).
  • "For those in the morgue" (2001).
  • "Let's play hide and seek" (2001).
  • "Reporting without a place" (2002).
  • "After Rain on Thursday" (2002).
  • "There are no perfect crimes" (2002).
  • "Gift Wrapped Villain" (2002).
  • "Shine of Despicable Metal" (2002).
  • "Sin on the Soul" (2002).
  • "And I sculpt a hunchback" (2002).
  • "Shark Feather" (2002).
  • "Balm for the Soul" (2003).
  • "Expect Trouble" (2003).
  • "Passion-face" (2003).
  • "That's the Number" (2003).
  • "Heiress of all capitals" (2004).
  • "Cadres decide everything" (2004).
  • "Rollers without brakes" (2005).
  • "Without noise and dust" (2005).
  • "Running ahead of the engine" (2005).

New Russian

A year after the premiere of the above-mentioned serials by Svetlana Aleshina, the adventures of the third heroine, Larisa Kotova, the wife of the so-called "new Russian", who, out of idleness and an idle lifestyle, begins to conduct private investigations of the crimes taking place next to her, saw the light. The Eksmo publishers chose a stylish blonde with a doll face to represent Larisa Kotova as the heroine for the cover art of this series.

from the series "New Russian"
from the series "New Russian"

Full list of works released in this series:

  • "New Russian" (2000).
  • "The charm of the new Russians"(2000).
  • "African passion" (2000).
  • "Hunting Instinct" (2000).
  • "Poison Glass" (2000).
  • "High Mating Season" (2000).
  • "They Wrote Murder" (2000).
  • "It all started with her" (2001).
  • "The music didn't last long" (2001).
  • "You can't think of it on purpose" (2001).
  • "Rotten Business" (2001).
  • "Buffet with a tragic ending" (2001).
  • "The Ultimate Evil" (2001).
  • "No one wanted to kill" (2001).
  • "Miracles in a Sieve" (2001).
  • "Past the box office" (2001).
  • "Diplomatic Death" (2001).
  • "The Dead Don't Die" (2001).
  • "Thrill Thrill"(2002).
  • "Heart with Silencer" (2002).
  • "Through Rose Glasses" (2002).
  • "For Beautiful Eyes" (2002).
  • "Nest of Little Creeps" (2002).
  • "If you want to live, shoot" (2002).
  • "Cure for Boredom" (2002).
  • "Retired Lover" (2002).
  • "Revenge for Dislike" (2002).
  • "Cat and Mouse" (2003).
  • "A Lock Pick to Her Life" (2003).
  • "Naughty Toy" (2003).
  • "Gulkin' Nose Alibi" (2003).
  • "Jewelry Work" (2003).
  • "Upside down" (2004).
  • "A Gift from an Unclean Heart" (2004).
  • "Winner Gets Score" (2004).
  • "One Night Men" (2004).
  • "Divination for Kings" (2004).
  • "A drop of poison - a sea of evil" (2004).
  • "Safe for Family Secrets" (2005).

TV journalist

Since 2003, a series called "TV Journalist" has been published. This series also fell in love with fans of Svetlana Aleshina, although it did not expand to the scale of "New Russian" and "Paparazzi".

from the series "TV journalist"
from the series "TV journalist"

There are only fourteen stories in the list of books about the criminal adventures of TV presenter Irina Lebedeva:

  • "Testament of a Poor Beauty" (2003).
  • "Black Gold Queen" (2003).
  • "Ladies Like It Hot" (2003).
  • "Virtual Girlfriend" (2003).
  • "Free Cheese in the Trap" (2003).
  • "My Dangerous Lady" (2003).
  • "Sweet Showdown" (2003).
  • "The Serpent in Paradise" (2003).
  • "Disservice" (2003).
  • "The Most Beautiful Nightmare" (2003).
  • "The End of a Scary Tale" (2003).
  • "Collapse of Your Own" (2004).
  • "Witness Count" (2004).
  • "Bet on the Dark Beast" (2004).
  • "One Hundred Answers to One Question" (2004).

One Actress Theatre

The heroine of the short series of books "The Theater of Oneactresses" was Sofya Nevzorova, a temporarily unemployed actress conducting investigations - sometimes extravagant, using her acting talents. The series came out:

  • "Madhouse by Will" (2004).
  • "The most terrible role" (2004).
  • "Young Thief" (2005).
  • "The Errand Lady" (2005).
  • "The Adventures of a Redhead Artist" (2005).

Captain of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

from the series "Captain of the Ministry of Emergency Situations"
from the series "Captain of the Ministry of Emergency Situations"

The last collection in the bibliography of Svetlana Aleshina was the stories united under the name "Captain of the Ministry of Emergency Situations". The heroine of this small but exciting series is the head of the rescue department, Olga Nikolaeva, a strong-willed woman who skillfully applies her professional skills in the field of private investigation. A series of four pieces was released in 2013. It is worth noting that the book "In Hell of Your Own Will" was written and first published back in 1999, but then the authors decided to rework it and re-release it as part of the stories about Olga Nikolaeva.

Emergency Captain series:

  • "Into hell of their own free will".
  • "The Big Wave".
  • "Rescuer".
  • "Sweet bait".

Books without series

In addition to all the above works, there are in the bibliography of Svetlana Aleshina and books that are not included in any of the series - with other characters and unrelated stories. These include: "Woman without a tower" (2004),"No chance to survive" (2004), "From the fire to the fire" (2013).