Quotes about joy. Lifelong inspiration

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Quotes about joy. Lifelong inspiration
Quotes about joy. Lifelong inspiration

Video: Quotes about joy. Lifelong inspiration

Video: Quotes about joy. Lifelong inspiration
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How often we miss a kind word and a reassuring smile. And immediately the words of the famous song pop up in my memory, altered for the occasion:

Smile, stranger.

Give me a sip of happiness."

And sometimes one phrase is enough. The main thing is that there should be something in it that heals the soul and gives birth to a friendly round dance of cheerful thoughts.

Short capacious words penetrating into the very core - the real pinnacle of the art of artistic speech.

Let's turn to the great masters of this delicate craft and their precious pearls of wisdom.

happy lovers
happy lovers

Best Joy and Happiness Quotes

"Being happy is one way to be wise." Sidonie Gabriel.

"Give every day a chance to be the most beautiful day of your life." Pythagoras.

"True happiness is in understanding one's own duty to gods and people." Seneca Lucius Annaeus (junior).

"Strive always to do good, and happiness itself will run after you." D. F. Clark.

"He who is cheerful is happy, and he who is happy is a kind person." V. Belinsky.

"Happiness consistsmore in the little comforts and pleasures that happen every day than in the big chunks of happiness that happen but rarely." Benjamin Franklin.

"Happy people plan for actions, not results." Dennis Volley.

"People who make us happy are like gardeners who turn our souls into blooming gardens." Marcel Proust.

"It happens that a person considers happiness to be something very far away. While it has already approached him with noiseless steps." Giovanni Bocacho.

harmony and joy
harmony and joy

The mysterious nature of happiness

Most of these writers lived difficult, rich lives, becoming prophets of their time.

Were they optimists because of their natural character traits? Or was something else giving rise to these bright thoughts in their heads?

Glory? Many of them have received recognition after leaving this world.

Love? Their hearts most often got acquainted with this feeling without receiving a response.

We alth? None of them could boast chests full of gold.

However, the aphorisms and quotes about joy written by these thinkers still excite the minds and hearts of grateful readers.

What is the secret of such amazing vitality?

smiling emoticon
smiling emoticon

Key to Truth

The only thing that unites the great figures who taught humanity to live in harmony with the world and gratitude to all that exists is a creative path.

Their quotes about joy and happiness have become the quintessenceaccumulated wisdom, thanks to the raging fire in the caring souls of the great representatives of their era.

And the name of this life-giving fire is inspiration.

However, not every person comes into this world with the potential of a genius. And everyone wants to be happy.

Do you need special abilities to be inspired to create beautiful things? Of course not.

happy friends
happy friends

Creativity in everyday life

An interesting project at work, helping a schoolboy son write an essay, composing a sincere congratulation on a friend's anniversary - all these are the very possibilities of creativity that give rise to sparks of happiness and joy.

Teach your little daughter a funny scene to cheer up a tired husband. Come up with an original dish for dinner or an unusual serving for a festive table. Make a doll dress out of an old T-shirt. Write witty captions for your children's drawings and decorate the walls of the room with them.

You will be surprised how quickly bad mood and depression disappear, giving way to mischief, jokes and happiness.

Happinnes exists
Happinnes exists

And the next time you feel the approach of sadness or find yourself in a not the best life situation, find a few quotes about joy that belong to the great creators of their time, remember their secret of a cheerful outlook on life and hurry to follow the example of these brilliant people.

Let your inspiration lead you on the right path.