Joy: quotes, aphorisms, wise thoughts

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Joy: quotes, aphorisms, wise thoughts
Joy: quotes, aphorisms, wise thoughts

Video: Joy: quotes, aphorisms, wise thoughts

Video: Joy: quotes, aphorisms, wise thoughts
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Joy is a bright, extremely positive feeling. And the ability to enjoy life, to live every day with a sense of gratitude, with thirst, with love - this is what everyone should strive for. Even friends, who, according to the proverb, are known in difficult times, are easily tested by joy. The one to whom you are truly dear will be able to sincerely rejoice for you, your successes, joyful events. Not everyone can be close to "your joy", dark people are annoyed by someone else's happiness, they suffer from envy, but rejoice at the failures of others.

They will help you understand the essence of what joy is, quotes and aphorisms from great people and sages. Literature and art are the most expensive treasure and the best adviser in a difficult situation.

true joy
true joy

Quotes about joy: wise, positive, sincere

Joy is when the soul stops asking for what it doesn't have and starts to enjoy what it has.

Many associate the ability to rejoice with the type of temperament,character or experience. In fact, joy is a state of the soul, the level of its development.

Practice causeless joy is great.

Finding a reason to be happy is like looking for air to breathe.

Life is made of a substance called joy. It does not need a reason, justification. An unhappy person has a reason for unhappiness, and a happy person is happy without a reason. Osho

Life itself is a reason for joy, it is foolish to wait for bright emotions, you need to carry them in yourself and give them to others.

Bring joy to others. And you will see that joy pleases!

If you combine all the joyful moments that your memory keeps, you can see how happy you are. This universal tip is the little secret to great happiness.

From little joys you can put together quite decent happiness.

Haruki Murakami:

But while youth has not passed, it must be turned into joy. One hundred percent. To complete satisfaction, you know? Only with these memories will it be possible to warm oneself in old age.

And the most interesting thing is that joy is such an amazing thing that no one is able to deprive you of it.

Everyone's joy is exactly cut to his measure. It can neither be stolen nor appropriated: it simply does not suit another. Yuri Dombrovsky.

A personal feeling of delight, happiness, inspiration is something very subjective, but most statements about joy, quotes and catchphrases agree on one thing: itneed to share.

Joy is the cure for everything

real joy children
real joy children

A truly wise person understands that joy is a natural state of the soul, it does not need to be caused by an effort of will, it cannot be created artificially. The habit of rejoicing develops over the years: someone by itself, and someone teaches himself this and gradually becomes happy.

Judge your he alth by how you enjoy the morning and spring.

There is an opinion that small joys are more important than big ones - the ability to notice them determines with what eyes people look at the world. Whether it seems to you that life is dull, difficult and miserable, or that it is a bright, unique, priceless gift that someone once gave you … It all depends on the ability to rejoice.

Suffer, be afraid and behave well in order to avoid punishment, people can do without outside help. And to rejoice and not be afraid of a damn thing is the hardest thing. And that is exactly what a person should learn on earth. Max Fry.

Emile Zola - one of the most amazing realist writers in French literature, puts the concept of joy on a par with human life itself:

To act, to create, to fight against circumstances, to win or be defeated - that is the whole joy, the whole life of a he althy person.

A person who knows how to see the good in simple things will never suffer, be sad and rush about in search of the meaning of life. The wisdom is that life was created in order to enjoy it and saturate with joy all those around.

You singthe song is not to get to the last note. Singing brings joy. The same goes for life. The joy is to live.

Romain Rolland - a famous French writer, saw the essence of happiness in creativity. He is right in his own way, because creativity is creation, and everyone "creates" their own reality.

There is only one happiness - to create. Only the one who creates lives… All the joys of life are creative joys.

Omar Khayyam saw the meaning of existence in love. It is the joy given by this feeling, the proof that you have not lived your life in vain.

Who's heart does not burn with love for the sweetheart, Without consolation, he drags his sad life.

Days without joys of love

I consider it an unnecessary and hateful burden.

Alone - no good

be able to rejoice
be able to rejoice

No matter what life circumstances a person experiences, he always needs another person, and especially in joy.

Sorrow can be endured by one person, but joy takes two.

The conclusion is obvious: friendship is necessary for a person, happiness alone is not a very attractive thing.

Friendship doubles the joys and cuts the sorrows in half.

Bernard Shaw has a wonderful quote about joy:

Always rejoice and laugh. You will prolong life, you will please your friends, you will forgive your enemies.

Every person has times, periods, stages in life when it is especially difficult, just then simple words can help - quotes about the joy of life. A word heard in time can save a person, heal his soul.

Maxim Gorky called the best pleasure and the greatest joy for a person - to understand that people need you, that you are close to them. Perhaps this will be a revelation for someone at a difficult moment.

Store the joys of the minute, Putting hearts in the piggy bank.

While you enjoy life -

You're alive…

A wonderful quatrain that can become the motto of every person.

Rejoicing is the same art

to enjoy life
to enjoy life

To live and rejoice, you need only two things: firstly, to live, and secondly, to rejoice.

Victor Hugo believed that children are joy and happiness. This is the nature of a child, and adults should learn this. Only children can rejoice for no reason, sincerely, openly.

If we stop trying to be happy, we can still enjoy life.

To be able to rejoice in little things, to rejoice for others is the destiny of people with a pure soul. It's never too late to start learning this. Quotes about joy and wise thoughts will help bring colors back to everyday life.

Learn to enjoy what you don't have! It will be aerobatics. After all, it’s no wonder to be happy with what you have. But to rejoice at the absence of something… Enlightened people are capable of this!

Quotes about the joy of life form a philosophy of life and provide a guide for aspirations and self-improvement. They give food for thought, make you understand what it is - your personalhappiness.

Don't keep other people's mood keys. And then no one will steal your moments of joy.

Let the quotes collected in this article bring you joy, fill your world with new meaning and thirst for life. The wisdom of life, captured in the words of the greats of this world, warms the souls of people for many years, this is a real miracle.