Behram Pasha in the historical drama "The Magnificent Century" and other roles of actor Adnan Koç

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Behram Pasha in the historical drama "The Magnificent Century" and other roles of actor Adnan Koç
Behram Pasha in the historical drama "The Magnificent Century" and other roles of actor Adnan Koç

Video: Behram Pasha in the historical drama "The Magnificent Century" and other roles of actor Adnan Koç

Video: Behram Pasha in the historical drama "The Magnificent Century" and other roles of actor Adnan Koç
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Adnan Koç is a Turkish actor and musician who became famous after playing the role of Behram Pasha in "The Magnificent Century".

behram pasha
behram pasha

The path to the dream

Adnan Koch was born in the beautiful southern city of Mardin on June 26, 1981. His mother was a housewife, and his father worked in a car repair shop. The family had nine children. Adnan was one of the younger ones. When dad passed away, he continued his business, spent a lot of time repairing cars, and in his spare time making music.

After serving in the army, Adnan Koch, wishing to become a professional musician, left for the capital, where a chance brought him to a person associated with actor castings. And only then Adnan decided to try his hand at cinema. By that time, he had never been on stage, had no professional acting education, but he was immediately offered the role. Friends and acquaintances were not at all surprised by this, because they always told Adnan that with his appearance he had a direct road to television.

Adnan's acting career began from the filming of "Black Castle". The debut was successful, filming continued for two years.

The Magnificent Age

Adnan Koch became famous, first of all, thanks to filming in the famous Turkishserial film "The Magnificent Age", where he got the role of Behram Pasha. Actors for filming in the historical drama were selected very seriously, the casting was tough.

behram pasha magnificent century
behram pasha magnificent century

The series is based on the events that took place in the Ottoman Empire in the XVI century. The main character is Suleiman I the Magnificent, the greatest sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The film begins with his accession to the throne.

According to the plot of the drama "The Magnificent Age", Behram Pasha is a former governor of one of the provinces, who was removed from his post by Ibrahim Pasha - the Grand Vizier of the Empire, a cunning but devoted friend of the Sultan. Behram Pasha wants revenge on Ibrahim.

The story of the life and death of this hero, thanks to the game of Adnan Koch, became quite interesting, and despite the fact that Behram Pasha is a negative character, the audience liked him very much.

In reality, such a character did not exist in the history of the empire. It was invented by the main screenwriter of the film, Meral Okay. Unfortunately, in April 2012, in the midst of filming, she died of lung cancer. Meral is remembered as a very hardworking and sensitive person who was able to create a project that was loved by millions of viewers in more than 50 countries.

"The Magnificent Century" is a beautiful fairy-tale picture, rich in luxurious costumes and bright scenery. The film was filmed in historical places in Istanbul, and most of it was filmed in the famous Topkapi Palace. Beautiful historical drama gives viewers a great opportunity to get acquainted with historyOttoman Empire, watch the insidious intrigues and passions of that era.

This is one of the most expensive projects in the history of Turkish television. The success of The Magnificent Century has been overwhelming.

Thanks to the participation in this beautiful film in the role of Behram Pasha, Adnan Koç's popularity grew. The actor has become in demand, he is invited to shoot in other films, mostly melodramas and romantic series.

2017 Fall Premiere

In 2016, Adnan Koch received an invitation to shoot the film "East-West".

roles of behram pasha
roles of behram pasha

The series starts in Russia this fall. Here Adnan plays the role of Kemal, a well-known doctor dealing with infertility problems, who in Istanbul meets the beautiful Tatyana (actress Evgenia Loza). According to the film, Tatiana comes to Turkey with her husband and falls in love with Kemal without memory. Pretty soon, she finds out she's pregnant. But then - an intrigue that the authors and creators of the film do not want to reveal yet.

Filmography of the actor

  • 2006 Debut in historical film Castle Black.
  • 2006 - "Love I found".
  • 2007 - "Oh Doctor".
  • 2008 - "Wounded Heart".
  • From 2011 to 2013 - historical drama "The Magnificent Age" (as Behram Pasha).
  • 2012 - family melodrama "Fathers and Sons".
  • 2013 - historical painting "Ancient Ottoman Empire".
  • 2014 - romantic series "Do not run fromlove".
  • 2016 - TV series "Crime for Love".
  • 2016 - TV series "East-West" (Dr. Kemal Deniz).
behram pasha actor
behram pasha actor

Behind the scenes

Adnan Koch did not forget why he moved to the capital, and continues to make music, which he loves from childhood. He records videos and gives concerts.

In 2007, Adnan Koç released his first solo album Yolculuğa Davet, and a little later, Merak Etme was released.

In 2011, the actor married his girlfriend named Dilek. For a long time they were close friends. Now Adnan and Dilek are raising their son.