French cooking: plot, description

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French cooking: plot, description
French cooking: plot, description

Video: French cooking: plot, description

Video: French cooking: plot, description
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Russian cinema has its own charm. Feature films or serials - domestic directors are able to feel different life situations and destinies. The viewer can find a picture to their liking. However, the real hallmark of Russian cinema is still the series. Comedy, detective, drama, sports - the choice is quite wide. "French cooking" is one example. It will be discussed in the article.

Mini format as new feature

Television is changing just as much as it is in other areas around us. Several decades ago, viewers with entire families gathered around the TV in the evenings to watch the 156th episode of the Brazilian series.

In the recent past, already in 2000, everyone was worried about the fate of the characters from the projects "Poor Nastya" and "Don't Be Born Beautiful", where the number of episodes also reached a three-digit number.

Today there are noticeably fewer such series, because the rhythm of life of the audiencehas accelerated significantly, a lot of other ways of spending time have appeared around, and therefore it is no longer interesting to follow the plot of a TV project 100-200 episodes long.

french cooking series
french cooking series

However, TV channels have found a simple and at the same time ingenious way out. Using the mini-series format, they can show a lot more than a feature film, but not bore the audience with a long storyline.

Dynamic plot that develops quite rapidly, a limited number of episodes and characters allow you to concentrate on the script. More attention is paid to the characters, the psychology of relationships between people, which positively affects the result.

The mini-series "French Cookery", shown on the TV channel "Russia 1", attracted a considerable number of viewers and complemented a number of worthy projects of the channel.

Foreign flair

Combining two different cultures in films is a popular motif. Especially successfully it is used by Russian cinema. The 2017 film French Cooking was no exception.

french cooking movie 2017
french cooking movie 2017

The Russian mentality and ingenuity are known to the whole world, and therefore it is even more interesting to watch how foreigners try to delve into it.

A Frenchwoman with a poetic name Louise decided to take a desperate step - to leave her usual life and go to another country. The reason for everything was, of course, love.

For love even to the ends of the world

French Cooking begins overseas. In one of the most romantic cities in the world,Paris, Louise still cannot find her happiness. She opens her heart time after time, but to the wrong person.

Another love story ended in failure for Louise. She dated the undertaker for three years, but has to return to her home.

french cooking movie
french cooking movie

And so Louise meets Victor. Fate led him straight to the woman's apartment. He is charming, handsome, smart, and after showing signs of attention conquers Louise.

However, Victor is still a foreigner. Strict laws interfere with romantic courtship - the visa expires. The young man is forced to return to Russia, and Louise is again left with nothing.

However, the plot of "French Cooking" is not so simple - feeling that Victor is the one, the girl decides that a long distance, different countries will not become an obstacle to happiness.

Culinary passions

At the same time, another novel is rapidly developing in the provincial city of Taganrog. Rich and we althy Alexei falls in love with Yulia. And this is not surprising: she is a model who left the catwalk, a beautiful blonde who won the title of Miss Taganrog 2007.

Aleksey acts decisively and proposes to the girl, reinforcing his intentions with an impressive gift - a restaurant.

french cooking
french cooking

At that moment, Viktor appears, and Yulia decides that he will take the position of art director of the institution.

Despite the fact that she is not free, the girl shows a personal interest in a new employee. Thus, the heart of Victor now claimsJulia.

A new twist

One of the main characters of French Cooking, Louise, makes a bold decision. Having learned a little Russian, having packed a suitcase and taking a canary, the girl leaves her native Paris and sets off for her happiness.

A completely different country and an unusual environment does not stop Louise. She learns that Victor works at a restaurant.

Louise, in order to be close to her lover, gets involved in a completely crazy adventure - she claims that she knows how to cook excellently.

Julya, who is not particularly versed in the intricacies of restaurant management, after learning that the girl came from France, without thinking twice, offers her a position as a chef. Of course, having a master from abroad in an institution is a real pride.

Out of the situation

"French Cooking" perfectly combines scenes of romantic feelings and comedic situations. For the sake of love, Louise must play the role of an expert in the field of cooking, although she herself understands this no better than a child. In addition, the girl practically does not understand the language, as well as the habits of the locals.

french cooking 2017
french cooking 2017

However, all this is trifles, because Louise is fighting for her love, and for her sake people can overcome a lot.

French Cooking 2017 is a great way to lighten the mood with a light and romantic story. The series consists of 4 episodes. It was directed by Sergei Sentsov.

The premiere took place on the May holidays, which made the viewers very happy. For those who did not have time to watch the series in thistime, do not be upset, because it can be seen on the Web.

Crazy whirlwind of events combined with the light and sophisticated atmosphere of France, the struggle for love and culinary battles - all combined in one film. Such a cocktail of emotions will not leave you indifferent.