"You never dreamed of": actors then and now
"You never dreamed of": actors then and now

Video: "You never dreamed of": actors then and now

Video: "You never dreamed of": actors then and now
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Thirty-five years ago, a touching film was released about the first love of two schoolchildren. According to the results of a poll by the Soviet Screen magazine, it was recognized as the best picture of 1981. The actors of "You never dreamed", who played the main roles, instantly became famous, and all-Union glory fell on the tape. Soviet critics were indignant, seeing in the melodrama the propaganda of love in adolescence. An incredibly bright story was recognized as immoral, but time put everything in its place, and now this sincere picture touches modern viewers to the core.

How did it all start?

It should be noted that the film by Ilya Fraz was based on a novel by Galina Shcherbakova. She wrote several works that no one knew about, since no publishing house wanted to print them. One day, when she heard a story about how a high school student climbed a drainpipe to his beloved and fell off her, she realized that she knew what the future book would be about.

So the story was born, which was dubbed the modern version of Shakespeare's tragedy about Juliet and Romeo (even the names of the lovers are consonant - Roman and Julia). The work was published in the magazine "Youth". Truth,in order for the story to see the light of day, the author had to change, at the request of the editor of the publication, the finale of the work, where the main character dies.

Emphasis on romantic-sublime relationships

The story, which instantly gained popularity, interested the venerable Fraz, who had released 13 films by that time and confessed his love at first sight for this small work. The director did not really want his future picture to be somehow connected with Shakespeare's tragedy, and therefore he renames the main character Katya, knowing for sure that his film will be about modern youth. Not everything went smoothly, but nevertheless the director starts filming a lyrical drama about love called “You never dreamed” in Moscow.

actors of the film you never dreamed of
actors of the film you never dreamed of

The actors recalled that they went through many castings in which the writer did not take part, but Fraz showed her all the samples, hiding nothing. The lyrical director with a special attitude emphasized the more ex alted attitudes of young people compared to the original source.

Imbued with light feelings film

The director seemed to be peeling off the surface layer from the characters, exposing their pure hearts. And now Roman, teasing about love nonsense, realizes that he was overwhelmed by the first youthful feeling, and Katya, skeptical about the manifestation of tenderness between her mother and stepfather, discovers in herself the ability to be a different person.

The coryphaeus of children's cinema takes under his protection the youth, who is so often accused of immaturity and irresponsibility. In the book of relationshipsschoolchildren are deprived of chastity, which cannot be said about the feelings of the main characters in the melodrama “You never dreamed of”. The actors played soulfully, showing the pure and beautiful relationships of young people, and thanks to their amazing talent, the film acquired a special charm. It was this romantic atmosphere that Ilya Fraz created by returning the concept of "love" to its original meaning.

The picture, in which the actors of “You never dreamed of” playing schoolchildren, challenge the older generation, is permeated with bright notes. The film, which tells about love, cleansed of everything superficial and everyday, excites to this day, and the soulful song, in which there are words about the eternal law that conquers death, sounds like a refrain throughout the whole action.

Writer's opinion

I must say that after the release of the picture, Kuznetsova experienced mixed feelings: "I love and at the same time hate the film" You never dreamed "". According to her, the actors played in such a way that they seemed to be perfect, and the film crew just sobbed. Surprisingly, 16-year-old teenager Nikita Mikhailovsky, as it seemed, knew much more about love than actress Tatyana Aksyuta, who was already married at that time. He lived in every frame, passing all the emotions of his character through himself.

Long search for Roman

Thousands of boys claimed the role of the main character, but none suited the demanding master. The director was in despair, because he was looking for an actor who could convey the character of Roman, who appears as a real rationalist who does not believe in love. An interesting character lives by reason, not by heart, and complains aboutthat everyone “became alike.”

you never dreamed actors and roles
you never dreamed actors and roles

Quite by accident, little-known 16-year-old Nikita Mikhailovsky, who starred in episodic roles, got into the audition. The director saw his look and realized that this boy could show strong feelings. The schoolboy fascinated Fraz and the entire film crew with his spontaneity and was immediately approved for the role of Roman in the film You Never Dreamed of. The actors, who already had successful film projects behind them, warmly received the boy with a difficult fate: his parents divorced, and a few years ago his mother died, and Nikita was very painfully experiencing an irreparable loss.

The student who played the schoolgirl

The role of the main character, who moved with her family to a new apartment and began to study at the same school as Roman, was approved by Tatyana Aksyuta, a 23-year-old graduate of a theater university who became famous after the picture was released on wide screens. This was the first serious role of the girl, and she did not like the collapse of popularity.

The letters that the student received did not please her husband, and she herself admitted that she did not watch the romantic melodrama You Never Dreamed of.

The actors and roles played by young talents fell in love with the public, although not all viewers were on the side of the lovers who rebelled against separation.

Love-blind mother

Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, who played Roman's mother, is trying with all her might to protect her son from the influence of Katya, the daughter of a woman with whom her husband had once had a romantic relationship. Popularthe artist has long considered the film “You never dreamed of” to be her favorite picture. The actors and the roles they played sank into the hearts of the audience for a long time, and Lydia's performance made an indelible impression.

the film you never dreamed of actors and roles
the film you never dreamed of actors and roles

A woman who loves her child very much develops a strong dislike for the girl. Upon learning that Roma is dating her, the mother tries to do everything so that the lovers part. She even transfers her son to another school, but the actions do not bring the desired result, and then Vera Vasilievna decides to take a desperate step - she sends the boy to Leningrad, allegedly to take care of her sick grandmother. But the mother does not even suspect how parting enhances true feelings. Considering her heroine blinded by love, Fedoseeva-Shukshina was incredibly happy that the schoolchildren were still alive, because at the end of the story Roman dies. The People's Artist periodically acts in TV series and brings up her grandchildren.

The actors of the film "You never dreamed of": then and now

Tatyana Aksyuta (Golubyatnikova), whose husband holds a high position on Channel One, gave birth to a daughter, Polina, and continued to act in films, but her unusual appearance and diminutiveness played a cruel joke on her. All directors wanted to see the actress in the role of little girls and did not offer her anything new. At some point, she realized that she was tired of her role.

actors you never dreamed of
actors you never dreamed of

Gradually, her career began to decline, and there was no trace of her former popularity. However, Tatyana never regretted that a superstar did not come out of her:“I am happy for other actresses who got great roles. I guess I'm lazy and I don't have any vanity. After Aksyuta left the cinema, she found her calling in pedagogy and now leads a theater group, teaching the basics of the acting profession to children.

A short but rich creative life

Nikita Mikhailovsky, as they say, woke up famous. The purposeful young man, who had a millionth army of fans, entered the acting department and continued to act in films. It was a real talent, who managed to write poetry, fairy tales and draw a lot. His personal life was successful, as was his career, and soon a daughter was born to the happy newlyweds.

The young man with burning eyes was captivated not only by acting in cinema and theater, but also by painting, thanks to which Nikita met the artist, who became his new companion and last love. In 1990, thunder struck - the actor was diagnosed with leukemia, and this diagnosis sounded like a sentence. Mikhailovsky's widow recalled that the whole world collected money for a bone marrow transplantation, and Russian emigrants from Great Britain even turned to M. Thatcher for help. However, despite all efforts, the young man could not be saved. Nikita died a year later, at the age of 27, when new growth prospects were just opening up before him.

actors of the film you never dreamed of now
actors of the film you never dreamed of now

"Donor of Light", as his family and friends called him, in the last years of his life took the pseudonym Roman, paying tribute to the memory of the famous film. He asked his wife to believe that he had everythingit will be good: “My hero survived, and I will live.”

The fate of the actors of the film "You never dreamed"

Fraz clearly knew who should play the role of Katya's mother, and waited while Irina Miroshnichenko was recovering from a car accident. The famous actress was incredibly happy about this role.

The heart-breaking actress has been married three times and kept putting off having a baby, thinking only about her career. Unfortunately, the actors of the film “You never even dreamed of” are now removed a little due to their age and workload, and Irina Miroshnichenko cannot be seen in the cinema or theater. But a beautiful looking woman keeps herself busy writing books and composing music. She does not feel her age at all, constantly moving forward.

you never dreamed actors
you never dreamed actors

Evgeny Gerasimov, who acted as Katya's stepfather, found out that his partner would be a beautiful blonde, and without hesitation agreed to shoot. Having played more than 60 film roles and directed several films, he was a member of the Moscow City Duma and de alt with the problems of Russian culture.

Popular actress Elena Solovey in the film played a lonely teacher of the Russian language, worried about her children. It so happened that in 1991, at the peak of her career, the star of Russian cinema left for America with her family. Now she lives in New York and teaches Russian to expats.

Not all artists lived to see the film's 35th anniversary. Albert Filozov, whom viewers remember as Konstantin Lavochkin, Roman's father, died on April 11 of thisyear.

Audience love

The actors of the film "You never dreamed of" received declarations of love in bags, and not only. For example, Fedoseyeva-Shukshina was written by teachers who took the side of parents and the school. Teachers accused lovers of obsessing over their feelings and claimed that they had seen many such stories in their lifetime that ended in nothing. And some spectators even recognized themselves as mothers trying at any cost to force the child to live by the rules of adults.

you never dreamed of the fate of the actors
you never dreamed of the fate of the actors

Kowtow from contemporaries

A love-soaked film in which the main characters went through many trials is still loved by the audience. A respectful conversation about the culture of feelings, begun by the authors, attracted the social significance of the problems of modern youth. It is impossible not to note the positive charge of the protagonist, because it was thanks to the amazing performance of Mikhailovsky that the picture “You never dreamed of” received audience love.

The fate of the actors of the touching melodrama turned out differently, but loyal fans remember the artists who not only played in the movies, but lived their whole lives in a magnificent masterpiece, for which their contemporaries bow down to them.