Kirov Drama Theatre: photo, repertoire

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Kirov Drama Theatre: photo, repertoire
Kirov Drama Theatre: photo, repertoire

Video: Kirov Drama Theatre: photo, repertoire

Video: Kirov Drama Theatre: photo, repertoire
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Kirov Drama Theater has existed for more than a hundred years. It was created in the second half of the 19th century. To date, his repertoire includes performances for both adult audiences and children's audiences.

History of the theater

In 1877, the Kirov Drama Theater demonstrated its first performance to the public. Kirov saw a French comedy called "The old grows old, and the young grows." This year is considered the year of foundation of the theatre. In addition to performances, masquerade balls, dance evenings, concerts brought by visiting guest performers were held here. A wooden building was built for the theatre. The Kirov drama for more than a hundred years of its existence has experienced both ups and downs. Legendary personalities shone on the stage of the theater.

Kirov Drama Theater
Kirov Drama Theater

In 1935, the Kirov Drama Theater moved to a new building specially built for it. A photo of this building is presented in this article. It was built according to the design of Moscow architects. In 1939, the first performance took place in the new building - it was the play "Spring Love". During the GreatDuring the Patriotic War, the Kirov drama sheltered the Leningrad BDT, evacuated from the besieged city. In 1977 the theater was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Today the troupe is actively touring the country. For its performances, the theater was repeatedly awarded honorary prizes and diplomas. The repertoire of the Kirov drama mainly includes performances based on Russian classical plays. But there are also productions based on the works of modern playwrights. There are a lot of performances intended for young viewers in the repertoire.

At the Kirov drama, a museum was created where you can get acquainted with the history of the oldest theaters in the country. Here are collected interesting exhibits. The theater has two halls. The large one can accommodate 700 spectators, while the small one has 50 seats.

Performances for adults

Kirov Drama Theater named after M. Kirov
Kirov Drama Theater named after M. Kirov

Kirov Drama Theater offers its audience the following repertoire:

  • "Nightingale Night";
  • "Late love";
  • "Rock Hits";
  • "Charm of Russian romance";
  • "Grooms";
  • "Three course dinner + scandalous salad";
  • "Free Couple";
  • "Warsaw Melody";
  • "Khanuma";
  • "Love and doves";
  • "Wishing to get married";
  • "Don't leave me";
  • "Balzaminov's Marriage";
  • God Tree;
  • "Clinical case";
  • Royal Mousetrap;
  • "Good afternoon";
  • "BLAZ";
  • "While Cupid's arrow flies";
  • "Zoy's apartment";
  • "Viy";
  • White Nights;
  • "Red and Black";
  • “If you lie, you die”;
  • "Full Moon";
  • "Liar";
  • "Old World Landowners";
  • "He, she, window and body";
  • "Who loved, who was loved";
  • "Love me as I love you";
  • "Bachelorette Party";
  • "Provincial";
  • "Love as long as the night."

Repertoire for children

Kirov Drama Theater repertoire
Kirov Drama Theater repertoire

Kirov Drama Theater offers the following performances to young audiences:

  • "Rejuvenating apples";
  • Wizard of Oz;
  • "Princess Birthday";
  • "Christmas Tree Performance";
  • "Hello, grandfather Krylov";
  • "Little Baba Yaga";
  • "Pippi Longstocking";
  • Puss in Boots;
  • "Pancakes for granddaughter";
  • "Everything is possible … or how to live without adults";
  • "The Tale of Lost Time"

Director's Lab

Kirov Drama Theater has opened a director's laboratory. It is directed by the well-known critic Oleg Loevsky. Within the framework of the laboratory, several eminent directors (Egor Chernyshev, Evgeny Lantsov and Oleg Stepanov) staged mini-productions on the theater stage. The work is supervised by the deputy of Oleg Loevsky - Anna Banasyukevich. Directing labs are a fairly common occurrence in the theatrical world. However, this was the first experience for the Kirov drama. The lab is ideal for creative experiments. Directors here get the opportunity to show all theiropportunities and test your strength. Oleg Loevsky in most cases does not allow directors to choose material for productions on their own. But the laboratory in Kirov has become one of the few exceptions to this rule. Here the directors were given the freedom to choose production material. Roles in sketch performances are performed by actors from the Kirov drama. Screenings of these mini productions are free and open to the public.


Kirov Regional Drama Theater
Kirov Regional Drama Theater

The Kirov Regional Drama Theater is, first of all, a wonderful, talented troupe, in which only bright artists serve.


  • Elena Nikolaevna Odintsova;
  • Sergei Vladislavovich Pakhomov;
  • Vyacheslav Pavlovich Chistyakov;
  • Svetlana Leonidovna Zolotareva;
  • Yuri Aleksandrovich Mazurenko;
  • Alexander Anatolyevich Teterin;
  • Zakhar Panteleev;
  • Galina Ivanovna Marina;
  • Alexander Yurievich Kirikov;
  • Olga Viktorovna Mironova;
  • Elena Yurievna Sheveleva;
  • Olga Pavlovna Tsivileva;
  • Vladimir Viktorovich Sevostyanov;
  • Vladimir Aleksandrovich Smirnov;
  • Pavel Sergeyevich Kanygin;
  • Elena Borisovna Ushatinskaya;
  • Olga Viktorovna Vikhareva;
  • Alexandra Nikolaevna Menshova;
  • Sergei Nikolaevich Pushkin;
  • Nikita Viktorovich Tretyakov;
  • Vladimir Aleksandrovich Shishlyannikov;
  • Vyacheslav Nikolaevich Lysenkov;
  • Anna Sergeevna Tilk;
  • Margarita Andreevna Konysheva;
  • MariannaUzun;
  • Elena Aleksandrovna Nekrasova;
  • Vladimir Zhdanov;
  • Galina Nikolaevna Melnik;
  • Irina Starodubtseva;
  • Svetlana Vladimirovna Lapteva;
  • Ivan Valeryevich Shevelev;
  • Natalya Nikolaevna Isayeva;
  • Andrey Valerievich Matyushin.


Kirov Drama Theater photo
Kirov Drama Theater photo

Kirov Drama Theater named after S. M. Kirov received many awards over the years of his creative activity. In 1998, in France, the troupe received an honorary prize - the Golden Palm. In 2006, at the All-Russian competition of patriotic performances, the theater became a diploma winner. He received an award for his production of "Bless Light Tea". The year 2010 brought the Kirov drama the title of laureate at the festival "Ostrovsky's Days in Kostroma", here several actors received diplomas in the nominations "Best Actress" and "Best Acting Duet". In 2011, at the N. Kh. Rybakov's production of the Kirov drama "Late Love" became a laureate.


kirov drama theater kirov
kirov drama theater kirov

The Kirov Drama Theater receives mostly positive feedback from its audience. Children's performances are wonderful, they are very popular not only with young viewers, but also delight their parents. Young people are delighted with theatrical evenings, during which individual performances are held during the intermission, and after the performance, a disco awaits everyone. The actors, according to the public, are wonderful, talented, their eyes reflect the deep feelings of the characters that they miss.through themselves and live together with their characters. Theater performances give great pleasure. The audience really likes the costumes and scenery. The audience is looking forward to new productions of the theater because each of them is a discovery, and they also ask to return to the repertoire the already familiar and beloved performances in past seasons.