Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theatre: photo, description, history, repertoire and reviews

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Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theatre: photo, description, history, repertoire and reviews
Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theatre: photo, description, history, repertoire and reviews

Video: Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theatre: photo, description, history, repertoire and reviews

Video: Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theatre: photo, description, history, repertoire and reviews
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Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater is one of the most famous and successful cultural institutions of the entire Khabarovsk Territory and the Far Eastern Federal District. It has been in existence since 1926, specializing in musical comedy. In this article, we will tell his story, repertoire, pay attention to the feedback from the audience.


theater poster
theater poster

The Khabarovsk Regional Musical Drama Theater began its work in 1926 with Imre Kalman's operetta "Silva". Initially, it was called the Far Eastern Labor Collective of Comic Opera Artists.

Then it became the Khabarovsk City Musical Theatre, and in 1933 it was renamed the Khabarovsk Musical Comedy Theatre. His story during the Great Patriotic War is interesting, when he did not stop his work, driving around the front with performances that raised the spirits of soldiers and officers. For example, in 1945, the troupe performed in front of the fighters who took part in the Manchurianoperations.

In 1946, the theater went on the first foreign tour in its history, having been abroad. The artists performed in the People's Republic of China. In 1975, a documentary film dedicated to the history of the Khabarovsk regional musical theater was released on Hungarian television.

In 1980, the troupe was lucky enough to take part in the cultural program of the XXII Summer Olympic Games, which were held in Moscow. During perestroika, the leadership of the cultural institution managed to organize one of the largest tours in its history. The troupe went on tour, performing on the stage of Moscow, Riga, Leningrad, Daugavpils, Narva. The trip began in March, continued for several months, ending only in August.

New building

For a long time, the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater was located in the building of the former Military Assembly at 7 Shevchenko Street.

Such diverse cultural institutions were cramped in one building and uncomfortable. The problem was solved in 1977, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Great October Revolution, the theater was given a new building on Karl Marx Street, which entirely belonged to the stage workers, was built specifically for them. They remain in it today.


Theater performances
Theater performances

The current status of the Khabarovsk regional musical theater was received by a cultural institution relatively recently - in 2008. It was then that it was renamed from Khabarovsktheater of musical comedy.

Now the theater building is actively used not only for theatrical performances, but also for all kinds of city and regional celebrations, international and all-Russian socio-political and scientific forums.

How to get there?


The address of the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater is Karl Marx Street, 64. You can get here both by personal and public transport.

The theater is located in the Central District of the city, not far from the Amur River. This is the very center of the city, since Lenin Square, the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, Dynamo Park with the stadium of the same name, the Gaidar Children's Park, the Fedotov Art Gallery are located in the immediate vicinity.

Within walking distance from the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Comedy Theater there is a stop of trolley bus No. 1, fixed-route taxis No. 61k and 82, buses No. 14, 19, 21, 29, 34, 55, 56, 58.


Currently, the theater is headed by artistic director Sergei Viktorovich Listopadov. Since a cultural institution develops several directions at once, a certain employee is responsible for a specific area of activity., managerthe troupe of the theater - Diana Vasilievna Golovkova, finally, the position of head of the literary and dramatic part - Oksana Grigorievna Khripun.


Regional Musical Theater
Regional Musical Theater

The theater has a rich repertoire. Currently, dozens of the most diverse works are regularly staged on the stage.


  • "Captain Blood" (in two acts based on Rafael Sabatini's novel "Captain Blood's Odyssey");
  • "How Amur and Timur became friends";
  • "The Adventures of Gerda in the Snow Kingdom" based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen;
  • "Sleeping Beauty" based on the fairy tale of the same name and poems by Vasily Zhukovsky;
  • "The Seagull" based on the play of the same name by Anton Chekhov, the libretto for which was written by Zhuk and the music by Zhurbin.


  • "The Scarlet Flower" based on the fairy tale of the same name by Sergei Aksakov;
  • "Love contrary".

Musical Comedies:

  • "Aristocrats reluctantly";
  • "Baby rebellion" based on "Don stories" by Mikhail Sholokhov;
  • "Hello, I'm your aunt!" based on the play of the same name by Thomas;
  • "Night of Treason, or Love Poker";
  • "Khanuma's Tricks";
  • "Forgive my whims";
  • "Wedding in Malinovka";
  • "The Innkeeper" based on the play by Carlo Goldoni.


  • "Your shot madam" as a jokeAnton Chekhov "Bear";
  • "Chasing two hares";
  • "The true story of Lieutenant Rzhevsky".


  • "The Merry Widow";
  • "Bat";
  • "Circus Princess";
  • "Sevastopol W altz";
  • "Silva";
  • "The Gypsy and the Baron".

Musical Tales:

  • "Leopold the cat's birthday";
  • "Cinderella" based on the fairy tale by Eugene Schwartz;
  • "Puss in Boots" based on the work of Charles Perrault;
  • "Fly-Tsokotuha" based on the work of the same name by Korney Chukovsky;
  • "Cockroach" based on the poem of the same name by Korney Chukovsky.

And also the eccentric comedy "How to get my husband back", the incredible love story "Corsican", the opera "Pagliacci", the diary of my youth "First Love" based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev, the romantic comedy "Gray in the beard - demon in the rib "based on the play by Galina "Wedding in old age".

Most of these performances can be seen in the repertoire of the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater this season every month. It is worth noting that there are works for a variety of ages: both for adults and for kids, even categories 0+.

When compiling the poster of the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater, they pay special attention to attracting a young audience. That is why there are so many works foryoung viewers, from whom in the future they expect to grow up loyal and devoted fans of the theater stage.


Theater artists
Theater artists

Many notable works currently remain in the archive. Currently they are not staged, but perhaps they will return to the stage. In any case, they left a strong impression on the audience.

This is a two-act gangster show "Mad Family", musical joke "Viva la mamma - a scandalous lady", vaudeville "Take care of the men", musical comedy "American Marriage", operetta "Vienna meetings", retro - the musical "Volga-Volga", the comedy-detective "Eight Loving Women", the detective of bygone times "Two Arrows", the musical story-parable "The Star of Christmas", the space opera "Love Potion", the comic buff opera "The Husband at the Door, or The Key on the Pavement", rock opera "The Ghost of the Old Pirate", fabulous ballet extravaganza "The Nutcracker, or the Ball of Fairy Tales".

Purchasing tickets

The performances included in the playbill of the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater enjoy well-deserved popularity. Buying tickets for a particular production is sometimes not so easy. Therefore, it is recommended to do this in advance.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of the musical theater, daily, from 10 am to 7 pm. The cash desk is also open at the Central Department Store from noon to 7 pm.

Ticket prices vary depending on the location of seats in Khabarovskregional musical theatre. The cost of tickets in the parterre for most performances ranges from 400 to 800 rubles. You can buy tickets to the balcony for 300 rubles.

According to the scheme of the hall of the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater, seats are also available in boxes costing 300 rubles each.

As a rule, ticket prices for premieres and tour performances of other theaters are much higher.

Halls and studios

Khabarovsk musical theater
Khabarovsk musical theater

It is noteworthy that in addition to the Great Hall, where all premieres take place, the theater lobby and recording studio also deserve attention.

In the photo of the Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater, the large hall always stands out for its impressiveness and capacity. In total, it is designed for 855 spectators. 509 of them are placed in the stalls, if necessary, it is possible to install an additional so-called zero row for another 26 seats. There are 320 seats on the balconies and 26 more in two boxes.

The scene is considered the largest in the entire Far East. Its depth from the rear stage to the orchestra pit is 22 meters, the mirror is 11 meters high and 14 meters wide.

The diameter of the circle is 14 meters, the stage has two lifts and four pockets.

Recording studio

The theater has its own recording studio, which consists of a pavilion and a control room. The pavilion has the opportunity to accommodate musical groups of absolutely any direction, up to 35 people. It is equipped with musical instruments.

There are two jobs in the control room -for arranger and sound engineer. In the studio, you can produce high-quality recordings of vocalists and musical groups, engage in sound processing and mixing, arrange musical works, and produce commercials in absolutely any musical format.

This studio has completely recorded all the soundtracks, vocal numbers and orchestrations for the performances included in the repertoire of this cultural institution.

Outstanding actors and directors

Theater troupe
Theater troupe

During the long history of the theater, many outstanding artists and directors have worked here. For many years, the honored worker of arts of the Russian Federation, director Yuli Izakinovich Grinshpun worked as the artistic director of the theater. He was from the family of the chief director of the Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy, deciding to follow in his father's footsteps. He was engaged in staging musicals on the stage in many cities of the Soviet Union. He was the chief director of the Khabarovsk Theater from 1981 to 1989, and then from 1994 to 1999 until his death at the age of 60.

In Khabarovsk, he staged a number of works that are significant for the theater - "Don't Shoot Carmen", "Profitable Place", "Erofey Khabarov", "Only Girls in Jazz", "Eighteen Years", "Hodja Nasreddin's Last Love", "How difficult it is to be a sergeant", "Zhirofle-Zhiroflya", "The Duchess of Geralstein".

Director Vadim Grigoriev

From 1971 to 1973 the main director of this abode of culturewas the Honored Art Worker of the Kazakh SSR Vadim Borisovich Grigoriev. He started as an actor in a troupe at the Tomsk Regional Drama Theatre. He played in the plays "Invisible Dimka", "In the Name of the Revolution", "Filumena Marturano".

After graduating from the director's course at GITIS, where he studied with People's Artist of the USSR Andrei Alexandrovich Goncharov, he was sent to the Vladimir Drama Theater, where he staged the performances "A Dog in the Manger", "Royal Barber", "A Grave Accusation", " City without love", "Only telegrams", "Warsaw melody". Then he worked at the Tashkent Theater of Young Spectators, while teaching directing at the local theater and art institute.

In Khabarovsk, he started as a director of the theater for young spectators, then he began to head the theater of musical comedy. In his production, the audience saw the performances "Viennese Meetings", "Good Soldier Schweik", "Time of Love", "Mademoiselle Nitush", "Violet of Montmartre".

In 1973 he received an invitation from the Kazakh Ministry of Culture to take part in the creation of a musical comedy theater in Karaganda. There he worked for the next 15 years in the status of chief director. He ended his career as a director in Orenburg and Yoshkar-Ola, in the 90s he was the director of the film directorate of the Kirovsky district of Moscow, he was the head of the capital's Art-cinema company, he was the manager at the Benefis theater, he headed the Moscow Children's Shadow Theater.

Visitor experiences

Theater repertoire
Theater repertoire

Viewers note that year after year the theater never ceases to amaze with well-trained voices of artists. The performance of all parts without exception leaves a good impression, as well as the amazing scenery that is prepared for each production.

Some say the repertoire lacks classical pieces. Travelers who have visited the best theaters in the country admit that the theater is of average quality, in which only a few performances can be noted.