List of Russian comedies: the best pictures of the genre

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List of Russian comedies: the best pictures of the genre
List of Russian comedies: the best pictures of the genre

Video: List of Russian comedies: the best pictures of the genre

Video: List of Russian comedies: the best pictures of the genre
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A list of Russian comedies among the best films, rated by viewers and critics, will appeal to many people. In such works there are close and understandable jokes, an interesting plot without complex dramatic narratives. The selection from this article will be the perfect choice for evening entertainment.

Consequences of being overweight

Opens the list of Russian comedies a film that is definitely worth watching for all fans of this genre - "I'm losing weight." The plot revolves around the girl Anya, who passionately loves very junk food - because of this, she starts having problems in her personal life.

list of russian comedies
list of russian comedies

Her favorite boyfriend Eugene is a bodybuilder who takes care of his body and sticks to the right diet. Anya is gaining weight due to malnutrition, which Evgeny does not like very much. The athlete does not need such a bride, and he leaves her. Instead of giving up, the girl decides to lose those extra pounds. In this heroine, Kolya's best friend and boyfriend, for whom a he althy lifestyle is the most important thing, is going to help. This is where the real adventure begins, which will lead to an unexpected result.

Mysterious story

The list of Russian comedies that will amuse anyone includes a work called "Ghost". The story tells about a brilliant aircraft designer who was almost able to fulfill his dream. He developed a new technological model "Yu-1", it remains only to lift the plane into the air. The scientist was completely devoted to his work, so he did not even pay attention to the bachelor life.

Russian comedies to tears list
Russian comedies to tears list

Yuri wakes up one fine morning to find that everyone is stubbornly ignoring him. No one wants to talk to him and even pretend not to notice. Later, the hero learns that he died in a plane crash, but for unknown reasons remained on earth as a ghost. The only person who could see him was a seventh grade student Vanya. He is incredibly cowardly, but no one else can save the day. Yuri's company wants to close a competitor, the ghost has only a week to launch the Yu-1 sample. During this time, he must establish relations with Vanya and convince him to help with the control of the plane.

Work not as intended

The list of the best Russian comedies includes the film "High Security Vacation" for its unusual plot and many funny situations. The story begins with the fact that an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Koltsov is sent to jail for the murder of a member of law enforcement agencies. In prison, everyone wants to kill him, and therefore he enlists the support of a colony employee and with a friendSumarokov escapes. To escape from the chase, they hide in a children's camp, where they are mistaken for new counselors.

Russian comedies best list
Russian comedies best list

The heroes decide to take advantage of this mistake to wait a while. They couldn't even imagine what they were getting into when they decided to take on the duties of counselors…

Life surrounded by children was very different from that which was in the colony. The guys arrange pranks at every turn, and the two harsh men have a difficult job of educating the younger generation. In the list of Russian comedies, the picture "High Security Vacation" focuses not only on high-quality humor - it speaks of the opportunity to change one's life.

A crime story in a funny setting

In the list of Russian comedies "to tears", the picture "Zhmurki" suits a more adult audience, as it speaks of events taking place in the dashing 90s. The times of gangster revelry, criminal cases and colorful personalities who earned dishonestly.

russian comedy movies list
russian comedy movies list

The main characters Simon and Sergey get into trouble all the time. Once again, they fail the task from the boss Mikhalych, who gives them one last opportunity to improve. Criminal personalities must deliver a suitcase with heroin to its destination. On the way, they are attacked by three bandits who, under the threat of death, take away the cargo. Simon and Sergei are in a panic, because they will not survive the next punishment from the boss. The problem is that the three attackers also took the wrong suitcase. They were given a tip for a large amount, andthey got drugs. In the list of Russian comedy films, Zhmurki focuses on funny situations, and also draws images of bandits who are not suitable for solving criminal cases. The story attracts from the first minutes and does not let go until the very end.

Movie List

  1. "I'm losing weight."
  2. "Ghost".
  3. High Security Vacation.
  4. "Blind Man's Bluff".
  5. "Jungle".
  6. "Christmas Trees".
  7. "Love in the big city".
  8. Radio Day.
  9. "Groom".
  10. Hottabych.
  11. "Peculiarities of the national hunt".
  12. Truth Game.
  13. "New Year's marriage".
  14. "Babysitters".
  15. "Island of luck".

All of these films are worthy of attention, but it is the first four that have the highest ratings from critics and viewers.