Renk Johan - director and not only

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Renk Johan - director and not only
Renk Johan - director and not only

Video: Renk Johan - director and not only

Video: Renk Johan - director and not only
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Renk Johan is famous not only as a musician and music video director of Swedish origin, but also as a director, screenwriter and producer. He is best known by his stage name Stakka Bo.

His songs are familiar to many, one of them accompanied an episode of the animated series "Beavis and Butt-head". This is an American TV series about two teenagers who constantly get into trouble. This animated series was directed by Mike Judge.

Another song by Johan was the soundtrack to the famous 2004 game from EA Sport - UEFA Euro 2004. The composition was dedicated to an important sporting event that took place in Portugal - the European Football Championship.

The start of the journey

Renk Johan was born on December 5, 1966 in Uppsala, the fourth largest city in Sweden.

He has a background in economics as a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics. After graduating in 1999, he decided to start a career in directing and succeeded very well.

Johan Renk
Johan Renk

His first creation was a video for the song Nothing Really Matters from Madonna's seventh album.

MoviesJohan Renka

Renk managed to try himself as an actor. In the TV series "The Word" in 1990, he plays himself. This project closed after five years. It often discussed topical and scandalous topics such as the homophobia of the musician Sh. Rank (Shabba Ranks). Because of the provocative material, the broadcast was at night.

In the television series Stop! Cut, Johan Renck not only plays himself, but also directs. This is an American project consisting of twelve seasons. It featured such stars as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The series tells the success stories of famous music artists. Their creative path, style features are described.

In 2008, the film "Downloading Nancy" was released, for which Renk Johan acted as a director. The premiere of the American film took place on January 21. This picture tells about a woman who decided to commit suicide. To do this, she chooses a very unusual way.

In a 2013 American TV series called Bates Motel, Johan also took over as director. The plot tells the story of Norma Bates and her son, who decide to move to a quiet city after the death of a loved one.

Swedish musician
Swedish musician

Directorial work Johan also did during the filming of the series "Stop and catch fire." This American television project started in 2015. Currently, he is considered the best in the career of the hero of our article. The events of the series take place in the 80s. Youngan engineer and computer genius is trying to bring something of his own to the booming computer industry, but he faces opposition from giant corporations.

Renk Johan had a chance to try himself as a producer in the process of working on the project "The Last Panthers". This series, released in 2015, tells the story of a group of thieves whose main goal is to steal jewelry.


Renk Johan is a famous person. He is not only a talented musician and actor, but also a director, producer, screenwriter.

He has worked with many famous musicians, these include: Madonna, Robbie Williams, Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, David Bowie and others.

Renk was the director of such famous series as "Breaking Bad", "The Walking Dead" and "Bloodline". He also participated in the creation of other popular paintings.