Who won the house in "House 2": how the project not only finds love, but also wins houses and millions for a wedding

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Who won the house in "House 2": how the project not only finds love, but also wins houses and millions for a wedding
Who won the house in "House 2": how the project not only finds love, but also wins houses and millions for a wedding

Video: Who won the house in "House 2": how the project not only finds love, but also wins houses and millions for a wedding

Video: Who won the house in "House 2": how the project not only finds love, but also wins houses and millions for a wedding
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It's no secret that on the project "House 2" you can not only find your love, but also get an apartment in the center of Moscow, participating in the "Person of the Year". With the beginning of the next competition, the audience is not left with the question: "Who won the house at "House 2"?" In anticipation of the announcement of the results, watching the life of the participants send SMS in the hope of winning their idol.

Besides, there is one more contest on the project "House 2": "Wedding for a Million". In this competition, couples are already competing, and not one participant. At the end of the competition, those who showed the greatest sincerity in their relationship will win one million rubles. Young people can only use it to organize the wedding of their dreams.

Competition Structures

Project competition
Project competition

Both competitions at "House 2": "Wedding for a Million" and "Person of the Year" - are held in 3-5 stages. At the end of the final. Throughout the competition, the competitorsthey make them put on theatrical scenes, engage in active actions for a while, test their intellectual abilities, manifestations of creativity, and much more. The first contest "Person of the Year" was held in 2009. Over the course of nine years, the criteria for selecting participants, as well as the stage tasks, have changed significantly, so it is impossible to say exactly at what stage which task awaits the players.

But the most important thing is how a competitor shows himself in non-competitive time, on the air. To win, he will need to raise his rating. You have to make sure that the audience loves it. After all, in the end, the winner is the one for whom the majority of viewers vote by sending SMS or voting through smartphone applications.

Liber Kpadonu at Dom 2
Liber Kpadonu at Dom 2

In the contest "Person of the Year" sometimes the prize can be a car. For example, in 2015 she won Liber Kpadonu. She sold the car and gave the proceeds to help the orphanage. Although even after such an act, she was accused of lying: they claimed that the victory was dishonest, that the presenter Kadoni helped her, and then they completely asked for checks and certificates of where she spent her prize.

How do participants behave before, during and after competitions?

Competitors often go to extreme lengths to rise in the rankings and win both competitions. The one who won the house in "House 2" is usually slandered and accused of dishonesty. So, for example, in 2015 Andrey Chuev even himself admitted that he paid a certain number of people to send SMS for him. Usuallythe winner is the participant who behaves provocatively (arranging juggling), but at the same time shows sanity, gives a correct assessment of their actions and the actions of their colleagues.

With "Wedding in a Million" things are much more interesting. For an enticing round sum, "couples in love" are ready to play for the public. Shortly before the start, some singles find each other and declare themselves a couple. Throughout the competition, they behave like future newlyweds: arrange family showdowns, talk about their plans for the future and hold on to each other. Except when the competition ends, they leave each other like strangers and build relationships with the other contestants.

But at the same time, there are always couples in the competition who, long before it, have already proved that they have true love. As a rule, they reach the final or win.

Members of House 2
Members of House 2

List of those who won in "House 2": "Person of the Year"

These are the owners of luxury foreign cars and apartments in the center of Moscow. They came to the project to find love, but they found not only love. So who won the house (or car) in "House 2"?

2009 Rima Penjieva
2010 Natalya Varvina
2011 Vlad Kadoni
2012 Liber Kpadonu
2013 Sergey Sichkar
2014 Aliana Gabozova
2015 Andrey Chuev
2016 Olga Veter
2017 ("Love of the Year") Nikita Kuznetsov and Darina Markina
2018 (Unknown)

Million Dollar Wedding Winners

2016 Igor Tregubenko and Ella Sukhanova
2017 Evgeny Kuzin and Sasha Artemova
2018 (Starts January)

These are the results of both competitions. None of these victories were without controversy. But the fact is, they are the winners.

Now is the time to review the most memorable victories. Of course, each of them deserves attention, but the following leaders aroused particular interest among viewers.

The one who won the house in "House 2" in 2016

This year's "Person of the Year" has reached a new level. Viewers of the TNT channel set a new record in the entire history of the project. Over 2 million votes were cast for the members in 2016.

The main selection criterion was mainly the presence of hearing and voice, and since the competitors were not professionals in this matter, it turned out to be extremely difficult to choose a winner. In the competition, which consisted of 5 stages, 32 people competed, but only four reached the final:

  • Marina Afrikantova.
  • Andrey Cherkasov.
  • Olga Veter.
  • Fyodor Strelkov.
Olga Buzova and Olga Veter
Olga Buzova and Olga Veter

Who won the house in "House 2"? Of course, Olga Veter. The family of Gleb and Olga took a closer look at the viewer, which helped herscore 29.63% and overtake the rest. Olga considered Fedor Strelkov her main competitor and did not expect to win at all. Under the guns of the cameras, throughout their stay on the project, the Zhemchugov family showed mutual respect and sincerity in relationships. Which deserved to win. This year there were no intrigues. Colleagues congratulated Olga and were happy for her victory.

Those who won a million for a wedding in "House 2" in 2017

At the initial stage, 9 couples participated, but three reached the final:

  • Evgeny Kuzin and Sasha Artemova.
  • Konstantin Ivanov and Alexandra Gozias.
  • Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantova.
Evgeny Kuzin and Alexandra Artemova
Evgeny Kuzin and Alexandra Artemova

The competition started with a lie detector, then the couples were tested for acting skills, cooking skills, the girls earned money, the guys put their houses in order. One of the stages was dancing, the next - active exercises. The couples then gave each other creative gifts. In general, the couple Evgeny Kuzin and Sasha Artemova won, gaining almost half of all votes (47.07%).