Vesti is not only a program, but also its presenters

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Vesti is not only a program, but also its presenters
Vesti is not only a program, but also its presenters

Video: Vesti is not only a program, but also its presenters

Video: Vesti is not only a program, but also its presenters
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Now there are a lot of news programs on TV. Several channels lead in their display, one of which, Rossiya 1, is partially state-owned (according to the number of shares owned by the state). This channel broadcasts news about once every couple of hours. The main broadcast in this format is occupied by the "Vesti" program and its various variations.

About channel

TV channel "Russia 1" is a publicly available state channel, which is included in the package of channels required for digital free broadcasting outside the territory of the Russian Federation (multiplex). Belongs to the VGTRK holding (All-Russian State Television and Radio Company). Also, "Russia 1" is called the "second channel", it used to be called RTR. It has been broadcasting since 1991, since 2003 - around the clock with breaks only for prevention of short duration on Monday mornings.

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drive it

The channel broadcasts a multi-genre grid,which includes:

  • informational, including news programs;
  • multi-episode television films, serials;
  • entertainment and talk shows;
  • quizzes;
  • feature, documentary films of different genres and duration;
  • sports broadcasts;
  • Showing social and political events and entertainment events.

The films broadcast on the channel occupy about a third of the broadcasting. In addition to films, the rights to which the channel acquires from third-party companies, Rossiya 1 produces its own feature films and television series.

presenter russia
presenter russia

The channel has unified air windows for regional branches of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, during which local news blocks Vesti-Local Time, programs of its own production and local advertising are broadcast. This feature is unique to this TV channel from the multiplex.

Program history

"Vesti" is a news program that has been broadcast on the channel "Russia 1" since its foundation - May 13, 1991. Three people are considered to be the founders of the program: Anatoly Lysenko, general director of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Oleg Poptsov, editor-in-chief of the program, and Evgeny Kiselev, the first presenter of the news program. At first, "Vesti" went on the air 1-2 times a day, then the number of issues gradually increased. From 2000 to the present day, the program has been released every 3 hours during the day and at night, as well as every half an hour in the morning and a large final release in the evening,sometimes the release schedule of news blocks changes slightly due to important events for Russia (for example, the Olympics) or incidents.

Vesti Anchors

The first host of "Vesti Rossiya" is Evgeny Kiselev, who is one of the founders. Since 1999, the hosts began to change - two led the releases one week, two - the other.

news anchors
news anchors

Now the presenters of "Vesti" appear in different editions and headings. The main cast includes Dmitry Kiselev, Sergey Brilev, Andrey Kondrashov, Tatyana Remezova, Evgeny Rozhkov, Igor Kogevin, Eldar Basilia and others. Many news programs are broadcast with Vladimir Solovyov.

About the program

The channels on which Vesti is broadcast are Russia-1, RTR-Planet (broadcasts in other countries, for example, in the USA) and RTR-Belarus. It has 4 permanent headings in addition to the main broadcast:

  1. Sports (overview of sports events and achievements).
  2. Economy (news on stock markets, exchanges, the state of the economy, the ruble exchange rate, etc.)
  3. Weather forecast for Russia.
  4. Local time (runs at the end of the main episode, may also be broadcast with local weather).

The program "Vesti", the release of which is 5-10 minutes in the morning, in the afternoon - 15-20 minutes, in the evening - 20-40 minutes, is aired daily. On Sunday, the final release is an hour. Currently, "Vesti" is the main news program on television. Standing next to heronly "Time" on First.


The program raises all important topics, talks about political, social, economic, cultural events that are important for the whole society or its individual categories. Incidents in the Russian Federation and abroad are also covered, for this purpose correspondents are sent there with operators who both conduct live reports and send footage already filmed live. The staff of correspondents at Vesti is quite large, all of them professionally and competently present information.

Vesti is one of the best news programs in Russia. Repeatedly won the TEFI award in the "Information Programs" nomination. The program is watched daily by millions of people throughout the country.