Strange quotes, or What is the truth

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Strange quotes, or What is the truth
Strange quotes, or What is the truth

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Video: Strange quotes, or What is the truth
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Wise words are a great value that people have been collecting for centuries, passed down from generation to generation. One must strive for wisdom, it does not come only with age. People collect sayings of great people, quote them, but sometimes it seems that some of these expressions are incomprehensible and strange, but this is only at first glance. So, in the topic of today's publication, we will look at strange quotes from great and famous people.

short quotes
short quotes

Philosophy of revenge

Revenge is always a choice between two desires: revenge and forgiveness. After all, when a person splashes out that accumulated resentment and anger, he becomes much better. But is this the case with revenge? Will perfect retribution bring you relief? This question has been and will be asked by many people. Confucius also said:

Dig two graves before you decide to take revenge.

Especially youth draws a duel face to face with his opponent, sometimes without suspecting that mixingaccounts or revenge may be more dastardly. If you do not think about the meaning of this expression, then it is quite clear that there is no hidden meaning here, and you cannot call this expression a strange quote. But do not be mistaken, because this expression teaches us that we need to be ready for death after revenge. Because that second one also has friends and relatives, and they will also take revenge.

Revenge is a dish served cold.

Italians say so. After all, uncontrolled hatred blinds the eyes of a person, which leads to reckless actions. Keep yourself in control so that revenge does not turn out to be empty stupidity.

weird book quotes
weird book quotes

Influence of environment

Be a fox in the forest.

This short quote was from Thomas Fuller, an English churchman and historian. The meaning of which boils down to the fact that changes in human behavior under the influence of the environment are inevitable.

When you look into the abyss for a long time, the abyss begins to peer into you.

This strange quote belongs to the pen of Friedrich Nietzsche, a German thinker, philologist, composer, historian, creator of an original philosophical doctrine.

Sometimes a few words are enough to make a person act, learn something new and interesting. Such short quotations are like life-giving current impulses. They, running through the veins, reach those points of activity, those hidden strings of your heart that are able to "build cities".

Try again. Fall off some more. Fail better.

This quote is from Samuel Beckett, writer and playwright, winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize in Literature. Probably, the author meant that a person allows himself to fall. And he can't blame anyone but himself.

quotes that make you think
quotes that make you think

My enemy

I choose beautiful people as close friends, people with a good reputation as friends, and I only make smart enemies.

There are quotes that make you think. One of these belongs to Oscar Wilde. A strong and smart enemy is a reason to expose even your defeat for valor, but it is a smart enemy that will make you become better. Therefore, do not be angry with him, but thank him. After all, it is thanks to our enemies that we get a chance to look at ourselves and our actions from the outside. Therefore, everyone must have enemies. After all, who, if not the enemy, will tell you about your shortcomings? Detractors make us achieve a lot in life. After all, each of us at least once in his life said this cherished phrase: “I will do it to spite him!”

We are so much like our enemies that we might be buried in a mass grave.

This strange quote belongs to Arkady Davidovich, a contemporary writer. The meaning of this quote can be reduced to the fact that hatred leads to the death of a person, this road along which he goes is full of eternal torment. And if you do not want to end up in the same grave with your enemy, then you should remember one more, the most important quote-commandment.

Love your enemy.

And these are far from pious wishesnovelist out of touch with real life, as it may seem at first glance, these are the wishes of a sober realist.

Will and lack of will

weird quotes
weird quotes

The problem of lack of will has bothered people for centuries, lack of will manifests itself in various physical and mental activities, there is nothing weaker than a weak-willed person, he is weakened, like a sick person who does not train muscles. Will is a special inner force that allows a person to achieve his goals.

Strange quotes from books that we sometimes remember for a lifetime, sometimes at the right time can provide an invaluable service.

Our personality is the garden and our will is the gardener.

These words belong to the immortal in his works William Shakespeare.

After all, the will of a person largely depends on the conscious choice of difficulties on the way to the goal. Faced with which, a person either abandons his plan, or achieves it with even greater zeal in order to overcome a series of difficulties.

Strange quotes that cause bewilderment, only upon careful analysis reveal the meaning of truth, giving complete and exhaustive knowledge about the world around us.