"My Best Enemy": book reviews, author, plot and main characters
"My Best Enemy": book reviews, author, plot and main characters

Video: "My Best Enemy": book reviews, author, plot and main characters

Video: "My Best Enemy": book reviews, author, plot and main characters
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Judging by the reviews of Eli Frey's book "My Best Enemy", you can find almost everything in it. And friendship, and betrayal, and a fragile psyche.

And judging by the quotes from the book "My Best Enemy", its plot makes you think and think about a lot. The story of the main character begins with the following words:

As a child, he gave me candy, drawings and smiles. He adored his little girlfriend and would not let anyone hurt me. And then I did one unforgivable thing. Now that sweet and kind boy with whom we were so close in childhood is no more. In its place is an evil monster that knows neither love nor pity. And it will not rest until it takes revenge and destroys me.”

A little about the author

It is known that the book "My Best Enemy" by Eli Frey has been written. But the real name of the author is Alena Filipenko. She was born on January 5, 1990. Her place of residence is the city of Pushkino near Moscow.

Alena Filipenko has a diploma from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. However, she considers entering this institution of higher education the biggest mistake of her life.

At the endthe girl did not go to work in her speci alty at the university. She was attracted by courses on creating contextual advertising. After graduation, Alena Filipenko completed an internship. At the moment, the author of the book “My Best Enemy” works at Yandex. Direct as a manager in the contextual advertising department.

Alena Filipenko loves sports, preferring pole-dance and snowboarding. She also likes to wander around various abandoned places. Alena is attracted by dilapidated estates, depots, bridges, bunkers, and other unusual structures.

First piece

The book "My Best Enemy" (definitely worth reading in its entirety) was released by ACT. Year of publication - 2015. This is the first work of the author, work on which continued for two years.

Judging by reader reviews, the book "My Best Enemy" became popular even before its mass circulation. After all, Alena Filipenko, who took the pseudonym Eli Frey, posted the work she wrote on various literary sites. And only a little later the manuscript was sent to publishers. One of them was AST. The editors gave their positive response almost immediately after receiving the manuscript. The professionals of the pen liked the book so much that they even approved a new series "Online Bestseller".

book and smartphone
book and smartphone

Judging by the numerous reviews of the book "My Best Enemy", readers often compare it with a personal diary. And indeed, the style of presentation of the plot is very reminiscent of someone's private notes. And in this the readers are not mistaken. After all, some ofwritten by Alena Filipenko took from her personal diary, which she kept as a teenager.

The book is written for those over 18.


The plot of My Best Enemy is modern prose. As mentioned above, the work was published in 2015. That is why it captivates the reader with its modernity. Getting acquainted with the events described in the story, each teenager will be able to see their own reflection in them.

Main characters

In the book "My Best Enemy" by Eli Frey, events unfold around two characters. One of the main characters is Toma Miscavige. She appears to the reader as a typical modern teenager. Toma is a rather pretty girl of average height, whose hair color resembles wet dust.

The second main character is Stas Shutov. He is a teenager with a pronounced mental disorder. He has an athletic build and a beautiful snow-white "shark smile".

The beginning of the story

Consider the description of the book "My Best Enemy". The story told by the author originates when the little girl Toma was brought by her parents to a small town to visit her grandmother. It was here that she met a neighbor boy named Stas. The children soon became best friends.

It's been a few years. Parents sent Tom to live with his grandmother. This allowed the children to see each other and make friends not only in the summer. They also began to go to the same class.

The children were delighted. And it seemed that nothing could destroy their strong friendship. Adults, looking at Tom and Stas, justtouched. After all, a beautiful couple grew up before their eyes. And the children themselves have already begun to call themselves the bride and groom. Indeed, the relationship between Toma and Stas was just wonderful. For example, a boy, leaving his girlfriend, looked at her window, as if “removing” a smile from his face and sending it to the girl. In response, she did the same. But suddenly everything changed.


What happened to the children? From the contents of the book "My Best Enemy" the reader learns about the tragedy that occurred on one of the ordinary days. Toma and Stas went to the forest and started playing war there. Evening came. However, Stas was in no hurry to return home. He wanted to be victorious and "kill" his intended enemy. In the game, he continued to lead the girl, who by this time was already very tired and chilled. And here in the forest, they accidentally stumbled upon teenage drug addicts. They grabbed the children and began to mock them. Tom managed to escape. She was so frightened that, having reached her room, she crawled under the covers and fell asleep. Stas was left alone with the teenagers.

Waking up in the morning, the girl found out that her friend was in the hospital. It turned out that the drug addicts burned his ear with burning plastic.

Shattered Friendship

The boy's life was ruined. And, in his opinion, Tom was guilty of this. After all, she committed a betrayal. The resentment and anger of Stas became simply uncontrollable. He hated his ex-girlfriend so much that he started making her life hell.

When reading the full version of the book "My Best Enemy", the reader sees that most of the pagestell about the bullying that Tom and other students are subjected to by Stas and his retinue. Moreover, the cruelty of these teenagers is literally limitless. Judging by reader reviews, the book "My Best Enemy" is sometimes very difficult to perceive. At the same time, many are concerned about the question why no one punishes cruel teenagers? The author gives an explanation for this. The fact is that Stas is the son of we althy parents. The boy's father gives a lot of money to repair the school. That is why teachers often even protect Stas.

At the end of the story, the girl takes revenge on her former friend for bullying her. She practically buries Stas alive. However, at the last moment, he does not carry out his plan.

What is this book about?

After reading the book "My Best Enemy" (full version), it becomes clear that one of its themes is the friendship of two children - a boy and a girl. Once they played together, created, invented and dreamed. At the same time, Tom and Stas were the center of the universe. For many years, the children were practically one. And even when they left, they never said goodbye, but only passed on their laughter and smiles to each other. This is how Stas and Toma lived. But what happened after? Then betrayal burst into their lives. It ended in retribution and revenge.

Did Tamara Mitskevich at the age of 12 realize her act to the end? Did you realize that you betrayed your best friend? Is it worth it to condemn a frightened girl? Each reader has their own opinion on this matter. Many understand that Tom did wrong. However, they do not seek to condemn her. After all, at the age of 12 it is stilla child who perceives much in life only as a bad dream, not realizing the real danger.

What about the boy? The life of Stas Shutov after this incident in the forest was divided into "before" and "after". Having been bullied by teenage drug addicts, he received a serious psychological trauma. What happens in his later life?

The author of the book "My Best Enemy" very clearly shows his reader how the character of the boy has changed after the tragic incident. And also how Stas lives with the trauma he received. In the blink of an eye, he turns from a good boy into a bad boy. And even very bad. What does he feel about it? Stas can make a girl a queen, but if he wants, he can trample, crush and destroy. He becomes obsessed with an all-consuming thirst for revenge. He hates Tom, does not accept her act and does not even try to understand the girl.

The paths of former friends diverge for a while. However, Tom soon returns to the same school where Stas is a student. Who is her former friend now? He is a real despot and the storm of the school. He is obeyed and feared.

Meeting Toma, he slowly and surely turns her life into hell, trying to break the girl. He hacks her pages in the networks, is engaged in harassment, "pouring mud." Based on reader reviews, My Best Enemy describes real events that may well be happening in modern schools today. There is an opinion that weak-nerved and impressionable people should not get acquainted with such a plot.

Some moments of the book "My Best Enemy" by Eli Frey, judging by the reviewsreaders, they were terrified and bewildered. It was difficult for them to understand why the children at school were so intimidated that they were afraid of their peers and forgave him for all his bullying? At the same time, none of them even tried to tell their parents about the humiliation and beatings. For example, Stas could take anyone by the hair and stick his head under a stream of boiling water. Without any remorse, he was able to throw a man into a burning fire. It was not difficult for him to hit his peer against the wall with all his might.

book and lit match
book and lit match

The moments of the description of Stas's game with his younger sister are amazing. With her, he also conducted cruel experiments. The boy liked to play "psychiatric hospital". At the same time, he put his shirt on his sister, tying the sleeves behind her back. After that, he gave some time for the girl to free herself. If she did not have time to do this, he shocked her using a charger from a lighter. But still, the main victim of the cruel teenager was Tom. Stas began to mock her when she had to return to the same school again in the 9th grade.

Of course, many readers note the weak will of the girl. After all, she trembled at every appearance of Stas and preferred not to solve the problems that had arisen, but to run away from them. And by this behavior, Tom shows that she simply could not do otherwise in the situation when she left her friend in the forest. After all, in order to save a person, courage is required. Stas began to take revenge and then he could not stop. His life was ruined by one accident and he focused his hatred on a manwhich he believed caused it.

The book is literally saturated with cruelty, hatred and pain. And all these feelings, no matter how strange it may sound, are very closely connected with love and the desire to make your life the way it was before. It is as if two personalities live in the soul of Stas. He loves the girl and hates at the same time. But the second feeling is stronger.

Telling the story of the heroes of the book "My Best Enemy", the author wants to show his reader that every person should be responsible for their actions. At the same time, he should certainly analyze them. Yes, each of the readers can understand this idea differently. However, everyone will have the same conclusion - nothing can be fixed by revenge.

The last scene in the pit, according to readers, was the most powerful in this book. After all, here Stas and Toma showed themselves as they really are. The author seemed to point out that any person can bury their fears, say goodbye to them and get rid of them without leaving hatred and resentment in their souls.

book and apples
book and apples

The story of this book is not complete. Alena Filipenko did not finish her work with a specific ending. She gave the reader the opportunity to reflect on the future fate of these teenagers. And this move is completely justified. The bad end of the story could well disappoint those who believe in love and in the correction of Stas. A good ending would cause some contradiction to the logical conclusion of the story. Because the whole atmosphere of this story is oppressive.

Readers note that the book is written in a simpleand understandable language. And this is the highlight of the author.

Books with a similar plot

Eli Frey's soulful work "My Best Enemy" won the hearts of millions of readers. The story told by the author about the rebirth of bright feelings into enmity and hatred has become an ideal illustration of the proverb, which claims that love is just one step away from hate. And he was made the hero of the book. And made by him out of revenge.

Such stories cannot fail to touch the feelings of readers. In their plot, the veracity and unpredictability of the development of events can be seen at the same time.

Consider books similar to My Best Enemy. Among them, readers can also find for themselves the novel that they will definitely like and become their favorite.

Light mountains

Among the books similar to "My Best Enemy" is the one written by Tamara Mikheeva. This author is a multiple winner of international children's writing awards.

book "Light Mountains"
book "Light Mountains"

"Light Mountains" is an incredibly kind and bright story that tells us about true love for our Motherland. From the book, we learn the story of the life of a girl, Dina, who, quite unexpectedly, ended up in another city and in a new family. The plot of the work is a real declaration of love to the whole world around, which consists not only of delights and successes, but also of difficulties. The book tells about a person's complex search for himself and understanding who he really is. Having gone through numerousthe difficulties of fate, the girl finally found a family for herself, her home and her Light Mountains.

This story, told by Tamara Mikheeva, is so deeply imbued with quivering tenderness that she simply cannot help touching her reader to the core.

Family Dreams

This book by A. B. Galkin is an excellent illustration of family life with all its complexities. Judging by the reviews of most readers, this work is worth reading for newlyweds and those who are just about to get married.

The book introduces the story of a young family in which a little son is growing up. Everything can be found here. And the misunderstanding that exists between the mother-in-law and the son-in-law, and the daughter-in-law's quarrels with the mother-in-law. All this can be called a kind of classic attributes of family life. Judging by the reviews, the novel is read quite easily. In addition, it is literally saturated with irony, good mood and humor.


This sadly beautiful and heartbreaking story, told by Olga Karlovich, tells readers about the love of two homeless people whose life lacks the most basic comforts and benefits. It is possible that this love story can be called the most beautiful. After all, such feelings today are an absolute rarity, since people are most of all concerned about the constant pursuit of success, money and material values. The book will become a real outlet for those readers who miss sincere and tender feelings.

12 Years a Slave

The book of Solomon Northal describes a real story in which there iskidnapping, betrayal and fortitude. It is the author's memoir. The plot of the book takes us to America. In this country, Solomon Northal was a completely free man. This man was born and raised in New York. His main goal in life was to achieve the American dream, which was to have his own home and family. He got married and had children, but he wanted to earn more to support his family.

12 Years a Slave book
12 Years a Slave book

Solomon Northal was known to everyone as a good violinist. And one day he was offered to go on tour in Columbia. However, he failed to make any money. Indeed, in the state of Columbia in those years slavery was not prohibited. Solomon was drugged and shackled and sent to New Orleans. Here the man was sold to the first owner.

This courageous man had to spend 12 years in slavery. And all these years, he was obsessed with the desire to go free and return to his family.

Solomon's memoirs were published in 1853. They produced a strong resonance in society and greatly accelerated the start of the civil war in America, which was fought between the South and the North.


This book was written by Natalia Milyavskaya. It tells a gripping story about the lives of five young people who, out of boredom, decide to open an entertainment agency called Adrenaline. To earn money, they begin to offer drugs to we althy clients. At the same time, young people still do not fully realize that what they are doing is dangerous for their lives. Storyarouses interest among readers not only for its plot, but also for the dynamics of the events taking place in it.

We are the children of the gold mines

This is another book written by Eli Frey. In it, the author of the work "My Best Enemy" talks about the realities of teenage life, about hatred, misunderstanding and constant condemnation that is present in everyday life.

"We Children of the Gold Mines" book
"We Children of the Gold Mines" book

From the book, the reader learns about the cruelty and selfishness towards children on the part of society. About how it is sometimes difficult for a person to trust someone around him. It raises themes of love and hate, friendship and betrayal, as well as family relationships. This story, like the one told in the book "My Best Enemy", causes a lot of rave reviews from readers. The issues raised by the author are eternal and relevant.

No Hope

This psychological love drama is written by Colin Hoover. Judging by the feedback from readers, this deafeningly emotional novel, filled with light and darkness, makes you laugh and cry. Sometimes you even have to leave the book for a while to put your own feelings in order. After all, the reader begins to understand that people who finally get to the bottom of the truth find themselves in an even more hopeless situation than they were when they lived a lie.

no hope book
no hope book

Seventeen-year-old girl Skye comes to a similar thought after she met Dean Holder. The guy has a bad reputation, but he doesn'tonly scares away, but also attracts. Acquaintance with him made Sky remember her terrible past, which she tried her best to hide in her soul as deeply as possible.

A girl should stay away from this guy. However, Dean insistently strives to get closer to a new acquaintance, not even suspecting that this will be a huge upheaval in her mind.