Dorama "Legend of the Blue Sea": actors and roles

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Dorama "Legend of the Blue Sea": actors and roles
Dorama "Legend of the Blue Sea": actors and roles

Video: Dorama "Legend of the Blue Sea": actors and roles

Video: Dorama "Legend of the Blue Sea": actors and roles
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Twenty-episode drama "The Legend of the Blue Sea" with actors - all the famous favorites of Korea - Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, aired in November 2016 and immediately captivated viewers around the world. The series had everything for this: amazing humor, an interesting plot, top actors, a great soundtrack.

legend of the blue sea actors
legend of the blue sea actors

Drama plot

Inspired by the classic Joseon-era fantasy story about a fisherman, "Legend of the Blue Sea" is based on leading Korean artists. He caught a mermaid and fell in love with her. In the drama, the role of the fisherman was shifted to an aristocrat named Kim Dam Ryong, who is the main character in this amazing story. Interestingly, the events of the telenovela take place in two parallel realities: the time of Joseon and the 21st century. The previous incarnations of Kim Dam-ryong and the mermaid are shown, as well as the events that contributed to their tragedy in the past. The whole series is literally permeated with the idea that a person involuntarily repeats the mistakes of the past without having learned the lesson. Timechanges, but you can't escape fate. But first things first.

actors of the film legend of the blue sea
actors of the film legend of the blue sea

When Dam Ryong was a little boy, he nearly drowned but was saved by a mermaid (Se Hwa). After this incident, they became friends, and then fell in love with each other. Everything was wonderful, but one day, when the young man entered marriageable age, he was forced to marry another girl chosen by the family. To make it easier for the young man, the mermaid decides to let him go by taking away Dam Ryong's memories of her and their childhood love by kissing her lover.

However, fate brings the lovers together again after a few years. A villain named Lord Young captures a mermaid during the storm of 1598 and plans to use her for enrichment (not to mention that he has a personal grudge against Dam Ryong). The young man looks at the captive Se Hwa and seems to feel connected to her for unknown reasons. Dam Ryong saves a mermaid from Lord Yang, and then gradually begins to remember their shared history. Unfortunately, events take a sad turn. The happiness of lovers is hindered by human prejudices, as well as Yang's vindictive intentions. Trying to save the girl, Dam Ryong dies with her. Feeling that the same fate awaits them again in a future incarnation, Dam Ren hides a beautiful vase with a picture of a mermaid carved on it. He hopes that the artifact will be found and this will serve as a warning.

actors of the film legend of the blue sea
actors of the film legend of the blue sea

In the 21st century, the story revolves around the swindler Ho Jun Jae and the mermaid Choni. The main characters don't remember each first. They don't always get along, but they feel like they have something in common. Choni fell in love with the young man at first sight, and the latter will need time to realize his feelings. Unfortunately, there isn't much of it. Without reciprocity, the mermaid is waiting for death on land. Added to the difficulties of young people is the treachery of the stepmother Heo Joon Jae, who uses the assassin hired by her to solve her problems. And this is none other than the reincarnation of Lord Yang from the Joseon era.

Will Dam Ryong be able to cheat fate and find happiness? The answer to this question is given by the drama "Legend of the Blue Sea", the actors of which Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun perfectly embodied the images of their characters. Numerous viewers, not looking up from the screens, followed the developments in the series.

"Legend of the Blue Sea": actors and roles

The drama features many top-notch Korean actors. Starring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun.

legend of the blue sea drama actors
legend of the blue sea drama actors

Other actors who graced the film:

  • Im Won Hee.
  • Lee Ji Hoon.
  • Go Gyu Pil.
  • Park Ji Il.
  • Shin Won Ho.
  • Lee Hee Jun.
  • Kim Sung Ryong.
  • Seo Beom Sik.
  • Song Dong Il.
  • Krystal Jung.
  • Shin Hye Sun.
  • Jung Jin Seo.
  • Park Hae Soo.
  • Jung Yu Mi.
  • Shin Rin A.
  • Hwang Shin Hye and others

Interesting facts

"Legends of the Blue Sea" actor Lee Min Ho starred in it before entering the mandatory military service, as is customary in Korea for men. Militaryduty lasts 2 years. After its completion, we hope to see the actor in new projects.

The drama aired on SBS at 10 pm. It was at this time that another hit series, Jealousy Incarnate, was previously broadcast. Interestingly, actor Cho Jong Suk, the lead artist of the previous SBS project, starred in one of the episodes of the 2016 film "Legend of the Blue Sea", thereby supporting the new drama. His scene with Jun Ji Hyun is just gorgeous and hilariously funny.

This is the first drama that actress Jun Ji Hyun has starred in since she went on maternity leave in 2015. Interestingly, she gave birth to a second child immediately after the end of this project. We hope the artist will again delight fans with new works in the future after the baby grows up.

Drama Filming Locations

In order to create the right atmosphere, the cast of "Legend of the Blue Sea" was forced to visit many different places around the world that the drama's creators used for the project. Some of them:

  1. Pocheon Valley Art Park, Cheongjuho Lake (rescue of young Dam Ren and the first meeting of lovers).
  2. Green tea plantation in Boseong. It is here that the main characters are pursued by bandits, and Choni is forced to use her superpowers on Heo Joon Jae and erase his memory of meeting her.
  3. The Tri-bowl Art and Culture Complex in Songdo City. This is where the Heo Joon Jae scam scene was filmed. It is in Songdo that the viewer meets the main character for the first time.
  4. ThematicStarfield Hanam park with shopping malls. The place where the main character spends his holidays in the film, and also buys clothes for the mermaid.
  5. Aqua Planet, Yeosu City. The first meeting of the main characters after the forced separation.
  6. Hangang City Park, Yooido District. A place where lovers watched fireworks.
  7. N Tower in Seoul. Lee Min Ho's character in the story lives nearby, so this landmark is often shown in the drama. In addition, the tower is a conventional meeting place for the mermaid and a key moment of the series is associated with it.
  8. legend of the blue sea actors and roles
    legend of the blue sea actors and roles

Authors of the series

The director of the drama "Legend of the Blue Sea", which is not the first time the actors have worked with this author (Lee Min Ho), was Jin Hyuk. He took part in such hit projects as "Lord of the Sun", "City Hunter", "Doctor Stranger" and others.

The script for the series was created by Park Ji Eun, the author of the amazing drama "Man from the Stars", which also starred Jun Ji Hyun.

Drama Soundtrack

Many talented Korean artists contributed to the series' soundtrack:

  • You Are The World - Yoon Mi Rae;
  • Love Story - Lee Se Jin;
  • Wind flower - Lee Sang Hee;
  • Sound of ocean instrumental- Yoshimata Ryo;
  • melody Memories - Yoshimata Ryo.

"Legend of the Blue Sea" is one of the best dramas of 2016. This is confirmed not only by the responses of viewers and critics, but alsoofficial ratings of TV channels. The series once again proved that the combination of romance, comedy and fantasy elements are still the most sought after themes in the film industry.