Korean series "Moon Lovers": actors
Korean series "Moon Lovers": actors

Video: Korean series "Moon Lovers": actors

Video: Korean series "Moon Lovers": actors
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The Korean TV series "Moon Lovers", whose actors are known not only in East Asia, but throughout the world, won the love of viewers literally from the first episode in August 2016. The hype around the drama was so strong that there are still rumors about the filming of the second season, but, unfortunately, only among the fans. The authors of the telenovela do not plan this.

moon lovers series actors
moon lovers series actors

Chinese adaptation and original source of the drama

The plot of the drama is based on the adaptation of the Chinese novel by Tong Hua "Amazing at Every Turn". It describes the adventures of a girl from the 21st century who, after a car accident, ends up in 18th century Manchuria and lives in the body of her previous reincarnation, Maertai Ruo Xi. Unable to return to her own time, the main character finds herself at the epicenter of the struggle for the imperial throne. Ruo Xi faces many challenges, including an amazing love story.

ChineseThe film adaptation was filmed in 2011 and was such a huge success in Asia that a second season of the drama was filmed and is set in the present day. The fact is that at the end of the original version, the heroine dies in the 18th century and wakes up in the 21st. In the story, she meets the reincarnation of her beloved from the past, the 4th Prince Yin Zhen, and a relationship is established between them again. In the second season, viewers are finally waiting for a happy ending. Although many fans are unhappy with the continuation of the series, it was filmed due to the numerous requests from the viewers.

moon lovers series actors korea
moon lovers series actors korea

Korean series "Moon Lovers": plot

The drama aired 5 years later than the original, but was just as successful. The series "Moon Lovers" (Korea) is adapted to national realities, and its action takes place in the era of Korea. We are talking about a girl from our time, who, by the will of fate, falls into the past, where she turns out to be the daughter-in-law of the heir to the throne (the 8th prince). Despite her sincere love for her tuberculosis-stricken cousin, Van Uk's wife, the main character falls in love with the owner of the house. Realizing that young people are connected by sincere feelings, and knowing that she will die soon, the wife of the heir tries to organize their marriage, but in vain. Hye-soo turns out to be a bargaining chip in the fight for the throne. Wang Wook betrays her, wanting to save his family from the intrigues of the Empress. The main character finds herself alone before a difficult choice. And although during her stay at the palace she found many friends, including among the princes, few people rush to herhelp. It is Wang So (the 4th prince - the future emperor) who helps her. He has been in love with Hye-soo for a long time, but the girl cannot forget the 8th prince. In the end, the main characters will be together, but not for long. Hye Soo will not be able to live in the palace, constantly facing intrigues and fearing for her life, and she will no longer trust Wang So. By the will of circumstances, the emperor is forced to marry his cousin. Hye-soo realizes that she has no place in the court and decides to secretly flee. But her plans are disrupted when the emperor finds out that the main character had a romantic relationship with Wang Wook in the past. In anger, he agrees to the marriage of Hye Soo and his younger brother.

actors of the series lunar lovers scarlet heart
actors of the series lunar lovers scarlet heart

The series "Moon Lovers", whose actors perfectly embodied the amazing Chinese story, also has a sad end. After giving birth to the emperor's child, Hye-soo dies to wake up in his own time. Maybe she will meet the 21st century incarnation of Wang So, but the audience was not shown this. There are rumors that there is an alternate ending to the story. Lee Jun Ki himself hinted at this on his Instagram, but so far the cut scenes have not been aired. The second season, where the action takes place in our time, the Korean authors of the drama will not shoot. The fact is that in this country they rarely plan to continue the series. 20-30 episodes is usually all you can count on.

Two versions of the series

Initially, the authors of the series "Moon Lovers" focused on foreign viewers (Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, etc.), so 2 versions of the drama were shot. Among their peoplecalled "Korean" and "Chinese" (international). In the second episode, it lasts 5-10 minutes longer and includes scenes cut from the domestic version. Too bad, because some of them are beautiful. For example, the scene where Hye Soo puts makeup on Wang So's scar, or the scene of the torment of the 4th prince, or the scene of reconciliation of the main characters after 3 years of separation. The last episode, of course, is present in both versions, but significantly changed (soundtrack and actions of the characters).

moon lovers series actors lee joon ki
moon lovers series actors lee joon ki

Normally, dramas in Korea are filmed in parallel with TV broadcasts, but not this time. The series "Moon Lovers", starring actor Lee Joon Ki, was edited a year earlier. Therefore, the authors of the telenovela only changed the editing before airing, depending on their preferences and, possibly, the rating.

It's a pity that the drama didn't make a big impression on Koreans because it's really great. Numerous responses from fans around the world prove this.

The actors of the series "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart"

The series features not only the leading actors of Korea, but also several idols, which only adorned the telenovela.

The cast of the series:

  • Lee Jun Ki (future ruler of Gwangjong - 4th prince of Korea);
  • IU (Hye Soo);
  • Kang Ha Neul (Wang Wook - 8th Prince);
  • Hong Jong Hyun (Jeongjong is the third ruler of Korea);
  • Kim Sang Ho (Wang Mu - the second ruler of Goryeo);
  • Yoon Sung Woo (Wang Won);
  • Byun Baek Hyun (Wang Eun);
  • UsJoo Hyuk (Baek A);
  • Ji Soo (Wang Jeong);
  • Cho Min Ki (Emperor Taejo);
  • Park Ji-young (Empress Yoo is the Emperor's 3rd wife);
  • Jung Kyung-soon (4th wife of the Emperor);
  • Kang Han Na (Yong Hwa - Emperor Taejo's daughter);
  • Park Shi Eun (Hae Soo's cousin);
  • Ji Hye Ran (wife of the 10th prince);
  • Seohyun (Princess Hubaekje);
  • Ji Kiju (Chae Ryong, Hae Soo's girlfriend);
  • Kim Sung-gyun (Choi Ji-mon, Emperor's astronomer).
moon lovers series
moon lovers series

Lee Zhdong Ki

Lee Jun Ki is one of the leading actors in Korea. He began his career 20 years ago and immediately declared himself as a talented and original actor. All his works have received positive reviews from critics and the love of viewers around the world. Lee Joon Ki is filmed not only in historical, but also in modern dramas ("Dog and Wolf Time"). He was recently seen in the latest part of "Resident Evil" starring Mila Yolovich.


Lee Ji Eun is a Korean singer and actress. I started acting in dramas not so long ago. It has both fans around the world and ill-wishers. Some people believe that it is her appearance in the TV series "Moon Lovers", which involves the leading actors of Korea, that is the reason for the low ratings in her homeland. This is unfair, because the artist looks very natural on the screen, and her professionalism is growing day by day. This is confirmed by her work partners Lee Jun Ki and Cho Jong Suk.

korean series moon lovers
korean series moon lovers

Drama Soundtrack

Most of the songs for the drama's soundtrack were composed by Ji Hoon and Do Ji An. The music for the series adds even more atmosphere to an already stunning historical interpretation.

Song list:

  • "For You";
  • "Say Yes";
  • "I Love You, I Remember You";
  • "Forgetting You";
  • "All With You";
  • "Can You Hear My Heart";
  • "A Lot Like Love";
  • "Confess";
  • "Will Be Back";
  • "My Love";
  • "Wind";
  • "Be With You";
  • "Goodbye".
korean series moon lovers
korean series moon lovers


The drama was nominated for several Korean awards: SBS Channel, Korea Brand Awards, 1st Asia Artist Awards, 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards.

Rewards received:

  1. Korean Cultural Pride 2016.
  2. Great fantasy drama actor Kang Ha Neul.
  3. Best Actor - Lee Jun Ki.
  4. Best couple - Lee Jun Ki and IU.
  5. Top 10 actor - Lee Jun Ki.
  6. New star - Baekhyun.
  7. People's Choice Award - Baekhyun.

The show of the series "Moon Lovers", whose actors did an amazing job, ended in November 2016, but is still being discussed by fans around the world. Some of them are hoping for a second season, or at least the alternate ending that exists in the director's cut of the drama. Telenovela artists long agobusy in other projects, but continue to meet periodically because they remain good friends. Maybe it's a Korean tradition, but actors who work together on the same project once often stay in touch the next and support each other in person and publicly.

People who have seen the drama will never forget it, but those who haven't watched this masterpiece, be sure to watch it. It's worth it.