Quotes about a loved one: examples from literature

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Quotes about a loved one: examples from literature
Quotes about a loved one: examples from literature

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Video: Quotes about a loved one: examples from literature
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All world literature rests on one plot: love - parting - feelings. Not a single artist has gone around the eternal theme, one way or another, human existence is built on emotions. Living without emotions is as impossible as breathing without air. Love is the basis and the beginning of everything, this topic will never lose its relevance, it is eternal and universal. Russian and foreign authors created the most valuable works on the theme of love, on which more than one generation grew up.

Don't part with your loved ones

don't part with your loved ones
don't part with your loved ones

A. Kochetkov's poem "The Ballad of a Smoky Car" is a kind of anthem for lovers. It is unlikely that there are people who are not familiar with this work, it touches to the core, it is impossible to forget.

The poem fascinates with its melody, semantic depth and special rhythm.

- As long as I'm alive, I'll be with you -

Soul and blood are inseparable, -

While alive, withI will be you -

Love and death are always together.

You will carry with you everywhere -

You will carry with you, my love, -

You take it everywhere with you

Homeland, sweet home…

…Don't part with your loved ones!

Don't part with your loved ones!

Don't part with your loved ones!

Grow into them with all your blood, -

And every time forever goodbye!

And every time forever goodbye!

And every time forever goodbye!

When you leave for a moment!

The verse "Do not part with your loved ones" was passed from mouth to mouth even before it hit the press. The history of its creation is another miracle, confirming the triumph of the power of love over circumstances. Alexander Kochetkov was supposed to travel by train "Sochi - Moscow", but his wife, who was seeing him off, as if anticipating something, in the last minutes before the train left, persuaded him to return the ticket and postpone the trip for three days. It so happened that the train was wrecked and the passengers died. Upon learning of this fateful incident, the poet wrote a fateful poem, which became the anthem of all lovers and brought great popularity.

- I will pray for you, So as not to forget the path of the earth, I will pray for you, May you return unharmed.

On that day, on the platform of the station, the couple could not part in any way - a truly mystical coincidence that saved the life of the poet. The verse "Do not part with your loved ones" is a fateful work for A. Kochetkov.

The onewho loves and is loved

love for neighbor
love for neighbor

The work of the Irish writer Cecilia Ahern is the source of many burning phrases and quotes that can heal and support the human soul.

Loving someone who loves you back is a miracle in itself.

What a luxury it is to be able to hug your loved one at any moment.

Do you need Paris if you are being squeezed in an embrace?

If people are made for each other, they will definitely be together.

Quotes about a loved one, no matter who their author is, are always sincere, touching and heartfelt.

Someone shakes your nerves for a very long time, brings you to tears, checks whether you are worthy of him. And someone enters your life quietly, on tiptoe. Gradually filling it up. Heals wounds. Brings back a smile. And all this happens so simply and naturally that you don't even notice how you are already one.

The most exciting and most intimate topic on earth does not tolerate rudeness, vulgarity and banality. A loved one is the point of support that is so important to find in life for everyone.

I love her because there is nothing like her in the world, there is nothing better, there is no animal, no plant, no star, no person more beautiful. Alexander Kuprin.

Can love be blind if it carries such a range of feelings, colors and magical moments!

It's easy to go crazy in your hands, Losing land, thoughts and myself…

With you the impossible is possible

I'm going crazy with and without you…

Get crazy and in the same breath

Live a minute like a century.

You are the biggest test…

My gentle and beloved person. Galina Kondratieva

She will never be mine

quotes about love
quotes about love

Our life is arranged in such a way that human warmth has become the biggest deficit. Happy is he who is warmed by feelings.

F. Begbeder about love as a pattern of life:

Love is more beautiful when it is impossible, the most absolute love is not mutual. But what is called "lightning strike" exists, it happens every day, at every bus stop, between people who do not dare to talk to each other. Those who love the most will never love each other.

Not every love is destined to come true, not every feeling has the right to life. But if the beginning is laid, nothing depends on the person. The nature of love is inexplicable.

There is no turning back. From now on, I know that I can't be happy. Now, at any thought of you, my heart is ready to burn. No one can stop me now, not even myself.

The ability to love is a gift, even if that feeling is not destined to live a happy scenario.

In separation from loved ones grow old quickly

This is a quote from Michael Weller. This phrase contains the monstrous truth of life in anticipation of love. A person can wait all his life - such is his nature. To do this, he must be sure that he is not waiting in vain.

quotes about loved ones
quotes about loved ones

Not everyone is lucky enough to live their days next to their loved one. Separation is always a test: for the strength of relationships, for loy alty, for the strength of feelings.

Perfect people don't exist, but there is always one perfect for you.

Quotes about parting with a loved one will never lose their relevance: as long as people love and their hearts beat, they will strive to be together.

Ray Bradbury "Division Problem":

- I think I'm beginning to understand where the crack has gone between us. Your favorite books are nonsense to me. Mine are junk for you. Trash. Why didn't we notice this ten years ago?

- There's a lot we don't notice until… - he stammered, - … while we love.

R. Bradbury's works are surprisingly simple, understandable and cozy. They have so much warmth and tenderness that would be enough for the entire world literature. Quotes about a loved one by such authors become invaluable at the right time when they hit the very heart and find a response in it.

Ushanev Daniil is the author of a wonderful poem, which is well known to those who are familiar with a forbidden feeling that is not destined to come true:

Everything is very difficult for people, It seemed, why be surprised -

She does not live with him, and he does not live with her, But at night they dream of each other.

Short quotes about a loved one

quotes about loved ones
quotes about loved ones

English writer and philosopher Iris Murdoch very accurately describes the state of being in love:

She has becomethe atmosphere in which I breathed and existed.

Her quotes about loving people are full of goodness, light and feminine wisdom:

Love is when the center of the universe suddenly shifts and moves into someone else.

Erich Maria Remarque:

When you find your own, you don't even want to look at another.

How vital it is for every person to meet someone who will become his meaning of life.

Your person is not the one who is “well with you” - a hundred people can be well with you. Your “without you is bad.”

The happiness of each person is his own story, but in essence it all comes down to one thing:

Does a person need a lot to be happy? A lot of. A whole other person

Mikhail Bulgakov in the novel "The Master and Margarita" expressed, at first glance, a simple idea, but it is deeper than the oceans. It is the essence of love, seasoned with doom and inevitability.

He who loves must share the fate of the one he loves.

An extraordinary expression so characteristic of a person when he is absorbed in love:

Some words of your favorite people make you want to kiss right into the letters.

Originality always keeps pace with loving nature, it is not for nothing that our literature is so rich in brilliant works that glorify love.

He who loves with all his might feels free!

Love is freedom, otherwise it is not love.

Love is the hardest craft

quotes about love
quotes about love

Once Vladimir Vysotsky was asked what he would give a loved one if he were omnipotent. The poet replied that he would give another life.

The words of a man of genius who made the words "live", "breathe" and "love" synonymous, become more valuable every day, like fine wine. It is impossible to say something better and stronger. This is what talent is all about: turning feelings into words, removing everything unnecessary.

His own gem phrases:

Beautiful people are loved more often and more diligently.

Merry people are loved less, but faster.

And the silent ones are loved, only less often, But if they love, then stronger.

If they turn away, it means they didn't love enough.

Love you now, not secretly - for show, - Not "after" and not "before" I burn in your rays.

Sobbing or laughing, but I love now

In the past I don't want to, but in the future I don't know.

To love the way the poet Vysotsky loves, as the lyrical hero of his poems and songs, may not be given to everyone. But to be imbued with his soul, to look into the very heart of the poet, is available to everyone: for this he wrote.

Wise quotes by E. M. Remarque can answer any question that concerns human relationships and feelings. If “remark studies” appeared in schools, people could learn the subtleties of love, trust, honor and dignity. And the percentage of happy people could be much higher.

The first person you think of in the morning and the last person you think ofat night it is either the reason for your happiness or the reason for your pain.

His artistic "advice" is very applicable to real life. The master of words teaches you to distinguish true feelings from your own fantasies. His books are a guide to human feelings and sins. Remarque teaches you to trust yourself, your own heart.

If someone's soul reaches out, don't resist. She is the only one who knows exactly what we need.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez feels human pain very subtly, like any brilliant writer - he is an expert in the field of human souls.

Perhaps in this world you are just a person, but for someone you are the whole world!

At a certain point in life, when it becomes unbearable from the lack of something very important, a person needs a word. This is the simplest, most affordable medicine. A word can change a day, a world, a mood, and even a lifetime.

Leo Tolstoy noted an important pattern:

Every talk about love destroys love.

The formula is simple: think less, love more. The classic is undoubtedly right: people need to think less and live more. Let's follow his advice: time-tested wisdom is stronger than any truth.