Quotes about "missing" - balm for a lonely soul

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Quotes about "missing" - balm for a lonely soul
Quotes about "missing" - balm for a lonely soul

Video: Quotes about "missing" - balm for a lonely soul

Video: Quotes about "missing" - balm for a lonely soul
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There are times in life when quotes about "I miss you" become support and medicine. A person is so arranged that he inevitably becomes attached to another person. And if the two halves are separated for some reason, then the chronic aching feeling of longing does not leave for a minute.

Being bored is also an art

miss your loved one
miss your loved one

Rinat Valiullin, poet, writer, artist, gave a wonderful definition of this state:

Nothing makes people love like a breakup.

The same piercing minor note can be found in Akh Astakhova's poem, which is very strong in love themes:

They tell me I'm on my way

Many wonderful roads - I am silent.

I'm very bored to go without you, I don't want to go without you.


Whom you let into your soul once, you just can't drive it away. His empty chair will remain there forever. D. Emets

Victor Hugo has a good quote in Les Misérables:

If possibleimagine something worse than hell, where they suffer, then this is hell, where they get bored.

Strong words, probably, the classics of literature managed to voice what lives in the soul of every person before anyone else. Therefore, it is more difficult for modern masters of the word not to repeat themselves, not to become banal.

I miss you
I miss you

Modern women's poetry is as strong and eloquent as its predecessors. An example of this is Vera Polozkova. Quotes about missing a person in her poems are very strong, vital and painfully hurting.

I just don't blurt out a joke -

keep silent, not telling anyone how creepy

and it's funny to miss you.

Or Milena Wright - her style, sharp, concise, backhanded:

And I don't know how to express that power

that brings fingers together, pours sand into the eyes -

say "I can't stand it without you" -

do not say anything.

Such words sound very piercing, strong and painful - a wonderful quote about I miss you. However, like the following one:

Does a person feel

why are they crying because of him?

Does it feel

how do they pray for him?

Maybe he hears

how is he remembered?

What's his name

is displayed on the wrists? A. Frolova

Crystal Margo has a wonderful quote:

Winter bandaged human dislocations with snow.

Now nobody cares about stupid dates.

I let you go a little with every breath, but with every breathI take it back.

The author of these words knows very well that there are people who "do not let go"…

It's easy for us to write

virtual: "missing…", kiss emoji, read between the lines…

And I would like - just, over a cup of tea, so that the eyes - in the eyes, sit in the evening … Nika Verbinskaya

Very strong quotes from Slavyanochka's poem: a heartbreaking limit when a simple "miss" borders on an unbearable "longing":

I'll throw myself on the bed one day, scare family, whining into pillows:

No more promises, that the day after tomorrow will be better…

A week, a month, a year will pass, and the pain won't subside… by girdling it.

She tears my heart to shreds, like a wild animal raw meat…"

…The rainbow has closed in a loop - what a whim to strive for paradise! You can’t love, but I love … You can’t be bored, but I miss you …

Quotes about "missing" without authorship

I miss you very much
I miss you very much

It is not always possible to find the author of some expressions or quotes, this does not make them dimmer. They gain freedom because they pass from mouth to mouth, and this is a very serious reward for the master of the word. It is possible that the phrase written by a modest novice blogger has spread around half the world and has become a crown for thousands, if not millions. And someone's snippets of poetry adorn statuses and pages on social networks. This is a special genre of Internet art.

I burned poems, cities and some partsplanets, Where once your foot accidentally stepped.

Why is there no cure for people in this world?

Maybe people would be happy then?

Women feel everything many times more sharply than men, their natural emotionality is the key to the brightest phrases about love and relationships. There are quotes about "missing" that seem to have been torn from your lips - this is a 100% coincidence with art, it looks like a miracle:

If you ask about my wish

and what I would like most, I would burn all distances to hell

and his hands would warm and warm.

Sadness is not always light, because it happens that a person is bored, realizing that everything is in the past.

The past must remain the past… Don't go back to it, and if your heart is in the past, then move on without it.

The state of longing for a loved one is very fruitful if directed in the right direction. Poems or songs that were smashed into quotes were also born in agony, and not only creative, but also emotional.

It's getting dark, the shadow hugs the walls, the moonlight scratches the chimney.

I can write on any topic - it will still turn out about you.

I'm slowly but surely blowing my mind;

Crazies have an aggravation - spring.

I think I can hear him breathing

Hundreds of miles away from me.

Light sadness or hopeless longing?

miss your loved one
miss your loved one

Any emotion experienced by the human heart, orheals him, or hurts the soul even more. There is always a choice: destroy yourself with your own thoughts or find beauty in loneliness and get bored easily, without anguish…

If the power of longing for a person shortened the distance to him, now there would be only a step between us.

The ability to thank life even for sadness and parting is the lot of strong people.

I was asked if I miss you. I didn't answer, just closed my eyes, smiled and walked away, and then whispered "crazy".

Keeping yourself in control when you want to scream to the whole world about your feelings is the limit of human capabilities.

You have to have great strength not to do what you want.

Don't say what's on your tongue, and don't run to whoever you want to…

Beautiful, strong, sensible, touching, tender quotes about I miss my beloved are especially valuable in a difficult moment when a loved one is not around.

I love your scent. And I miss you.

Every evening the memory is choking.

Your eyes are ripe despair.

Come in shod.

You can go straight to the soul.

Each person has his own destiny: someone spends half his life waiting for a meeting with a loved one, and someone does not appreciate the closeness of a loved one…

The scariest thing about distance is

what you don't know if you are missed or forgotten…

Life should be accepted as it is, thankful and enjoy every day. Treat everything philosophically, without pessimism, wisely. AND,you may never have to know what "bored" is.