Quotes about heart and soul
Quotes about heart and soul

Video: Quotes about heart and soul

Video: Quotes about heart and soul
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When taking a decisive step in life, listen to the voice of your heart. Only it is never wrong. Quotes about the heart of great philosophers and writers remind us of this time after time. Immerse yourself in a waterfall of inspiration and positivity emanating from the depth and meaning of each word.

Quotes about the heart on the pages of literature and philosophy

Quotes about soul and heart
Quotes about soul and heart

The question of whether to listen to the voice of reason or heart has always disturbed a person. Endless disputes between us and within us arise from time to time when we have to make important decisions, taking the next step in life. The voice of reason, it would seem, always guides the true path and prophesies a happy ending. However, there is wisdom over which years and centuries have no power - the wisdom of the heart. The wisdom of great people, quotes about the heart, which adorn the pages of literature and philosophy, have always been admirable:

Before a great mind I bow my head, before a great heart I kneel.

V. Hugo's bright words make it possible to understand and determine the main thing when you are faced with a serious choice. When each ofwe are chosen by what he wants to achieve, no matter what. Quotes about the heart of Erich Maria Remarque - a little philosophy of our life:

Take nothing personally.

The expression that seemed to sound from every mouth is relevant for centuries:

A little is important for a long time.

And this is proven by everyone's life experience:

The human heart can endure and survive a lot. It looks like it is broken, but in fact the soul suffers.

Heart and soul are a reflection of the inner essence of a person

Heart and soul are a reflection of a person
Heart and soul are a reflection of a person

The inner world of a person is very quivering and vulnerable. It reflects its inner essence. Quotes about soul and heart are direct proof of this. How can a soul be resurrected? Yes, even with a glance! Sometimes a few right words can cure all doubts and anxieties. The heart is the source of life and light of human existence. This is a magical reservoir that gives us not only the ability to breathe, but also the ability to have fun, rejoice, and be sad. A vivid confirmation of this is the quotes about the human heart from Living Ethics, where it is said that the symbol of the overwhelming is the human heart and all life grows on this symbol.

Raise your heart to heaven

is a person's ability to love. No one will ever give an exact definition of this feeling. For everyone, love is his world, his inner state, the harmony of the soul, inherent only to him. Every loving person will be able to talk about love in their own way. Feeling about itquotes about the heart and love of the great, who managed to sing a bright feeling in their work.

To win a person's heart, the shortest way is the way of love.

So said G. Fethullah. Truly true words. What else can be added? Only that this path can be not only the shortest, but also the longest.

The heart remembers moments of love

The heart remembers moments of love
The heart remembers moments of love

The height of feelings in direct proportion to the depth of thoughts is the state of mind of a person in love.

V. Hugo's thought about this deeply reveals the essence of human feeling. It is no secret that the heart brightens the human soul. Having opened the window of the soul, a person imagines himself radiant, lives with a dream and loves. Throughout life, a person learns and reflects. An extraordinary feeling of joy covers his heart from the knowledge of great and bright love. Feelings that can raise, elevate even those who have lost hope in everything. Unforgettable moments of love leave an indelible impression in the soul. The heart always remembers such moments. Regardless of distance, time and space. Everything that gave us happiness leaves its mark on the heart forever.

Heart is the source of light

Heart source of light
Heart source of light

Memory ruthlessly erases yesterday's events of our life, and the human heart remembers moments of happiness more and more clearly over time. They want to experience it again. All the artists of the world, who wrote about love with a pen, ex alted the beauty of the thoughts of a person who has light in his heart. This light gives birth to joy, a dream, inspires with lightfire. This light is the light of knowledge. Quotes about the heart from the statements of V. Nikitin personify the heart as a messenger that rallied people for good deeds. In the Transformation of the Earth, fire is recognized in deeds when there is a source of light in the heart:

…when we go with the Lord. And each of us is a milky wayfarer. But only those who are brave and enduring will hear the cherished call - the call of the heart.

Art in a Nutshell

The source of light and goodness is inexhaustible in the work of artists and philosophers, masters of their craft. Magnetic expressions about the heart as a source of knowledge and firmness of spirit impress with their power. Reading such expressions, we clearly understand the whole depth of thought of the artist of the pen. There is no person in the world who has not thought about the topic:

A thought placed on the heart materializes.

On the verge of art is always a catch phrase:

Courage for achievement awakens in the heart.

The catchphrase that has flown around the world and heard at least once, not only remains forever in our minds, but also encourages eternal victory, is an incentive to continue on the path, make the right choice and boldly dispose of it. Short quotes about the heart are especially realistic - subtle art in a few words. They are characterized by effortless reflection and clarity.

The heart is the beauty of thoughts.

Global theme. revealed in a nutshell. It would seem that there is nothing more to say, and so much has been said. The beauty of thought… They talk a lot about it… The heart is the beauty of thoughts. The thought of the heart is the subtlest energy. These short linessuperior to each other, it is difficult to overestimate. Based on this, one should always remember the greatness, strength and perfection of the human heart, its true beauty.

The heart is life's guide

Girl, lantern, path
Girl, lantern, path

It is necessary to be kinder to ourselves and others, to carry the true light in ourselves, personifying our inner world. It must be remembered that everything that is high and holy in this life should be in our heart. The heart is our life light and guide. The main thing is not to lose this light, walking along life's steep roads, and in any situation to remain human.

Our heart will always show you the right path. Mistakes are costly to people. Sometimes, doing this or that act, we feel heaviness and anxiety. As if we know in advance that the result will be disappointing. A moment's hesitation, we still do it our own way. And only then, after a while, having realized the mistake, we scold ourselves for not listening to our heart.

And sometimes the soul is light and joyful! And a seemingly big problem seems insignificant to us. Then boldly take a step forward. Behind him is the second. And you pass through the veil of uncertainty firmly and boldly. This is the call of the heart. And our right decision.