Masha Lukashkina: poetry and prose

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Masha Lukashkina: poetry and prose
Masha Lukashkina: poetry and prose

Video: Masha Lukashkina: poetry and prose

Video: Masha Lukashkina: poetry and prose
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If you are looking for good literature for a child, it's time to get acquainted with the poems of Masha Lukashkina. Very high-quality poetry, which, you see, is especially relevant in our time. And everything that concerns little children's minds and ears should be exclusively of the highest grade. Every parent would agree with this statement.

children and books
children and books

Biography of Masha Lukashkina

Maria Lukashkina is a modern poet, prose writer and translator. She has been writing and publishing for almost thirty years. As a child, little Masha loved to read, and was enrolled in three libraries at once. As a child, she got acquainted with the works of the best Russian and foreign writers for children. Perhaps that is why her poems are so bright, interesting and entertaining. They carry the whole palette of the world of childhood: kindness, curiosity, joy and serenity. Being an adult and remaining a child in your soul is a most valuable gift, perhaps he played a decisive role in the formation of a poetess. By the way, Maria Lukashkina studied mathematics and did not plan to become a poetess. However, her poetica gift so strong and so pure, it couldn't help but show itself.

Literary name - Masha Lukashkina - this is exactly what is indicated on the collections of the poetess. This indicates the closeness of the poetess herself to the children's audience. Since the early 1990s, Masha Lukashkina's poems and stories have appeared in print. Now on sale there are her collections of poems, short stories and fairy tales "Rose Glasses", "Tea with Bergamot", "Good and Bad: Novels and Stories", "Learning to Count", "My Favorite ABC" and many others.

Dive into the world of childhood?

the world of childhood
the world of childhood

Masha Lukashkina's poems are a literary sample that you can safely read and learn with your children. In his creations, the author often speaks on behalf of a child, one can feel the look of an adult in symbiosis with the thinking of a small person. Perhaps only Agniya Barto and Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak perceived the world so brightly and childishly.

A distinctive feature of the poetic language of Masha Lukashkina can be considered unexpected transitions in her poems from even, harmonious rhymes to prosaic statements that are inappropriate in size and the reader’s expectation … This is so typical of children, this is a game of poetry, this is the knowledge of the world by a child when the language is tried, experiment with it, coming to unexpected results. Here is an excerpt from the poem "Shipwreck":

We were heading south, The ice floes were melting around, And suddenly on the horizon

Shown… mom!

In the poems of the poetess, in the semantic component, there are not entirely clearmoments for a small child, but close to an older reading audience, for example, subtle humor, grotesque. This is not a minus, but rather a plus: reading modern primitive and sometimes meaningless children's poems for an adult with good aesthetic taste can be unpleasant and even difficult. It's no secret that children ask to re-read the books they like over and over again, this is a feature of age. That is why the collection of poems by Masha Lukashkina can become a lifesaver.


This fact has long been known:

Wolf is sometimes honest.

They began to say to the wolf:

- How dare you do this

So many bad things?!

-The wolf replied: - I wanted to eat.

The poem "Antelope", "Wolf and Frog", "Iguanas", "Giant", "Watermelon" is an example of how great it is, as an adult, to plunge into the world of a child and look at everything through his eyes. Wonderful language, syllable, humor and wit are combined with a childish spontaneity.

So delicious "Tea with bergamot"

In the collection of poems by Masha Lukashkina "Tea with Bergamot" all poems are imbued with sincerity, bright joy, curiosity, childish "expertise" and "omniscience". Such poetry brings us back to that serene time when we read poetry, standing on a chair, when no one was worse than a wolf, and grandparents were cheerful and energetic, despite their age.

collection "Tea with bergamot"
collection "Tea with bergamot"

Very touching poem"Present to grandmothers", where the problem of choosing a gift for grandmothers is solved in a purely childish way. In the author's opinion, these are hoops, skipping ropes, dolls, soldiers, popsicles on a stick and even a telescope "with a view of the moon":

To your grandmothers

The gifts were seen, What grandmothers would say:

- How did you guess! -

What grandmothers would say:

- Here is a holiday -


To be so happy

Being younger.

This poem echoes another, no less valuable in educational and spiritual terms - "Grandma has no grandmother." Surprisingly simple and such valuable conclusions of the child sound in this poem:

Grandma doesn't have a grandmother, So no one

Won't sing "okay" to her, Won't shake off coat.

No one on the children's slide

Getting up won't help, No one will take a finger, When you can't sleep.

No one will take you to the museum, No one will say: Honey, You need to dress warmly…”.

Grandma doesn't have a grandmother.

Author of wonderful poems, stories and fairy tales

Maria Lukashkina has many prose works no less valuable than poetry. In them, the author reflects on good and evil, and quite categorically. After all, children do not have halftones: either bad or good - that's the only way! Be sure to introduce your child to the collection of stories by Masha Lukashkina "Good and Bad".


Suchworks form a positive correct outlook on life, on people, teach tolerance, justice, respect for nature. It is important for the younger generation to learn respect for elders, care for animals, mutual assistance, friendship. A good book can change a person's world, let's change it for the better!