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Screening novels. TOP 10

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Video: Screening novels. TOP 10
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Any film adaptation of novels is dangerous because it risks being worse than the book, remaining misunderstood by the audience. But there are directors who have done a wonderful job, even though they recreated the novels of women writers on the screen.

Screen adaptation of Austen's novels: "Pride and Prejudice"

The English writer Jane Austen does not have many works. But they have consistently attracted the attention of directors from all over the world for hundreds of years. This is especially true for the work "Pride and Prejudice".

film adaptations of novels
film adaptations of novels

The adaptation of Jane Austen novels is not an easy task. There are many psychological and emotional moments in her works and very little actual action. The closest and most understandable adaptation of the work "Pride and Prejudice" to the modern viewer is Joe Wright's film with the participation of Keira Knightley.

The plot is based on the mores of the late 19th century. and a complex system of relationships between nobles. The main characters (Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy) first meet at the ball. And although Fitzwilliam liked the girl, he behaves with restraint, since Lizzie belongs to a poor family. Lizzie responds to her new acquaintance with contempt, because she considers him too stiff. Young people throughout the film cannot find a common language because of their prejudices. But in the end, everything ends with the wedding of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.

Joe Wright's film was repeatedly nominated for Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA, but received only the last award for a successful directorial debut.

Screening of Ustinova's novels: "Always say always"

Tatiana Ustinova started her writing career in 2000. from detective stories and melodramatic works. The adaptation of Ustinova's novels is the lot of television people. Repeatedly, various TV channels released series based on the works of the writer: we are talking about the films “Goddess of Prime Time”, “Divorce and Maiden Name”, “Vices and Their Admirers”, “Seventh Heaven”, etc.

adaptation of romance novels
adaptation of romance novels

But perhaps the most famous film adaptation of the novels of "Tatyana Ustinova" is the television project "Always Say Always" with the participation of Maria Poroshina. A total of 9 seasons of the film were released.

The main character of the whole story is Olga Gromova, who suddenly loses her usual and understandable life: her husband dies, two children and a lot of problems remain in her arms. But a woman pulls herself together, remains steadfast, for which she receives a reward in the form of a new, more successful life.

Anne and Serge Golon: the story of the indomitable Angelica

Screenization of novels is beneficial for directors in that they initially get a well-thought-out andbuilt material. Sometimes not just one woman works on this material, but a whole married couple, as was the case with Anne and Serge Golon: together they created a long epic story about the beautiful Angelica. The last, 14th book about Angelica, was published in 2011 under the title "Angelica and the French Kingdom".

adaptation of Ustinova's novels
adaptation of Ustinova's novels

The best film adaptations of novels about a beautiful adventurer are the works of Bernard Borderie. In total, the director made five films based on novels. In these films, the viewer is amazed by everything: the beauty of the actors, the elegance of the scenery and entourage, the high cost of the costumes. However, Anne Golon herself admits in an interview that she did not like Borderie's paintings, because the director moved too far away from the original plot of the novel, and the leading lady could not convey the mind and quick wit of her charming heroine.

Margaret Mitchell and Gone with the Wind

The adaptation of Margaret Mitchell's romance novels, directed by Victor Fleming, has long been a cult classic. This is the unforgettable film "Gone with the Wind", which was released in 1939 and became the first full-length color picture in the world.

film adaptations of novels
film adaptations of novels

The main character of Mitchell's novels is Scarlett O'Hara. She is beautiful, capricious and adventurous. Scarlett is also very stubborn, so for many years she has been hunting for one single man - Ashley Wilkes. After going through a series of difficult trials, meeting a loving husband, giving birth and losing a child, Scarlett continueshope for a reunion with Ashley. Ultimately, the beauty loses everything, and the only person she truly loved (Rhett Butler) leaves her.

Fleming's Gone with the Wind earned 8 Oscars, which for a long time was considered an absolute record. And Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable turned into world celebrities who were known even in the Soviet Union.

Sylvia Nazar and A Beautiful Mind

Sylvia Nazar is an American writer who in 1998 wrote a book about the fate of economist John Forbes Nash. A little later, Hollywood director Ron Howard took this story into development.

adaptation of austen novels
adaptation of austen novels

For Ron, adaptations of novels are commonplace. He is the creator of two films based on the works of Dan Brown: we are talking about The Da Vinci Code, as well as Angels and Demons. In A Beautiful Mind, the director entrusted the main role to actor Russell Crowe.

The tragedy of John Nash (the main character) was that he was a brilliant mathematician and economist, but at the same time suffered from a serious mental disorder: the Nobel Prize winner constantly suffered from hallucinations that eventually destroyed his life.

For the adaptation of this dramatic story, Ron Howard's team received four Oscars at once, as well as many other prestigious awards.

Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights

Another writer who excites the minds of filmmakers with her works is Emily Brontë. Her novel titled "Wuthering Heights" is filmed with enviable frequency. There is a televisionthe 2009 version with Tom Hardy, as well as the 2011 film. However, the latest version is completely different from the book: an African American was invited to the role of Heathcliff, although according to the plot of the novel, the main character looks like a gypsy (apparently, the creators decided to return to speculating on racial discrimination).

Based on all this, the 1992 version, starring Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes, can be considered the most worthy. The story, once written by Bronte and then recreated on the screens by the actors, cannot but touch the audience: two lovers become hostages of their passion and the prejudices of society. Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending.

Agatha Christie and Murder on the Orient Express

The adaptation of romance novels is a project in demand. But much more intriguing are films based on talented detective stories.

Everyone knows the famous Agatha Christie. She created such cult heroes as Mrs. Marple and Hercule Poirot. Hollywood director Sidney Lumet in 1974 became seriously interested in the works of Christie, as a result of which he created the amazing detective film Murder on the Orient Express. This picture was nominated for six Oscars, but received only one gold statuette.

According to the plot, the brilliant Hercule Poirot was isolated from the whole world in one express train with 12 passengers, after the body of the thirteenth was discovered in the morning. An American was killed in cold blood, will the detective be able to unravel this case?

Daria Dontsova and the series "Dasha Vasilyeva"

Impossible notto mention another Russian writer whose novels become rich material for television projects. We are talking about Daria Dontsova, the famous author of ladies' detective stories.

adaptation of Jane Austen novels
adaptation of Jane Austen novels

The best film adaptation of Darya Dontsova's novels is the series "Dasha Vasilyeva" with the participation of Larisa Udovichenko. This project can be called the most successful due to the fact that a total of 52 episodes were released, while other television films based on the works of the writer were completed after 20-30 episodes.

The main character, according to the plot of the novel, suddenly receives a large inheritance. Therefore, Dasha Vasilyeva quits her teaching job at the university and, finally, gets the opportunity to do what she loves - private investigation. The series is dedicated to the adventures of an amateur investigator.

JK Rowling and the Harry Potter film series

Film adaptations of novels bring good income. But perhaps no project can compare with the box office collection of films about the boy wizard Harry.

best film adaptations of novels
best film adaptations of novels

By creating a new fantasy universe, Joan has become the richest female author in the history of the publishing industry.

The story of Ms. Rowling is like a fairy tale. She began writing the life-changing Potter book at age 30, after losing her husband, her job, and her own mother. Rowling lived for a long time on one social security benefit. She sent her work to all British publishers, but they refused to cooperate with her. respondedonly a small Bloomsbury company. Within five years of publishing the first Harry Potter book, Joan has become a multimillionaire.

The Harry Potter movies deserve to be in the Best Adaptation of Novels category, if only because they collectively make for a highly profitable film series that is second only to the Avengers franchise at the box office. It turns out that "Harry Potter" even surpassed "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Bondiana.

And Joan herself has now taken a male pseudonym and switched to the detective genre.