How to draw spring step by step?

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How to draw spring step by step?
How to draw spring step by step?

Video: How to draw spring step by step?

Video: How to draw spring step by step?
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Spring brings awakening into our lives. Everything around comes to life and is filled with the bright energy of the sun. How to draw spring with a pencil and paints will be discussed in this article.

Features of spring landscapes

Great masters of the past and present portrayed the spring as young, sunny and energetic. In their canvases, they used a variety of techniques and techniques. In the watercolor technique, painting with paints on wet paper looks especially natural and realistic, allowing you to convey smooth transitions of shades. To create their works, the artists preferred pencils, watercolors and oils. Consider the various ways to draw spring in more detail.

Draw spring with a pencil

For work, you can use any picture or photo. If you wish, you can go to nature by choosing a suitable place for drawing.

How to draw spring with a pencil:

  • At the initial stage of work, we will build a composition of a spring landscape on a sheet of paper using light pencil lines.
  • Let's draw a horizontal line above the middle of the sheet. Let's outline the central vertical axis of the location of the main object (bush, tree, house). Relativelywe will organically arrange neighboring parts on our working canvas.
  • Determine the direction of light, shadow and penumbra in the work.
  • For shading the light parts of the drawing, harder pencils are suitable, for dark ones - with a soft lead.
  • Do the work, starting with the less saturated in color areas of the landscape.
  • Glare from the sun on the trees and clouds is paper untouched by a pencil.
  • How to draw spring
    How to draw spring

Image of a spring landscape in watercolors

Watercolor can be used not only on white, but also on colored paper. But we must remember that paper in this type of painting plays the role of white paint.

How to draw spring step by step:

  • If you are in nature, then decide on the choice of location. Look out for picturesque trees and a beautiful gentle sky background.
  • The horizon line should not be clearly in the middle of the sheet.
  • Mark the contours of the composition with barely noticeable pencil lines.
  • Do not forget that we are working with a gradual transition from light to dark tones.
  • Dilute the blue paint heavily with water, cover the desired areas of the sky background with it.
  • Choose colors and shades for the trees. Apply paint to the area of the bushes with a light fill using a brush. Let dry slightly and give volume to trunks and branches by applying different tones of brown.
  • Distant objects need to be depicted more vaguely, close objects - more clear and solid.
  • Mark young leaves on the branches in green. By mixing green andyellow most often turns bright green. Therefore, it should be made more calm and balanced with the help of sepia or ocher (very small droplets are added).
  • Paint the melted snow with a slightly bluish tint. With a dark brown tint of paint, mark the thaw patches visible from under the snow.
  • Finish rare blades of grass (if any) under the bushes.
  • How to draw spring step by step
    How to draw spring step by step

We move smoothly from one tone to another, creating a single and complete picture.

How to paint spring in oils

Oil paints are thick and rich. But precisely because of these properties, skillful painters at all times created outstanding works of art. Oil painting requires certain skills and experience.

How to paint spring with oil paints:

  • The landscape is done on canvas or special cardboard.
  • Canvas is coated with a special primer. All work will depend on the quality of the soil. You can't write on bare canvas because oil paint will corrode it.
  • The brushes used in painting are quite hard. There should be a lot of brushes, because they are not washed in the process.
  • A palette is used to create the desired colors.
  • The presence of a palette knife is required. It is a steel or horn knife used to clean the palette, mix paints and remove excess layers from the canvas.
  • White paint is essential in oil painting.
  • How to draw spring with a pencil
    How to draw spring with a pencil

Spring always inspires a person to be creative, helping to portray the freshness of renewal and the novelty of nascent nature. To understand how to draw spring, you need to learn how to observe nature and not be afraid to experiment.