Drama theater in Nizhnevartovsk: address, repertoire, reviews
Drama theater in Nizhnevartovsk: address, repertoire, reviews

Video: Drama theater in Nizhnevartovsk: address, repertoire, reviews

Video: Drama theater in Nizhnevartovsk: address, repertoire, reviews
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Nizhnevartovsk is a small district center in Western Siberia, considered one of the safest and we althiest cities in the Russian Federation.

What is the cultural life of the city? Does it have a theater or any other entertainment? This will be discussed in this article. However, first, let's take a closer look at the city itself and its life.

Administrative center of Ugra

Yugra is the Autonomous Okrug of Khanty-Mansiysk, considered a self-sufficient donor region of Russia, the main oil production and processing region of the entire state.

Nizhnevartovsk is one of the most prosperous cities in Ugra. Located on the banks of the Ob, it was originally formed as a small port village. Since the beginning of the 1960s, in the process of developing underground resources, a small settlement has turned into a large industrial city.

Barracks, a bathhouse, a kindergarten, a food warehouse, and a school were built. Later, a club, a television center, a museum, and a House of Technology were built to ensure full-fledged leisure for the population. A little later, a drama theater appeared in the city. Nizhnevartovsk tois still proud of its cultural acquisition. It is about him that we will discuss in our article.

drama theater nizhnevartovsk
drama theater nizhnevartovsk

You will get acquainted with the history of the Nizhnevartovsk Drama Theater, its creative team and management, as well as modern repertoire.

A little about the past

In 1985, a talented leader and just a gifted person Naumova Natalya Ivanovna created a theater studio with an unusual name "The Birdhouse". The stage workshop became in demand and loved by the inhabitants of the city, but it operated on an amateur level and on a non-permanent basis.

drama theater nizhnevartovsk history
drama theater nizhnevartovsk history

Only ten years later, the studio's repertoire finally took shape and a stable theater troupe appeared. Thanks to this, the Birdhouse moved to a new level - it was awarded the honorary title of the city drama theater in Nizhnevartovsk, the artistic director of which was the talented and indispensable inspirer of the project - Natalia Naumova. Igor Aleksandrovich Kramer became the director of the new theater, and he still holds this post.


Igor Aleksandrovich was born in 1963 in Nizhnevartovsk. The city's drama theater became a second home for him, a second destiny. However, the activity of this talented enterprising person is not limited to only one art.

Kreimer is a famous wushu master, now he works as a coach and teacher of this sport. As you can see, in the biography of this gifted and multifaceted person,so different and dissimilar incarnations. But this is not surprising. As the saying goes: "A he althy mind in a he althy body." Thanks to his sports career, willpower and organization, Igor Alexandrovich was able to put an inexperienced studio for youth "Skvorechnik" into a modern drama theater in Nizhnevartovsk, which is in great demand not only among the local population, but also among the regional audience.


How to get to the Drama Theater in Nizhnevartovsk? Initially, the theater occupied the first floor of a residential building located along Druzhby Narodov Street.

However, twenty-six years after its founding, the creative team moved. The current address of the Drama Theater in Nizhnevartovsk is 1, Sportivnaya Street.

Description of the building

The Drama Theater in Nizhnevartovsk is located in a building that is amazing in its architectural style. The facade of the building, decorated in gentle colors, looks cheerful and modern. But nevertheless, some classical subtleties have been introduced into the architectural ensemble: these are numerous columns, various arches, and figured windows. From the outside, the building looks elegant and festive.

The same atmosphere reigns inside the Nizhnevartovsk Drama Theatre, the photo of which is presented in this article. Crossing the threshold, you immediately find yourself in a fairy tale - a fairy tale created by art.

Walk through the theater halls

In the spacious hall you are greeted by a folding poster, which presents the repertoiredrama theater in Nizhnevartovsk, as well as some news of the creative team and other useful information.

Behind the theatrical announcements are the box office, then the cloakroom. To approach him, you should show the ticket to the administrator. So take care of it in advance.

Leaving things in the wardrobe, you can visit the exhibition hall, combined with a small cafe. There are tables set up and goodies for sale. And on the walls there is an exhibition of paintings by local artists. The collection is constantly changing and expanding, so you can visit the showroom every time you come to a show.

On the opposite side of this room is a special room that introduces visitors to the theater team. Black-and-white photographs of the theater team are placed on the wall in a chaotic, creative mess.

Then you find yourself in the Great Hall, made in the form of an amphitheater, where performances and productions are most often staged. The room is designed for an audience of 154 people. The Drama Theater also has a Small Hall for fifty spectators.

drama theater nizhnevartovsk reviews
drama theater nizhnevartovsk reviews

A little about performances

The repertoire of the drama theater does not adhere to any particular direction, which is very good. Since the tastes of the locals are different, but you want to please everyone.

The artists play talentedly in both modern and classical productions, regardless of whether they are written by foreign or domestic authors.

The management does not forget about the younger generation - on weekends they stageperformances for children. There are master classes for children, numerous musical evenings, exhibitions of works by talented artists.

city drama theater nizhnevartovsk
city drama theater nizhnevartovsk

The creative team does not sit still, constantly evolving, taking part in domestic and foreign festivals. In the process of exchanging experience, the Nizhnevartovsk troupe hosts Russian and European groups on its stage, successfully tours, and performs on the stages of other theaters.

Performances for the little ones

What can you see on the stage of the Nizhnevartovsk Drama Theater now? The repertoire is rich and varied.

If you are wondering what kind of performance to go to with the kids, then today the theater offers several interesting productions. First of all, it's "Little Red Riding Hood" based on the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm and has been on the stage since 2014, as well as "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", the familiar story of Andersen, which has been loved by local residents since 2015.

drama theater nizhnevartovsk address
drama theater nizhnevartovsk address

The duration of each performance is one hour (without a break). The action begins with a five-minute meeting of the children with the theatrical lady Emma, who will tell them about the theater and the rules of conduct during the performance in an accessible language for young viewers.

Performances for schoolchildren

For older children (6 years of age and older), the Drama Theater offers performances such as "Music Shop" (an interactive fairy tale game that tells about two crickets frommusic store) and Aladdin's Magic Lamp, which tells about the incredible adventures of a mischievous boy in an eastern country.

The duration of the first performance is an hour and a half, the second is only an hour.

Repertoire for teenagers

With respect to productions for children from twelve years old, not only their age and social capabilities, but also the school curriculum are taken into account. For example, children will be interested in watching "The Snowstorm" by Alexander Pushkin and "Tomorrow Was the War" by Boris Vasiliev, the names of which speak for themselves.

drama theater nizhnevartovsk photo
drama theater nizhnevartovsk photo

The philosophical comedy "3 Penguins, 2 Tickets and 1 Ark" can also be interesting for teenagers, introducing viewers not only to the biblical story, but also to such eternal concepts as friendship, fidelity and love.

Performances for youth

Limited to the age of sixteen, these productions are very varied and exciting. These are the classic "A Month in the Country" based on the play by I. S. Turgenev and "Italian Wiring" (based on Moliere's play "The Tricks of Scapin").

Modern performances are also staged here. "Until the Last Man" is a production-parable by a Russian author about the fate of Russian men who become drunkards and strive for something good and eternal.

"CREEPS (Weaklings)" is another gift of modern drama that tells the story of one casting for the role of the host of the youth program. Three contenders will compete for the right to become the face of a fashion show. The finale of the performance will be shocking and memorable.

Adult repertoire

In this section, it is worth noting "I want to go to Paris" (about the passionate dream of an ordinary pensioner to see the French capital), "Twelfth Night" (telling about a beautiful country where love and entertainment reign), "Sylvia" (a story with a subtle humor, telling about family relationships that were almost destroyed by an ordinary dog).

drama theater nizhnevartovsk how to get there
drama theater nizhnevartovsk how to get there

As you can see, the repertoire of the Drama Theater is interesting and quite diverse. The performances differ from each other not only in theme and genre, but also in the duration and number of actors involved. Yes, here you can definitely choose a production to your taste and preference.

Reviews of the Drama Theater in Nizhnevartovsk

Most often, the drama theater team receives positive feedback from the audience, sometimes even enthusiastic. Many note that the troupe is young, perhaps not yet experienced enough, but the constant work and efforts of the actors are visible, they convey the feelings and emotions of their characters well, embodying various images on stage.

Most visitors also note that the performances are quite affordable and varied in theme and style. A big plus is that you can go to the theater with the whole family.

People also note the presence of modern equipment, beautiful interior, family atmosphere of the theater.

So welcome to this cozy and talented corner of the theatrical culture of Nizhnevartovsk!