The wisest parables about life
The wisest parables about life

Video: The wisest parables about life

Video: The wisest parables about life
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A parable is a story that in a different form contains some moral teachings, teachings (for example, the wisest parables of the Gospel or Solomon), some wise thoughts (parables). Officially, it is a small genre of didactic fiction. Many identify the wisest parables with fables. This article reveals the concept of "parable". In addition, wise short parables are given.

What is a parable?

A parable is not so much a story as an instructive story. Many wise thoughts and parables have been passed down through the ages from generation to generation. And this is not accidental: each such story has a deep meaning. There are different parables: for example, wise parables about the meaning of life. Thanks to them, people learn the secrets of life, gain access to the awareness of world laws. Moreover, the uniqueness of parables lies in the fact that they do not "load" the reader's consciousness, but very easily and unobtrusively convey to a person something valuable, a hidden truth.

Wise quotes, parables of Abul Faraj

The famous Abul Faraj said that a parable is "a story that refreshes the mind and removes pain and sadness from the heart." MyselfAbul Faraja recounted the wisest parables from around the world.

wisest parables
wisest parables

Paternal Insight

Remembering wise parables about life, it is impossible not to tell such a story. One day the doorbell rang and the man went to open it. His daughter stood on the threshold with her eyes full of tears, entering the house, she spoke first: “I can’t live like this anymore, it’s getting harder and harder. As if every day I climb a huge mountain, and in the morning I start the procession again from the very foot. Father, what will happen next, how can I not give up?.

He didn't answer, he just walked over to the stove and placed on it three saucepans filled with pure spring water, putting a carrot, a chicken egg into each in turn, and pouring coffee powder into the last one. After 10 minutes, he poured coffee into the girl's bowl, and put carrots and an egg on a saucer. As soon as she brought a cup of aromatic drink to her face, the man asked her a question:

- My daughter, what has changed in these items?

- Fresh carrots have been boiled and become softer. The coffee has completely dissolved. The egg is hard boiled.

- You appreciated only the paramount, but let's look at it from the other side. A strong and hard root crop became supple and softened. As for the egg, outwardly it retained its face, like the carrot, but its internal liquid medium became much harder and more collected. Coffee immediately began to dissolve, once in hot water, saturating it with its taste and aroma, which you are now enjoying. This is exactly what can happen in the life of each of us. Strong people under the yoke of gravity will weaken, and fragileand offended ones will rise to their feet and will no longer lower their hands.

- And what about coffee, what does its reincarnation teach us? - the daughter asked with timid interest. - These are the brightest representatives of worldly life, having accepted circumstances that are difficult at first glance, they will become akin to what is happening, while giving each problem a piece of their taste and aroma. These are special people who, overcoming every step of their lives, draw something new, giving the world the beauty of their soul.

wise short stories
wise short stories

Proverbs and wise sayings. The Parable of the Rose

A mighty wind walked around the world and did not know worldly feelings and desires. But one sunny and gentle summer day, he met a red rose, which, with its light breeze, looked even more beautiful. Beautiful petals responded to light breaths with a sweet delicate aroma and flowering. It seemed to the wind that he did not sufficiently express his devotion to the fragile plant, then he blew with all his might, forgetting about the tenderness that the flower needed. Unable to withstand such a hard and violent pressure, the slender and living stem broke. The mighty wind tried to resurrect his love and restore the former flowering, but it was too late. The impulses subsided, the former tenderness and softness returned, which enveloped the dying body of a young rose, she was losing her life faster and faster.

The wind howled then: "I gave you all my strength, great love! How could you break so easily?! It turns out that the strength of your love was not enough to stay with me forever."

Rose only with the same aroma saw off her lastseconds, answering impassioned speeches with silence.

wise parable quotes
wise parable quotes

Don't shed tears in vain

Once an old but very wise lecturer, reading another scientific work, suddenly stopped. Taking a liberation pose, he heard from the back desks:

- Professor, share your resilience and wisdom with us. How do you hold back your emotions, because each of us knows how hard it is for you.

Instead, the lecturer began to tell a long and vivid anecdote, everyone sitting without exception laughed. When the audience fell silent, he again told the same story, but only a few smiled. A question hung in the air on the faces of the others. Repeating itself for the third time, the silent scene dragged on for a long time. None of the audience even smiled, on the contrary, everyone was in a suspended and incomprehensible state.

- Why couldn't you guys laugh at my joke three times? You grieve over the same problem every day.

The professor smiled, and everyone sitting in the audience thought about his life.

wise stories about life
wise stories about life


One fine day, a wise wanderer came to the outskirts of a small town. He settled in a small hotel and every day received many people who were lost in their own lives.

One young man searched for an answer to his fate in books for a long time, visiting many elders. Some advised to go with the flow, avoiding problems and troubles. Others, on the contrary, said that to swim against the current means to gain strength, to find oneself. He decided to try his luck and listen to the advice of this old man. Entering the room, the young man saw a man who was looking for something in the chest. He turned around for a moment and pointed to a chair by the table.

- Tell me what's bothering you, I'll listen and tell you.

The young man told him about visiting other sages, about reading books and about advice.

- Go with the flow or against it? - he said at the end of the story. - Forgive me, well done, I must have listened due to my old age and deafness. Where do you want to go yourself? - without looking up from his occupation, the wanderer asked.

wise thoughts parables
wise thoughts parables

Power of the word

A blind old man was sitting on the street holding a sign, begging passers-by. There were only a few moments in his box, the summer sun falling on his long, thin legs. At this time, a charming young woman passed by, who, stopping for a moment, picked up a tablet and wrote something herself. The old man only moved his head, but did not say anything after her.

An hour later the girl was walking back, he recognized her by her hurried and light steps. The box at that time was full of new shiny coins, which were added every minute by people passing by.

- Sweet girl, did you change my sign? I would like to know what it says.- It says nothing but the truth, I just corrected it a little. It says: "Now it's so beautiful around, but, unfortunately, I'll never be able to see it." After tossing a couple of coins, the girl gave the old man a smile and left.

wise stories aboutmeaning of life
wise stories aboutmeaning of life


Three simple men were walking along the road on a summer day. They talked about their hard life, and sang songs. They hear that somewhere someone will forgive help, looking into the hole, and there is happiness.

- Any of your wishes will be fulfilled! Say what you want to get, - happiness addresses the first man.

- I want a lot of money so as not to live poorly until the end of my days, - the man answers her. towards the village with a bag of money.

- What do you want? - happiness turned to the second man.

- Babu I want all the girls to be more beautiful!

Immediately, a beauty appeared next to him, a man grabbed her, and also went to the village.

- What is your desire? - Happiness asks the last man.

- What do you really want? - says the man. - I would like to get out of the pit, good fellow, - happiness said timidly.

The man looked around, found a long log, and fortunately tilted it. He turned and began to return to the village. Happiness quickly crawled out and ran after him, to accompany him through life.

parables and wise sayings
parables and wise sayings

Guiding light

In ancient times, when there were still no networks of the world wide web and various engines, people went sailing on simple ships. Then one risky team went on a long journey full of dangers.

A few days later, their ship was caught in a storm and sank, and only a couple of experienced sailors managed to escape. They woke up on a distant unfamiliar island, gradually losing their minds in fear and hunger.

In onea particularly sunny day, a strange ship moored there. This brought immeasurable joy to the rescued, and they decided to build a tall and strong lighthouse. Despite persuasion, they remained on this island until the end of their days, only rejoicing at their destiny. It has become a great happiness and honor for each of them to guide people.


The wisest parables given in this article really do not burden the mind of the reader, but quite easily and unobtrusively convey something valuable, hidden truth to a person.