"Beethoven-2": actors. People and dogs: good work in tandem

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"Beethoven-2": actors. People and dogs: good work in tandem
"Beethoven-2": actors. People and dogs: good work in tandem

Video: "Beethoven-2": actors. People and dogs: good work in tandem

Video: "Beethoven-2": actors. People and dogs: good work in tandem
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Beethoven is a legendary family comedy that won the hearts of millions of people around the world. At the time of its release, the film about a dog named Beethoven collected a huge box office.

Beethoven Movie: Parts 1 to 5

The first part of the film became so popular that 4 more parts were subsequently filmed. A total of 5 paintings came out:

  1. Beethoven 1 (1992).
  2. Beethoven 2 (1993).
  3. Beethoven 3 (2000).
  4. Beethoven 4 (2001).
  5. Beethoven 5 (2008).

Each of the parts has an interesting plot in its own way, which is a continuation of the previous one. According to viewers, the first 2 parts are the most interesting, and we'll talk about them.

"Beethoven 1": the plot of the film

The main point is a story about the life of a good-natured St. Bernard puppy who ended up in a typical American family. Beethoven grew up and became a dog of impressive size. All members of the family love him very much, but one person, the head of the family, cannot get used to the fact that sometimes he has to infringe on his interests in favor of the dog. Everything seems to be wonderful and wonderful, but there is one nuance. After the next scheduled appointment at the veterinary clinic overBeethoven faces a sudden threat. The chief veterinarian of the town where the family lives needs a large dog for the experiment, and Beethoven is almost the only candidate of its kind. Now the veterinarian by hook or by crook is trying to take possession of the dog. What will he get out of this? You can probably easily remember the ending of this movie.

Beethoven 2 actors
Beethoven 2 actors

"Beethoven 2": actors and plot

The second part is Beethoven's love story. One day He met Her on a walk, and feelings flared up between them. But not everything is so smooth in their history. Missy, Beethoven's lover, has a wicked and mercenary mistress who keeps her only for the sake of breeding puppies for further sale. Therefore, Beethoven and Missy were not destined to be together. There was a period when they themselves almost believed it, but real feelings took over and forced them to act. As a result, Missy decides to run away for a walk with Beethoven, and after a while she has 4 cutie puppies. Regina, in anger, at first thinks of drowning her offspring, but then she decides to sell the puppies and get money for them.

bonnie hunt
bonnie hunt

But Beethoven, like a caring father, is always on the alert and manages to get ahead of Regina. He brings his owners-children to take the puppies from the ungrateful mistress. What happened next you, most likely, also clearly remember. The children took the puppies to their home, settling them in the basement, and, secretly from their parents, they fed them from pipettes, skipping school, circles, refusing other activities andentertainment. As a result, a dynamic story unfolds, in which parents learn about the replenishment in their family. At that moment, Regina finds out who stole her puppies, goes on the trail of the Newtons and takes the offspring that belongs to her. But the picture is not in her favor - Regina is left with a nose, and the Newtons realize that the puppies have become very dear to them, and now they are ready to fight for them to the last.

In Beethoven 2, the actors and dogs did a good job. Of course, we should not forget about the cynologists, who had to increase their efforts several times in this series of the film.

Actors and their roles in the film

If you notice, in the film "Beethoven 2" the actors remained in the same cast as in the first part, but in subsequent films a new cast is already involved.

  • Bonnie Hunt is one of the main characters who played a wonderful mother and wife in the Newton family.
  • Charles Grodin - the father and head of the family, did an excellent job with his role. His charismatic nature helped to clearly display some of the character traits of his hero. The end result was a great job.
  • Nicole Tom is an older sister who is used to being responsible not only for her actions, but also for the pranks of her younger brother and sister. The actress did an excellent job with the task and brilliantly performed every scene assigned to her character.
  • Christopher Castile is one of three Newton children.
  • Sarah Rose Carr is the youngest of the Newton family.
nicole tom
nicole tom

Interesting facts

Few people know that the director of the second film -former cinematographer. Perhaps that's why the dog actors in Beethoven 2 are so good and at the same time perform their tasks naturally.

Beethoven's main coach was Eleanor Keaton, widow of famous actor Buster Keaton.