The most interesting American thrillers

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The most interesting American thrillers
The most interesting American thrillers

Video: The most interesting American thrillers

Video: The most interesting American thrillers
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Thrillers and horrors are in demand by people, because this is the only way to tickle your nerves with safety for he alth and body, experience a feeling of fear and adrenaline and scare yourself properly. However, not everyone likes Russian, for example, films or Asian ones. American thrillers, horror and mystical films are much more popular.

In the USA they really can boast of the ability to make quality projects. A good picture, excellent camera work, a written script … This is what it is - American cinema. Action, thrillers, horror, mysticism, crime dramas, detective stories - for every taste there is something suitable among a huge variety. Of course, not all American thriller films are good, but we will consider only worthwhile films.

Movies with unexpected endings

Surely you have experienced this more than once: at first, throughout the entire viewing, you feel nervous and tense because of the events taking place on the screen, and then the scriptwriters and directors hit you with a completely sudden plot twist and finish off with an unpredictable denouement. What could be better? It is for this that wewatching a movie - enjoy and be surprised.

So, before you are American thrillers, the ending of which can be predicted by few. Some take the aforementioned unexpected ending, while others confuse it to the last, not allowing the viewer to be sure how to relate to the main characters: are they really to blame or have they simply become victims of circumstances. Here are some of the pictures worth seeing in this case:

American thrillers
American thrillers
  • "Lollipop".
  • April Fool's Day.
  • The Sixth Sense.
  • Shutter Island.
  • "Perfect Getaway".
  • "Lucky number Slevin".

Psychological thrillers

The more tense and stronger the atmosphere of the film, the better, at least when it comes to a thriller. In this category, maximum attention is paid to psychological pressure, and minimal attention is paid to gory details, falling off parts of the body and scenes that are disgusting to most people. Of course, in some films there will be deaths, and injuries, and other things inherent in horror films, but you will not have to focus on them at all.

So, if you like to scare yourself but don't like movies that are more unpleasant than scary to watch, you've come to the right place: here are the best American thrillers in the psychological subcategory.

American thriller films
American thriller films
  • "Pit".
  • "24 hours".
  • "Jacket".
  • "Parcel".
  • "The Strangers".
  • "Disappeared"
  • "Fun Games".
  • Mulholland Drive.


Before you, the second most popular after the psychological American thrillers. You may not believe in the existence of supernatural forces, creatures and worlds, but it is interesting to watch ghosts, poltergeists, demons and other otherworldly creatures, as well as frightened people and fighters against evil spirits. And most importantly, it is safe, because judging by the films, meetings with something that goes beyond human stereotypes usually do not end well.

The opponents of the main characters will be evil forces, bloodthirsty (or not so) otherworldly monsters, powerful people and even death itself, which has a peculiar sense of humor. In most cases, there is not much blood in the films, but there is more than enough psychological pressure, almost like in the previous category. Turn off the lights, turn on your chosen movie and enjoy (be afraid):

Best American Thrillers
Best American Thrillers
  • "1408".
  • "Mist".
  • Astral.
  • Mirrors.
  • "Spell".
  • Sinister.
  • "Curse".
  • "Destination".
  • "The key to all doors."

Bloody thrillers

Psychological pressure is not enough for some people, give them blood and meat. If you are one of those… Well, you won't be disappointed. The tense atmosphere will be perfectly diluted with torn off body parts, gouged out eyes, torture, murder, torment and other details that only a trained viewer can endure. Let's go!

American thrillers, horror
American thrillers, horror
  • Hostel.
  • Turistas.
  • "Collector".
  • Wrong Turn.
  • "I spit on your graves."
  • Saw: Survival Game.

Dark comedies

Among the directors there are craftsmen who deftly combine two completely opposite genres at first glance - horror and humor. Most of these films deliberately make fun of the cliches of clichéd thrillers and are more like parodies, but that's the beauty of it. As a result, everyone can watch this layer of the film industry: both lovers of murder and tin, and fans of high-quality humor.

American thrillers
American thrillers
  • Killer Weekend.
  • "Killer Vacation".
  • "Pulp Fiction".
  • "Scary Movie".
  • Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy:
  1. "Shaun the Zombies";
  2. "Like hard cops";
  3. Armageddian.


Of course, almost all American thrillers contain some kind of mystery and riddle. Without intrigue, watching such films is boring. However, here we will give an example of films in which the detective component is expressed as clearly as possible, and the plot is based on the investigation and / or search for a criminal (sometimes more than one):

American thriller films
American thriller films
  • "Seven".
  • "Scream".
  • From Hell.
  • "And the spider came."
  • "Taking Lives".
  • Silence of the Lambs.


Here is the same situation that was with the detectives. A thriller is good, but when it's watered downcool shootouts, spectacular battle scenes and delights not only with a tense atmosphere, but also with entertainment - this is wonderful:

American action films, thrillers
American action films, thrillers
  • "Judgment Night".
  • Sin City.
  • Red State.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn.
  • Grindhouse Dilogy:
  1. "Planet of Fear";
  2. Death Proof.

So these were the best American thrillers. You have probably seen some of them, heard about others, but at least something from the proposed list will definitely appeal to you. Many films also have several parts - a movie that appealed to a huge number of viewers is doomed to continue. In any case, there will be something to do and see for the coming weekend or in the evenings.