What is "LitRes"? "LitRes" - library of electronic books
What is "LitRes"? "LitRes" - library of electronic books

Video: What is "LitRes"? "LitRes" - library of electronic books

Video: What is "LitRes"? "LitRes" - library of electronic books
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Reading books is an ideal option for developing and strengthening memory. This activity calms the nervous system, distracts from problems. Regular reading stops the progression of dementia, especially in old age.

Books on paper
Books on paper

Today there is no need to carry around the heaviest volumes of printed publications. Many book lovers use e-readers - devices with a special type of screen that mimics the color and contrast of real paper. Thus, the load on the organs of vision is reduced.

Readers with special types of screens are used by those who cannot imagine their life without reading. Many people get acquainted with literary works using a phone, tablet or computer.

Most of the publications for downloading on modern gadgets can be found on the Internet.

What is "LitRes"

The company was founded in 2005. She has developed more than twenty applications for reading works and listening to audiobooks. Can be downloaded in a convenient formatmany free books from LitRes.

Actively interacts with school organizations. More than two thousand schools use the literature of the electronic resource.

Website "LitRes.ru" - an electronic library of classical literature and foreign literary novelties. Book editions can be purchased for a fee or for free.

Site symbol "LitRes"
Site symbol "LitRes"


For ease of use, you should register on the site. There is a personal account icon in the upper right corner of the page. After clicking, a window will appear for entering an email address, phone number, login through a social network account or library card number.

After entering the data of the e-mail box, information about the appearance of new books, promotional offers will come. The LitRes library gives each registered reader ten classical works in electronic form. These books are received by the user by default, without selecting titles.

Choice of Literature

On the main page of the site there are tabs: "News", "Popular", "Audiobooks", "What to read" (according to the editors). You can search among the works provided and sorted in this way for the one that interests you.

All book editions are divided into the following genres: light reading, serious reading, history, business books, knowledge and skills, psychology, sports/he alth/beauty, hobbies/leisure, home/dacha, children's books, parents, journalism and self-publishing.

In mygenres are divided into varieties. An indicative list of types of literature of the "knowledge and skills" genre: educational and scientific literature, popular science, self-development / personal growth, business books, dictionaries / reference books, esoteric literature, computer literature, language learning, hobbies / leisure, culture and art, guidebooks.

Before buying the publication you are interested in, you can familiarize yourself with the fragment. By the language of writing, it will become clear whether it is worth acquiring a literary work.

How to search for books in the LitRes library

You can enter the name of the author or the title of the book in the search box at the top of the site - all available books of the writer or titles of works will appear on the screen. Next to the audio option there is a special "Headphones" icon.

There is a literature search by the cover of the printed edition. To do this, you need to take a picture of it through the application "LitRes: Read!". Then, having bought it, download it to your reading device.

How to get literature for free

The easiest way to get the first bonus without payment from the e-book library "LitRes" is to register. In this case, ten works by Russian or foreign classics are provided.

Book of the day as a gift

Every day the library donates one book to everyone. You can download it absolutely free all day long.

"Popular" tab on the "LitRes" website
"Popular" tab on the "LitRes" website

On the main page there is an entry "Every day a book for free". By clicking on the "Check out the book of the day" button,the user will see the cover of the publication and the inscription "Get Free". On the right there is an arrow that leads to a possible twelve editions tomorrow.

Main conditions:

  • connect via social network: Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter;
  • publications available for download within 24 hours;
  • after downloading, the reader can take part in the promotion no earlier than twenty-one days later

Getting bonuses through the mobile app

When purchasing three book editions, the fourth one can be obtained for free. To do this, you need to install the application "Read" or "Listen". After purchasing the first book within twenty-four hours, you need to download two more for a fee.

After that, any paid edition is available, the price of which is less than any of the three previously purchased, within a day.

Discounts when entering a promotional code

Company "LitRes" often cooperates with various organizations. When buying certain brands of goods or for a specific amount, codes are issued that give discounts on the purchase of books or allow you to purchase them absolutely free.

Advice for getting more profit

Prices for the same publications may differ on the website and in the app. Before purchasing, it is advisable to compare them. Buy at the best price.

Payment for Literature at "LitRes"

When you click on your account name, a panel with a bright "Deposit" button will appear in the upper right corner of the site. All will appear after clicking.possible payment methods.

Gift certificate from "LitRes"
Gift certificate from "LitRes"

Types of replenishment of the balance without commission:

  1. Bank card. Transfers from cards of payment systems "Maestro", "MasterCard", "Visa", Sberbank are possible. You must enter your card details. Press the indicated amounts of 500, 750, 1000 rubles, or enter your own. Then select "Pay".
  2. Via PayPal account.
  3. With the help of Yandex. Money system.
  4. Replenishment with points "Corn", "Coupon LitRes", "Thank you from Sberbank", "Beeline".
Payment by bank card
Payment by bank card

You can replenish the balance by debiting funds from your mobile phone account. To do this, you need to enter your phone number. In this case, you will have to pay a commission:

  • through MTS an additional ten rubles will be written off;
  • with the help of "Beeline" - 18.9% of the purchase amount and ten rubles;
  • "Tele2" - 17.9% of the price of the book;
  • "Fly" - 12%;
  • Rostelecom - 17.9% of the purchase price;
  • MegaFon - 21.5%.

Additional payment methods:

  • QIWI;
  • Webmoney;
  • "Alpha click";
  • Euroset points;
  • VK-pay and some others.
  • Other types of payment
    Other types of payment

Benefits of buying books

Answering the question "what is "LitRes"",it is worth noting that this is a popular electronic resource. Source of inexpensive literary bestsellers in electronic format to read or listen to.

Obvious advantages of downloading books from the electronic library "LitRes":

  1. Books can be received without payment. There are many promotional offers.
  2. Works can be downloaded through the site, and read in the mobile application.
  3. High quality downloads.
  4. Wide range of books for sale.
  5. Many new items can be purchased cheaper than on paper.

What is "LitRes" for a person who loves the fantasy world of books? A convenient resource for obtaining the results of the works of writers and poets at an affordable price. Not every schoolchild, student, pensioner can afford to purchase a printed edition in good quality. To receive an analogue in electronic form, you do not need to go anywhere. The search is carried out in a few clicks.

Before buying, you can familiarize yourself with the episode of the book and decide on the purchase. The site hosts promotions, for example, "Book of the Day" - the opportunity to receive one book for free for three weeks.

In the application on a smartphone, when buying three books during the day, one can be obtained completely free of charge. This also applies to audio formats.

Listening to audiobooks
Listening to audiobooks

Promotions are often held with partner organizations of the electronic library "LitRes". In these cases, when entering a promotional code, it becomes possible to obtain literature from a certaine-library of the list with discounts or no payment at all.

You can top up your balance in various ways: by bank cards, from mobile phone accounts, using electronic payment systems.

What is "LitRes" for a registered user? This is your own library of your favorite works in a convenient format. It is universal, use is available from any gadget: mobile phone, tablet, computer.