Movies with a twisted plot and an unexpected denouement: a review of the best

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Movies with a twisted plot and an unexpected denouement: a review of the best
Movies with a twisted plot and an unexpected denouement: a review of the best

Video: Movies with a twisted plot and an unexpected denouement: a review of the best

Video: Movies with a twisted plot and an unexpected denouement: a review of the best
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A film with a twisted plot and unexpected denouement is one of the favorite characteristics when viewers choose a movie for an enjoyable and exciting pastime.

Below will be a large list of good works, where everyone will find something suitable and interesting for themselves.


One of the exciting plot-driven thriller films is Canadian director David Cronenber's 1999 project Existence.

The plot of the picture: Allegra Gell - the creator of the game, which takes place in virtual reality ("Existence") - is attacked by a crazy maniac. To save her own life, the main character has no choice but to involve her employee (trainee security guard) Ted Pikla in the process. The strange state of affairs confuses not only the heroes of the film, but also the audience. Will they eventually figure out where virtuality ends and real life begins?

In the mainstarring such famous actors as Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jude Law, Ian Holm and Willem Dafoe.

Stay in my shoes

The next in the list of the best thriller films with a twisted plot can be considered a picture of the English director Jonathan Glaser called "Stay in my shoes" in 2013.

The plot tells about a beautiful buxom brunette girl with green eyes, driving around the highway and picking up hitchhikers along the way for her purposes. But what motives the beauty pursues, and whether she herself is a person - the audience will find out only after watching.

The main role was played by the beautiful Scarlett Johansson. According to many viewers, this is one of the best roles of the actress.

Illusion of deceit

One of the most exciting detective-thriller films with a twisted plot can rightfully be considered "The illusion of deception", filmed by French director Louis Leterrier in 2013. After 3 years, the second part comes out.

Illusion of deception
Illusion of deception

The plot is confusing and intriguing: at first glance, the main characters are a group of conjurers and illusionists who perfectly master their skills. However, something is wrong with them: wizards do not just entertain the public, but do absolutely incredible tricks, and besides, they are also "slightly" illegal. The four magicians came up with the idea of robbing a bank right during one of their live shows…

The Illusionist Four were played by David Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and Woody Harrelson.

Cloud Atlas

The masterpiece "Cloud Atlas" can truly be called a film with a twisted plot and twisted ending. The film was shot in 2012 by sisters Lana and Lilly Wachowski and Tom Tykwer under the slogan: "Everything is connected".

The film tells about the fate of six characters, and each has its own tragedy. But what is common between such different stories, the viewer learns only at the end of the story.

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas

You will see a real masterpiece in the fantasy genre, while watching which you will break your head and marvel at the denouement more than once.

Starring: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Sturgess and others.

Side effect

Another film with a twisted plot and an unexpected ending is Steven Soderbergh's, which he graduated in 2013.

Plot: the girl Emily has a real grief - her husband is put in jail. The unfortunate woman begins psychological problems, and after the release of her husband, 4 years later, she completely falls into a depressive state. Against this background, the girl even tries to commit suicide. At the appointment, the therapist prescribes her drugs, but Emily prefers another treatment to this treatment - one drug that a colleague at work advises her.

Starring Channing Tatum, Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones and others.

Twelve Monkeys

Fans of the sci-fi genre will love the movie "12 Monkeys" with a twisted plot and unexpected ending. The main roles in it were played by the well-known Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt (he received the Golden Globe for this work in the nomination "Best Supporting Actor").

The plot of the picture takes place in 2035, when a terrible virus has already killed about five billion people in the world. The survivors live underground. Criminal James Cole decides to take a desperate step, going back in time in a time machine to find out the source of the disease, thus helping scientists solve the mystery of the Twelve Monkeys.

"Room "1408"

Another film with a twisted plot and an unpredictable ending can rightly be considered the picture "1408", based on the story of the same name by Stephen King in 2007, directed by Mikael Hofström.

Film - thriller "1408"
Film - thriller "1408"

Famous horror writer and lover Mike Enslin is inspired by a new plot: he is writing a book about ghosts and poltergeists living in hotels. For a thrill, while not believing in the existence of life after death, he settles in the infamous room at number 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel. This number has not been used for many years, because, according to terrible rumors, creatures from the underworld live there. Not taking seriously the warnings of the hotel staff in the face of senior manager Gerald Olin, Mike insists on his decision to spend the whole night in the ill-fated room, not even imagining what she promises him …

Starring John Cusack, Mary McCormack, Samuel L. Jackson and more.

The skin I live in

A film with a twisted plot and an unexpected ending called "The Skin I Live In" has an absolutely fantastic and intriguing plot.

The world-famous surgeon Robert Ledgard, played by Antonio Banderas himself, makes a breakthrough in medicine: he discovers the secret of artificial human skin. He explains to his colleagues that only mice are the living object of his experiments, in fact hiding a terrible truth: the main experimental subject is a young girl named Vera, whom he hides in his country villa. During the doctor's absence, the maid Marilia looks after her.

The skin that I live in
The skin that I live in

One day, the son of Sek's servant bursts into the surgeon's house, asking his mother to hide him from the police. At that very moment, he learns about the existence of the test subject … And then the plot unfolds completely unpredictable, as it seems at first glance.

The role of the unfortunate girl with perfect skin was played by the beautiful Elena Anaya, and the part of the prodigal would-be son was taken by Roberto Alamo.

Fight Club

A film with a twisted plot and an unpredictable ending is definitely about the movie "Fight Club", based on the book of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk in 1999.

The main character suffers from constant insomnia and is trying to escape from the boring routine of his life. His everyday life is turned upside down when he meets the mysterious Tyler Durden, who moonlights as a soap dealer, along the way. Tyler preaches a very interesting and at the same timeperverted philosophy: only the weak are interested in self-development, but self-destruction is the destiny of real strong men who know what makes life worth living for.

After a while, two, at first glance, dissimilar personalities will find a common occupation, namely: scuffle each other, which will bring them true bliss that cleanses from everything superfluous. The protagonist and Tyler will also introduce other guys to such simple joys, which will eventually lead to the creation of that same fight club. The plot seems clear enough, but the ending made this work one of the most famous films.

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt played the crazy couple.


Another great performance by Brad Pitt was as a young employee of the Mills Detective Agency in 1995's "Seven" with a twisted plot and unusual ending.

Detective William Somerset (actor Morgan Freeman) is an experienced criminal investigator who has long planned to retire and leave the city with its sinful deeds in the past. However, two unpleasant moments appear on the horizon of his dreams: a new young partner and a particularly sophisticated crime, which make Somerset think about postponing a lifetime vacation indefinitely.

The experience and sharp mind of the detective suggest that the case will not be limited to one murder. His guesses are correct: the maniac eliminates the victims according to the principle of punishment for the seven deadly sins.

William Somerset is at a crossroads: to give the case to a young and less experienced specialist or to take the process underyour control…


The Prestige is a film with a twisted plot and an unpredictable ending, shot in 2006 by the famous director Christopher Noyle (the works "Inception" and "Interstellar" are also the work of his hands). The main roles were played by the well-known Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.

Plot: Alfred and Robert are the most popular illusionist conjurers who flourished at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Feeling serious competition, the masters of magic lose control, and the race for supremacy turns into a real war that can even take the lives of innocent people around…

American Beauty

One of the best films with a twisted plot and unexpected denouement is the 1999 dramatic film American Beauty. The work received 5 Oscars. One of the awards was given to the film by actor Kevin Spacey, who played the title role.

The plot is about Lester Burnham, who is going through a midlife crisis. Things are going badly on all fronts: his wife is cheating on him with a work colleague, and a taciturn daughter is dating a neighbor's guy who has lain in a psychiatric hospital.

American beauty
American beauty

Lester slowly sinks into a deep depression until he meets his daughter's classmate. The abruptly born and therefore ardent feeling of falling in love gives the main character a powerful incentive to live. You will find out how Burnham will cope with his emotional state by looking at this colorful andsome episodes even a comedic picture.

Black Swan

One of the best films with a twisted plot can be considered a thriller by Darren Aronofsky, nominated for 4 Oscar nominations in 2011.

Black Swan
Black Swan

Natalie Portman, who took the statuette for "Best Actress", played the main prima ballet theater, which suddenly has a worthy competitor. She is so dangerous that she is ready to take away absolutely all of her parties. The decisive performance is approaching, and the spirit of rivalry is gaining momentum in the truest sense of the word…


One of the best films with a twisted plot is a thriller and horror film called "The Others". The famous actress Nicole Kidman played the main role in it.

The story takes place during the Second World War. Grace decides to take her sick children to a house on an island off the coast of England and wait for her husband's return.

Her son and daughter suffer from a strange illness: their bodies cannot stand daylight. Grace hires three servants to her house, teaching them two main rules: all rooms must be kept in twilight, and several doors must not be open at the same time. However, strict order will be challenged…

The ending will not leave anyone indifferent.


The Mist is an incredible 2007 thriller directed by Frank Darabont.

The story begins in a small town thatcovers incomprehensible supernatural fog. It is so dense that it cuts off the people of this settlement from the rest of the world. At this moment, a small group of people are in the local supermarket and notice something amiss in the ill-fated fog…

Film "Mist"
Film "Mist"

Starring Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden and Laurie Holden.


All viewers who have undergone surgery will be interested in this picture directed by Joby Harold, who also acted as a screenwriter.

Clay Beresford has serious he alth problems. He needs a heart transplant. Since the guy is a billionaire, the donor is found quickly and the date of the surgery is set. The patient undergoes a standard procedure before the operation: he is given anesthesia. The process goes well until the unexpected happens - Clay wakes up! His body is paralyzed, but he hears and feels absolutely everything…

The film stars Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba and others.


Thriller "Stay" has a high rating among viewers. The film was directed by Mark Foster in 2005.

The plot of the film is very intriguing and quite sarcastic. Henry Letham - a student whose morale borders on insanity - decides to tell specialist Sam Foster about his problem. During the conversation, it turns out that the guy is going to commit suicide, having precisely decided on the date and time. The psychiatrist, imbued with the student's problem,decides to help him with all his might. To do this, the doctor goes on a city trip, and a sharp turn takes place in his life. Gradually, Sam himself begins to plunge into Henry's terrible illusions, as a result of which the desire to leave this world arises in him too …

Starring Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling and others.

Butterfly effect

"The Butterfly Effect" is one of the most popular films with the most twisted plot. He is in the top 250 on KinoPoisk, ranking 80th. Eric Bress and J. McKee Gruber acted as directors and screenwriters at the same time in this film.

Plot: A boy named Evan was not very lucky with his father, as he had psychopathic tendencies and suffered from amnesia. The man forgot some events from his life. The apple does not fall far from the tree - son Evan adopts this unusual diagnosis. Moreover, only those moments that were strange, and even terrible, disappear from his memory. Some time later, in his student years, Evan makes an extraordinary discovery - he finds his childhood diary, which he kept on the advice of a psychiatrist. With the help of it, the guy has the opportunity to return to the past and change the future with his actions…

Sixth Sense

The film "The Sixth Sense", nominated for six Oscars, has a very twisted plot and an unexpected ending. The slogan for the picture is the words: "Sometimes a gift is a curse." Directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan. Starring Bruce Willis and Haley Osment.

Sixth Sense
Sixth Sense

The action revolves around child psychiatrist Malcolm Crow and nine-year-old boy Cole, who is not allowed to live terrible illusions - he sees dead souls. All these ghosts are victims of murder and direct their negativity towards the child. Malcolm realizes that there is nothing he can do to help him as a specialist, but as a person he simply cannot leave Cole in trouble.

The Shawshank Redemption

"The Shawshank Redemption" is a cult masterpiece of cinema, taking first place in the top 250 on KinoPoisk. Perhaps this is the best movie with a twisted plot and an unusual ending. He was nominated for seven Oscars. The director was the previously mentioned Frank Darabont. Based on a novel by horror and thriller author Stephen King. Starring Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman and others.

The plot of the picture is as follows: Andy Dufresne is a successful banking vice president, but life becomes hell when he is accused of killing his wife and her lover. The court announces an unfair decision, and the main character goes to prison. Once inside the walls of Shawshank, Andy feels injustice and cruelty on both sides. Anyone who ends up behind iron bars stays here forever. However, Dufresne is completely unwilling to accept such a fate. Thanks to sharp ingenuity and a broad human soul, the accused finds an approach to cellmates and staff, which helps him develop an escape plan…


"The Game" is a film with a twisted plot andunexpected ending, filmed in 1997 by director David Fincher. Starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.

"Are you ready to play?" - under such a slogan the plot of the picture unfolds. Nicholas van Orton is a successful man who has many useful qualities: equanimity, calmness, the ability to keep everything under control. On his birthday, the main character receives a ticket as a gift, giving him the opportunity to participate in the "Game", developed individually for each client. Advertising guarantees him vivid sensations and a sharp taste of life. In the process of entertainment, the main character begins to realize that everything is much more serious than he was promised … This is a game not for life, but for death.


The Machinist is a 2003 twisted drama film directed by Brad Andersen.

Film "The Machinist"
Film "The Machinist"

Protagonist Trevor Reznik has been unable to immerse himself in the realm of sleep for a whole year. In this regard, his life turns into hell, and the hero himself balances between dream and reality. It becomes more and more difficult for him to separate these two worlds, and in the end, frightening illusions begin to overlap with ordinary real episodes of life …