Gennady Voronin: actor, director, screenwriter

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Gennady Voronin: actor, director, screenwriter
Gennady Voronin: actor, director, screenwriter

Video: Gennady Voronin: actor, director, screenwriter

Video: Gennady Voronin: actor, director, screenwriter
Video: Геннадий Воронин: «В 86 лет чувствую себя лучше, чем в 30!» 2023, September

Voronin Gennady Anatolyevich is a famous Soviet actor who was also involved in directing and screenwriting. He achieved success and love from the public due to his outstanding talent, given to him by nature. The audience appreciates his films for the sincerity and plausibility of stories from real life.


The actor had a difficult fate. Gennady Voronin was born in the difficult post-war period (in 1946), when there was devastation on the streets, and mourning reigned in the houses, and almost no one had enough food.

Immediately after his birth, G. Voronin ended up in an orphanage. Almost nothing is known about his relatives.

Gennady Voronin was a talented person from a young age. He was irresistibly drawn to the theater and cinema, so after graduating from school he entered the Far Eastern Pedagogical Institute of Arts (pictured below).

Having received a diploma in 1974, the future actor Gennady Voronin could not get a job by profession for a long time, because he had no connections in this area.

Far East Institute of Arts
Far East Institute of Arts


But thanks to his naturalperseverance, the artist managed to get a role in the movie "They drove a chest of drawers through the streets …" He played a small third-rate role - the character of Otrochev. Ironically, they forgot to mention the name of the actor in the credits, which did not cool his creative ardor at all, and Gennady Anatolyevich continued to take part in the filming of films.

Movie roles:

  • "Clan" (1991) - Ovchinnikov;
  • "Egorka" (1984) - commander of the ship;
  • "Barbarian Day" (1982) - Pavel;
  • "Childhood Holidays" (1981) - Pavel.

Private life

Ludmila Zaitseva
Ludmila Zaitseva

Gennady Voronin married Lyudmila Zaitseva, whom he met during the filming of the movie "Childhood Holidays". Shortly after the couple got married, their daughter Vasilisa was born, who, like her father, chose the film profession.

Vasilisa Voronina
Vasilisa Voronina

Director's work

G. Voronin participated in the filming of many Russian films, but in 1982 he decided to change his occupation by enrolling in the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors.

After receiving his graduation diploma, he made his first motion picture - "The Ballad of an Old Weapon".

In the late eighties, Gennady Alexandrovich mastered a new professional branch: he began to write scripts for films himself.

Script writer activities:

  • "Mary Magdalene" (1990);
  • "Two Shores" (1987);
  • "Piers" (1987);
  • "Bridge" (1986).

Sunset of creative activity

In the 90s, due to the reduction of the film industry in Russia, a talented actor was left without work.

At first he managed to get a job as an artistic director, and then he was forced to become an ordinary taxi driver.

The Soviet screenwriter spent his last years in Moscow.

Gennady Anatolyevich died in 2011 due to a stroke.

Friends and colleagues came to the funeral of a talented artist, but there was no magnificent funeral.