Anime "Amnesia": characters and plot

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Anime "Amnesia": characters and plot
Anime "Amnesia": characters and plot

Video: Anime "Amnesia": characters and plot

Video: Anime "Amnesia": characters and plot
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Anime "Amnesia" is ranked ninth in the list of the best anime of 2013 by Shikimori. The manga was written by Idea Factory and directed by Ohashi Yoshimitsu.

Anime fully completed in 2013. You will be pleased with 12 episodes and one OVA, which will clarify the ending and, perhaps, change the opinion about the anime for the better.

Genre: shoujo (i.e., the target audience is girls aged 12-18), romance, harem for girls (there are a lot of guys in anime who are in love with the main character), detective, adventure.

In the manga "Amnesia" 2 volumes. Unfortunately, the translation of the second volume of Amnesia is incomplete. The anime was made based on the visual novel of the same name, after playing which the viewer will better understand the intricate plot of the anime. The opening theme deserves special attention - a charming melody that sets the mood for the entire series. Drawing pleases the eye and heals the soul of an otaku.


On the calendar the first of August. The main character, whose name we will never know, woke up in a cafe after losing consciousness. She soon realizes thatall her memories are gone. And after a short period of time, the reason is found - the spirit of Orion. He tried to get to Earth from another world and inadvertently hooked on the astral body of the heroine, replacing the structure of her memories with himself. Every now and then different people talk to the girl, who obviously know more about her than she does about them. But the main difficulty in the process of restoring memory: no one should understand that she has amnesia, and going to the doctors, according to Orion, will not bring any benefit. When the heroine gets into stressful situations, fragments of memories return to her, but it is impossible to put together a whole picture from these fragments.

The second episode begins with a meeting in a cafe where the girl, as it turns out, works. The manager organizes a general trip for team building. The heroine is overcome by doubts whether it is worth participating in it, but Orion convinces the girl that this is a good chance to restore her memory. It's getting dark. All participants of the trip go to see the starfall.

The heroine falls behind a bit and accidentally ends up alone with Shin. He asks her to answer one question, but the heroine is afraid that she will say something wrong. In addition, her only memory of Shin is not the most pleasant - the guy confesses to her that he killed a man. She runs away from him, but does not look under her feet, and falls off a cliff. This time the heroine woke up in the hospital, but on the calendar again the first of August. Shin comes to visit her. He kisses the heroine and takes her home. The key to the apartment is also with him, Shin is very surprised that she forgot about it. Orion disappeared somewhere, but she remembers everything that happened aftermeeting with him. For a moment, the heroine doubts whether he was a dream, and whether she is sleeping now, but then she convinces herself that everything that happens is a reality. The next day, Shin comes to her house again and after asking a couple of questions, he quickly realizes that she does not remember anything. He tells her that they have been childhood friends and have been dating for 3 months. Then Shin takes her to work. Everyone there, except for her, remembers what happened. From the story of one of her waitress friends, the heroine realizes that her memories of the trip do not agree with the memories of the cafe workers. All the fun is ahead.


Unusually, the characters of the secondary characters of "Amnesia" are revealed much better than the character of the main character. Although the reason is obvious, many viewers did not like it.

Each hero corresponds to one card suit: Shin - hearts, Ikki - spades, Kent - clubs, Toma - diamonds. The most mysterious character of Amnesia, Uka, got the role of the joker. The same card suits affect the plot branches in the game.

Sub-characters of the anime "Amnesia":

  • Rika (Head of Ikki's fan club);
  • Mine (works in a cafe with the main character);
  • Sava (cheerful and active girl, reliable friend);
  • Waka (manager at the cafe where the girl works, his temperament is different in every world).


The name of the girl who lost her memory remains unknown. First of all, this is due to the fact that in the game of the same name, the choice of the name is left to the player.

By the actions of the heroine in the present tense, we can tell that shekind and humble. According to the recollections of other characters of Amnesia, we can conclude that she was cheerful, sociable, always tried to understand and support her friends. The heroine is the only one who can see the spirit of Orion.

Many viewers find her too infantile even for the current situation, which is why she is ranked 5 in "Most Useless Main Character" (according to Shikimori).

The main character of the anime "Amnesia"
The main character of the anime "Amnesia"


A mystical spirit that came from another world. He tries with all his might to help the main character regain her memory. Cheerful and naive, he often gets into awkward situations, but never loses heart. Orion himself says that he is still a very inexperienced spirit and has much to learn. Because of his clumsiness, the main character lost her memory - he accidentally crashed into her astral body. Although, as we learn at the end, their meeting was necessary. He is invisible to all Amnesia characters except the heroine.

Spirit Orion from the anime "Amnesia"
Spirit Orion from the anime "Amnesia"


Birthday: November 30th

Age: 18 years old.

Height: 179 cm

Beloved heroine in one of the worlds. Purposefully preparing to enter the university, the third year of high school. Childhood friend of the heroine, several years younger than her. He loves dogs very much. Shin is sympathetic to amnesia, but it is very difficult for him to accept that his girlfriend does not remember anything.

Shin from the anime "Amnesia"
Shin from the anime "Amnesia"


Birthday: June 1.

Age: 22year.

Height: 182 cm

Studies in the fourth year, the idol of all the girls who have seen him at least once (except for the main character). Very good at all games, especially billiards and darts. His best friend is Kent. Ikki enjoys solving the math problems he gives him. The hamster is his favorite animal.

Ikki from the anime "Amnesia"
Ikki from the anime "Amnesia"


Birthday: September 23.

Age: 25 years old.

Height: 190 cm

Kent is studying for a master's degree, as he already graduated from the university of mathematics. Dislikes fuzzy formulations and quickly comes to the right conclusions through logical reasoning. The whole world is watching from the sidelines, reasonable and collected. Kent is a close friend of Ikki, they constantly argue, but always agree on the next course of action. As an explorer, loves all animals. Having excluded the option with aliens, he himself comes to the conclusion that the main character has amnesia. Kent doesn't know how to behave with girls because he tries to calculate everything with mathematical formulas.

Kent from the anime "Amnesia"
Kent from the anime "Amnesia"


Birthday: April 12.

Age: 20 years old.

Height: 181 cm

Studies in the second year. Childhood friends - Shin and the main character. He likes to sit at the computer and ride a bike, plays basketball. She cooks well and reads a lot. He can be attributed to a rare category of yandere guys, very caring and jealous. Sociable and carefree, often acting like a child, but ruthless to those who want toharm his loved ones.

Tom from the anime "Amnesia"
Tom from the anime "Amnesia"


Birthday: March 3.

Age: 24.

Height: 185 cm

Popular photographer, took his first picture in elementary school, stealing his father's camera. Because of the pain he experienced, he developed a second bitter personality. Very talented, in more than 20 clubs, good at dancing, art, horseback riding, debating and martial arts. Ukyo is madly in love with the main character.

Uke from the anime "Amnesia"
Uke from the anime "Amnesia"

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