Bloom and V altor in fanfiction: characters, characters
Bloom and V altor in fanfiction: characters, characters

Video: Bloom and V altor in fanfiction: characters, characters

Video: Bloom and V altor in fanfiction: characters, characters
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Bloom and V altor are the most popular characters for fan fiction in Winx. This couple is regularly described by young fans of the series in stories of varying degrees of frankness. Why was this couple so liked by the audience of the animated series "Winx"? Let's try to figure it out.

Before starting to describe the love of Bloom and V altor, you should understand what each of these characters is like separately. So let's get started.

Who is Bloom

In order to correctly understand Bloom and V altor from fanfiction collections, you need to remember that Bloom is the princess of Domino, as well as his guardian fairy. She is one of the founders of the Winx Club and is recognized as its leader. She is the daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion, the younger sister of Daphne, and the adopted daughter of Mike and Vanessa. She is also an alumnus of the Alfea school for fairies and a guardian of the dragon's flame. As the protagonist of the Winx Club animated series, she was the first character to be introduced to the audience. She is also a childhood friend of Selina, the main antagonist of 6season.

Character Bloom

Bloom was shown as an insecure girl early in the series due to her ignorance of her true origins and misunderstanding of her strange yet surprisingly powerful powers. Later, as she learned more about magic and herself, she became more and more interested in her past and her biological parents. An escapist by nature, she tends to run away when things get too difficult or confusing for her, but she can also be stubborn and impatient.

Bloom and V altor's relationship
Bloom and V altor's relationship

Bloom is also impulsive from time to time, with very bad consequences for both her and her friends. Her greatest strength and greatest weakness is her status as the guardian of the Dragon Flame, which is also shown in some Bloom-V altor fanfiction. The Flame of the Dragon made her perhaps the most powerful fairy in the "Magic Dimension", but in addition, it attracted powerful enemies to her, such as Trix, Darkar, Ancestral Witches and, of course, V altor. In fanfiction collections, V altor and Bloom are the most popular couple.

Despite his shortcomings, Bloom still has a kind and noble heart. She makes sure that all her friends, allies and family (both adopted and real) are always happy and safe. She has shown herself to be selfless, caring, brave and determined. Bloom acts tough when necessary, but always lends a helping hand to people in need.

Dark Bloom

In this form, she is very treacherous, does bad deeds, and is loyal toLord Darkar. In this form, Bloom is the absolute opposite of herself: she becomes heartless, abusive, reluctant, mediocre, selfish, manipulative, mischievous, cruel, and carefree. To prove her loy alty to Darkar, she steals a Codex fragment from Alfea for him. She did other bad things in the last three episodes of the second season, when Darkar discovered that he needed the powers of light and darkness to claim the power of Relix.

Thanks to Sky's confession of his deep love for her, Bloom was able to use her healing powers on anyone affected by Darkar's magic, including herself, thereby freeing herself from Darkar's control and returning to normal. She regains Relix's power and joins her friends in acquiring Charmix, with which they destroy Lord Darkar and his stronghold. "V altor and Darkar vs. Bloom" - fan fiction on this topic describes just the events of the second season of "Winx", where Dark Bloom shone with might and main.


Bloom is the second daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion Domino, Daphne's younger sister, and also the guardian of the Dragon Flame, which Daphne gave her shortly after her birth. When she was still a child, her kingdom was attacked by her witch ancestors, V altor and Mandragora, who destroyed Domino, turning it into a frozen abandoned planet. Daphne was unable to fight off the witches, so she sent her sister to Earth to protect her and also gave her the Dragon Flame.

On earth, Bloom appeared in a burning building,which her future adoptive father, Mike, a firefighter, poured water on in an attempt to put out the fire. Mike saved Bloom. He and his wife Vanessa, a florist, eventually adopted her. Bloom had a happy childhood and knew nothing about her origins. She and Selina were close friends growing up, playing together in the Forest of Flowers. In her youth, she received a gift (her beloved rabbit Kiko) and met her enemy, Mitzi. She also dated a boy named Andy.

Who is V altor

V altor is the main antagonist of the third season of the Winx Club. In human form, V altor is shown as a very pale and tall man who physically appears to be in his mid-thirties or forties. He has long light brown, almost strawberry blonde hair that flows down to his waist, thin gray eyes with dark purple eyeshadow, and especially high cheekbones.

Bloom and V altor
Bloom and V altor

His attire consists of a long maroon jacket with a lavender lining and gold pins above the folded cuffs. Underneath, he wears a purple vest over a white ruffled shirt, purple trousers, and gray Indian knee-high boots.

In his demonic form, V altor is a maroon-colored gargoyle-like creature with a huge, muscular body, large membranous wings, and light blue eyes.

V altor's character

V altor is a very proud man, rightly proud of his strength and intelligence. Patient and intelligent, V altor prefers to study his opponents before attacking them by studying them.weaknesses until it finds a weak point in the opponent that can be pressed on. This attractively sinister disposition made him the main character of Bloom-V altor fan fiction.

These traits, combined with his tendency to hold grudges that last for decades, make him an incredibly ruthless adversary. The most notable instance of this was Bloom, as V altor sought to destroy her life inside and out. Bloom's parents, Oritel and Marion, were responsible for his defeat and later imprisonment in the Omega Dimension.

Despite all these strong traits, V altor seems to have a fragile ego, because when the Winx continued to ruin his plans, he became angry and impatient. His impatience, as a rule, is also described in Bloom-V altor fanfiction.

Origin of V altor

When the Great Dragon created the Magic Dimension, a piece of its flame mixed with the original darkness. This piece of Dragon Flame was later found by the ancestors, who shaped him into the shape of a boy and raised him as if he were their own son. Wanting to make him the most powerful wizard in the universe, the witch ancestors sent him to conquer all possible dimensions as soon as he came of age.

During his conquests, V altor met Griffin, who joined him in her quest to become the most powerful witch in the entire Magical Dimension with the help of the Ancestors. However, Griffin eventually realized the fallacy of her choice and renounced V altor in order to join the "bright side". how oftendescribe well-known fan fiction, the love of Bloom and V altor sometimes makes this villain and himself go to the bright side.

winx fanfic about bloom and v altora
winx fanfic about bloom and v altora

Later, V altor attacked Domino, helping his "mothers" in the destruction of the kingdom when they were looking for the Dragon Flame, until he encountered the rulers of this world, King Oritel and Queen Marion. Together, Oritel and Marion were able to defeat V altor and send him to the Omega Dimension, where he was supposed to spend eternity in a frozen state.

The role of V altor in the third season of the animated series

Shortly after Darkar's defeat, the Trix were captured, frozen and sent to the Omega Dimension for the evil they had committed in the first and second seasons. However, Aisi managed to free herself because she is an ice witch, after which she freed her sisters. Soon they came across a frozen V altor. Once freed, he opened a portal to the Omega Dimension and enslaved the local mermaids, making them obedient monsters. After that, he imprisoned Queen Ligeia, the ruler of the mermaid world, in his underwater dungeons and made most of the mermaids his slaves.

He stayed on Andros for a while, staying close to the Portal. From there, he traveled to many Realms and stole their magical treasures, beginning with the magical Sun of Solaria, where he teamed up with Countess Cassandra and Chimera. It was there that he first saw Bloom and immediately felt a connection with her. From this meeting, the triumphant procession of Bloom-V altor fanfiction began across the Internet.

When Winxgo to Andros to help Leila, V altor reveals his true intentions - to become the supreme sorcerer of the universe, after which he tells Bloom that there is a connection between them, and at the end of his speech he puts Leila to sleep.

After V altor attacks the peaceful realm of Espero, the entire Magic Dimension is put into a state of emergency, and Miss Faragonda reveals to Bloom that V altor was actually made from a piece of Dragonfire that mixed with the original Darkness (it was discovered by the witch ancestors), and that he fought alongside the witches against the Society of Light, founded by Bloom's parents, Oritel and Marion. If only her parents knew that the capture of a fanfiction book (and the entire Winx fandom) by a couple of Bloom and V altor would be a real disaster for the Internet!

Bloom is mad at V altor
Bloom is mad at V altor

Shortly after that, V altor joined Princess Diaspro to weaken Bloom. Then V altor decided to take revenge on the members of the Society of Light and captured the Cloud Tower, imprisoning Griffin, who was once on his side, but betrayed him and joined the Society of Light. He then proceeded to attack Alfea along with the Trix and the Cloud Tower Witches, whom he successfully enslaved. After a heated battle in the forest with V altor, Miss Faragonda disappeared. Pixie was later found transformed into a tree. When the Winx went to Linphea to find a way to heal Faragonda, V altor sends the Trix to stop them from doing so. The Trix attack the Winx and cast a spell on the black willow, whose tears were the only way to save Faragonda. Because of this, Flora almostdies trying to save his little sister Mile and gets his Enchantix. Flora heals Willow and defeats the Trix. The Winx collect Willow's tears and return Faragonda to her real appearance.

After that, the Winx go to Andros, where the negative energy coming out of the open portal of Omega collides with the energy of Andros, causing both worlds to be on the verge of destruction. Tecna, sacrificing herself to close the Portal, allows herself to be "sealed" into the Omega Dimension. The sadness of losing Tecna is so great that the Winx immediately attack V altor in the Cloud Tower. As a result of the attack, Griffin was freed, and Tecna was eventually found. However, Bloom falls into despair when V altor tells her that her parents are dead. Love photos of Bloom and V altor (as well as thematic drawings on this topic) are often made just from this episode.

Then, V altor broke into the Magix Museum to steal the relic, Agador's box, and managed to take possession of it using his cunning mind, despite the intervention of the Winx and Naboo. V altor puts all the spells he stole into a box to become even stronger. V altor's influence on Solaria disappears when the Winx prove that Countess Cassandra and Chimera are connected with him, after which the traitors are arrested. To defeat V altor, the Winx obtained the Water Star from the Golden Realm.

To infiltrate Alfea and steal all the spells stored there, V altor tricks Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin into fighting each other. In Alfea, he is attacked by the Winx, but he tells Bloom that he absorbed her parents, making him part ofof your body. The Winx later broke into the Cloud Tower after they learned that V altor had made Bloom invisible. She was able to contact the spirits of the ancestral witches who were still present there, learned from them that V altor never defeated or absorbed her parents, and that they are still alive and in a place inaccessible to magic. What miracles the world of Winx did not show us, fanfictions of Bloom and V altor, despite their huge popularity, were not beaten in any way in the original plot of the animated series.

A largely weakened V altor assumed his true demon-like form and used an elemental spell to flood the Cloud Tower, send a tornado into the Red Fountain, burn Alfea, and cause an earthquake in Magix. Bloom tried to find V altor to stop him, first falling into a trap, but then defeating him and releasing all the spells he had captured except for the elemental spells. When the elemental spells returned to him, the water of the lake that threatened to drown the Cloud Tower also returned to its original place, and the Winx left V altor in the caves under the lake. Even the Trix turned their backs on him when he asked them to capture the Winx because they saw his true form and fell out of love with him. He was defeated and lost all his spells. Using all his energy to keep from losing his elemental spells, he was drowned by his own water spell. All the worlds that V altor had harmed soon returned to normal. Romance, drama - "Bloom-V altor" fan fiction is far from the real passions that took place in the series.

Bloom and split V altor
Bloom and split V altor

However, he was not dead, since Bloom still felt his presence, and therefore decided to go with the experts to search for V altor's body to make sure he was dead. V altor was able to copy the power of the specialists - Galia, Brandon, Timmy and Sky - and forced them to fight against Bloom, Tekna and Stella. However, soon after, V altor was once again exposed, and Bloom used her Dragon Flame to end his protracted existence in this world. V altor was almost completely defeated when the ancestral witches told him that Dragonfire was waiting for him. He must return to him as punishment for having lost strength in his thirst for revenge. They tried to use him to carry out their own revenge and ordered him to destroy the entire Magic Dimension after he finally took on his original demonic form. The ancestral witches could not influence the outside world from the dimension they were in, but they still could influence V altor, since he was actually their son.

He was about to cross the Andros Portal to fulfill his mothers' orders, but the Winx soon arrived. Bloom, using a spell, forced her spirit to enter V altor's body and extinguish his Dragon Fire with her fairy dust, effectively destroying him from the inside. And this despite the fact that V altor had previously offered her to join him and fight the ancestral witches with him in order to save Oritel and Marion. After all, the witches were the ones who made her parents disappear. As NTs-17 fan fiction tells us, V altor and Bloom area popular couple thanks in large part to such an ambiguous ending.

Fan fiction "Bloom and V altor: Love on Ice"

"If I leave tomorrow or in three years, I can know for sure that you won't be a threat. You don't have the power to kill me now that you're in love. Tell me, who really won this war?" You figured it out yourself.

The voice coming from the camera didn't frighten V altor - at least he didn't show it. The concrete slab of the bed he lay on was cold and strained his shoulders, but his position seemed perfectly comfortable to him, as if the small space didn't annoy him, and he didn't care that his favorite burgundy jacket was now nothing more than a tattered piece of fabric hanging on the body.

His eyes slowly slid across the camera, landing on a figure partially obscured by darkness. "Now it's my turn?" he asked, his voice tight with excitement. "I thought the Powers that created the world planned it all, and I just went my own way."

"A joke about something so serious. You're in your repertoire." The voice was soft but clear, and V altor knew it better than his owner thought. He felt a thrill and indecision that had once been rare but now seemed to be present in every meeting they had. At every court session, when she got up to talk about how terrible he was, he heard it. Although most believed that this girl really wanted to see him dead, V altor could tell that her words were well thought out andrehearsed. A bad game was going on right in front of his eyes, but he couldn't leave the theater.

He sat down, leaning against the wall to stretch his back. "Why are you here, Bloom?" Her eyes, two shining sapphires in the darkness of the prison cell, narrowed and did not make contact with him. "I came to help." Now that was interesting. "Really?"

"Tomorrow, the last day of judgment."

V altor nodded slowly. "I heard and it's important because…"

"How about the idea that the judge will reject the jury twenty seconds before the end of the trial to find you guilty, no matter what two hours they have to start the actual session?"

He shrugged. "And also…"

She sighed in exasperation and finally stepped forward, her heels clicking on the concrete floor. "They will take you back to Omega."

The man put his chin on his knee. "Yes, it was the right decision for a dark wizard who wished to enslave the entire Magic Dimension."

"Do you care that you are so close to death?"

He chuckled. "The omega doesn't kill you my dear, it would just ruin all the fun in life. Confinement in a pile of ice forever until you go insane…"

"Or until a bunch of already crazy witches set you free." The shadow of a smile appeared on her lips, as if she was trying to lighten the mood.

The sound of footsteps outside the cell destroyed the almost friendly feeling in the air. V altor lookedat her, and she stepped back into the shadows where she could not be seen. When she was out of sight, he leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep. The sound of footsteps got closer, and the darkness behind his eyelids deepened, clearly indicating that the guard had stopped right in front of the camera. There was silence for a few seconds, and then the sound of receding footsteps was heard.

V altor kisses Bloom
V altor kisses Bloom

After a moment, V altor opened his eyes. Bloom looked down the corridor through the crates. "We have some time until he returns."

He arched an eyebrow. "What do you suggest?"

"I will release you," she said simply. "I know all the back routes and security flaws. It might take a while, but we can create an illusory spell and before they expose us, we'll be halfway to Earth."

"Why Earth?" He tried to ignore the humor in her voice.

"The last thing they expect to find you is there. While they're looking for you, I can convince the court that you're somewhere else…"

"Won't I be there?"

Bloom rolled his eyes. "It's not funny."

"I'm not laughing".

She stopped moving. It looked like she was waking up from a nightmare, but the nightmare was real, not what was in her head. Her eyes fell on him, guarded for the first time in months. "I'm serious," she finally said, her voice careful.

"Me too," he replied lazilystretching. "Honestly, Bloom, what do you think? A few late night trips to Cloud Tower have changed your idea of who I am? I was created solely from dark matter and Great Dragon's fire. Darkness will always be a part of me."

"But you said…"

"I know well what I said. And did you believe it? I lied to you many times, my dear, why not?"

Bloom leaned against the wall as if she could reach the area of the closed cell where the words couldn't reach her. "You're lying," she insisted, but he heard the nervousness in her voice and knew she was doubting herself. "I know you exist. V altor, I know you wouldn't say that."

This time he laughed. "V altor, you know, maybe I have a split personality."

"But you… you saved my life…"

"Isn't it fun to kill an enemy you never got to know properly?"

"Cloud tower. That kiss…"

"What about this?"

"You and me…"

He raised an eyebrow, already anticipating what she was trying to say. "Do you think that one little night together changed the plan I had in my head for the last seventeen years? You really are more naive than I thought, Bloom."

"You said you loved me," she finally whispered.

A small sigh came from his chest, but he suppressed it. "Yes, I do."

She almost cried, but she still insisted. "What youmean?"

He leaned forward and raised an eyebrow, his usual smirk crossing his face. "What do you think?"

V altor felt more than he saw when she put the illusion on the camera. In the next second, he was thrown against the wall and encased in fiery chains that burned what was left of his jacket before consuming his flesh. The pain was hellish, but he kept his composure. Bloom in front of him was now very different from everything he had seen before: she was more determined, angrier, and she was overwhelmed with despair. "I hate you," she muttered.

"You don't hate me, you hate how I play this game. You thought I wouldn't stoop to manipulate your feelings, but you were wrong. I think big, bad V altor was worse than you thought, huh?"

She was trembling. V altor was impressed that she kept the mask of composure for so long until she gave vent to her emotions. "You will pay for what you did," she insisted, taking a few bold steps forward and looking him straight in the eye. "Tomorrow they will find you guilty and return you to Omega forever. I will still win this war."

He laughed again. "Really? Your presence here made it clear that there is a way out of this place to bypass the security system, and I can use this information when you leave. I could even wait for the trial and allow myself to be imprisoned in Omega, so that everything about me I had time to forget. I slipped away once, I have no idea what can prevent me from doing it again. And as soon as I do, II will start the cycle again and again - go around all the planets and steal every spellbook and source until I get my way."

"I stopped you once. Why don't I do it again?"

"You love me," he replied simply. "That's the best part of it all. You're confused by the fact that I manipulated you, but you can't just control those feelings. I'll run away tomorrow or three years later, now I have a trump card in our war. You won't have the guts to kill me, which means you'll stay away from me or eventually succumb to me. Tell me Bloom…" he leaned over and looked straight ahead in her watery blue eyes - "who won the war?"

She exploded, releasing all her energy. He expected this to repulse him, but to his surprise he found that she attacked everyone in the cell except him. Even when the chains on his arms were gone, he could see burn marks on her shirt. She was trembling, tears rolling down her cheeks. He remained calm and fell back into that uncomfortable bed. "Kiss for release?" he asked in an overly sweet tone and a smirk on his face.

"Go to hell," she replied.

"But then you'll never see me again."

She looked into his eyes and he wondered if she was really going to kiss him. But she turned away and disappeared in a cloud of smoke and dust. The spells are gone, but the feeling of sadness and despair still remains. It would be interesting to see how she will behave tomorrow at the meeting, if at all.will come. It would also be interesting to try and convince himself that what he just said to her was really for the best.

Fan fiction "Bloom and V altor: The Eighth Sin"

The plot of this fanfiction deviates a little from our usual third season. There will be unexpected reactions from Bloom and a very unusual relationship with V altor, which makes him especially interesting and popular. The love art of Bloom and V altora is the perfect cover for this fanfic.

V altor saves Bloom
V altor saves Bloom

Another famous fanfic

Summary to the fanfiction "V altor and Bloom: Moonlight Night":

"One extra sound and Alfea will be destroyed. The fate of your friends is in your hands, dear Bloom," he frowned arrogantly, pressing his tongue to her cheek, listening with pleasure to the girl's animated breathing. "Are you… bluffing?" "What if I'm not bluffing? Will you risk your life and the lives of your friends?"

Whatever the Winx fandom is famous for, fan fiction about Bloom and V altor is its pearl. But not only this fandom is known for interesting romantic stories.

The best fanfiction in the world

The best fanfic of all is deservedly considered the fanfic "I am the Moon - the Cosmos in you". It has nothing to do with the Winx setting, but fans of all fandoms adore it - from Naruto and Winx to Twilight and 50 shades of gray. The finished "I am the moon" fanfics describe the interactions between the characters of this famous series, and there are not many masterpieces among them. "Space in you" is peculiarexception.