How to draw a spider: step by step instructions for beginners

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How to draw a spider: step by step instructions for beginners
How to draw a spider: step by step instructions for beginners

Video: How to draw a spider: step by step instructions for beginners

Video: How to draw a spider: step by step instructions for beginners
Video: How to Draw a Spider - drawing tutorial for beginners or kids 2023, October

Spiders are drawn much less often than beautiful butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. Many people find their appearance intimidating. Meanwhile, these are very interesting insects, although scientists classify them as a separate class of arachnids. Pictures with their image look impressive. Let's talk about how to draw a spider and boldly face your fears.


Spiders are the oldest creatures that appeared 2.5 billion years ago. The oldest cobweb found on earth is preserved in a piece of amber. Its age is 100 million years. Despite the fact that all this time humans and spiders have lived side by side, we know little about our tiny neighbors.

To understand how to draw a spider, you need to consider its structure. This arachnid must be distinguished from insects, to which it is often mistakenly attributed. Let's take a closer look at the differences:

  • Insects have 6 legs, while spiders have 8. In addition, the latter have small limbs (chelicerae) near the mouth. They end in poisonous claws.
  • Insect head is movable. And in a spider, it is combined with the neck and is called the cephalothorax. There is a tiny connecting tube between it and the abdomen.
  • Insects have 2 eyes, while among spiders this is a rarity. Most often they have 8 eyes, and in some species this number reaches 12.
  • Spiders don't have antennae like insects. They sense taste and smell with the help of hairs located on their legs.

Pictures for babies

How easy is it to draw a spider with a preschooler? For kids, the details are not important, the main thing is to convey the general appearance of the spider. It is not difficult to do this. The body of a cheerful spider can be depicted as a circle. Then eyes and a cheerful smile are drawn. Paws in the form of broken lines are added to the body. There should be exactly eight of them.

funny spider
funny spider

To the spider you can draw an inclined line going from above. This is a web thread on which a tiny creature swings. A little artist can paint it in any color he likes.

Spider for older kids

If a child holds a pencil confidently, more difficult techniques can be mastered. At the same time, you will get acquainted with the structure of these unusual animals. How to draw a spider with a pencil step by step?

how to draw a spider in 9 steps
how to draw a spider in 9 steps

Follow the simple instructions:

  1. Draw an oval, elongated from the sides. It will become the belly of the spider.
  2. Draw a smaller cephalothorax at the bottom of the oval.
  3. Draw on it 8 round eyes of differentsize.
  4. In the center of each put dots (pupils).
  5. Under the eyes draw a mouth. Spiders are sometimes portrayed as toothy in children's books, and you can do the same. However, in fact, they do not have teeth, but there are two processes near the jaw (chelicerae).
  6. Draw 4 paws on the left with curved lines, giving them volume.
  7. Do the same action on the right side. It is desirable that the legs are symmetrical.
  8. Paint the spider with your chosen colors. On the abdomen, animals may have spots, stripes or patterns. The picture is ready.

Drawing a web

Inside the spiders are small "looms". The lace nets woven by them are very beautiful and durable. If the thickness of the thread was increased to the diameter of a pencil, the web could stop a plane flying at full speed. Scientists have not yet been able to artificially recreate a material of the same strength in scientific laboratories.

spider on the web
spider on the web

How to draw a spider weaving a web step by step? This is easy to do by following these steps:

  1. Draw a base with two perpendicular lines. Their length depends on the size of the web.
  2. Draw two more diagonal lines through the intersection point of the lines. It is better that the distance between them is the same.
  3. The resulting segments of the web must be connected to each other with rounded lines. You can draw them at different distances from each other and at different angles. This will make the web more believable.
  4. It remains to draw a little spider. Its body consists of an abdomen,pointed down, and oval cephalothorax.
  5. 8 curved legs extend from the front of the body to the sides.
  6. Small chelicerae protrude from the front of the cephalothorax.
  7. The picture can be colored with a simple pencil or paints. In the latter case, you can place a web in the forest, among beautiful greenery, depict brilliant dew on thin threads.


How to draw a spider so that it looks like a real one as much as possible? There is nothing difficult in this. Here are some helpful hints:

spider drawing
spider drawing
  • Depicting a spider starts from the torso. First make sketches with a simple pencil. The abdomen is usually oval in shape. The cephalothorax is rounded, smaller. The body can be covered with stripes or a pattern.
  • On the cephalothorax are two small processes - chelicerae. They look like tiny teeth.
  • The paws are drawn with thin sketch lines that can be easily erased.
  • Curved rectangles are drawn at the base of the legs. The remaining segments of the paws are added to them. They become narrower as they move away from the body.
  • All auxiliary lines are erased. It is better to circle the contours by pressing on the pencil. To give the spider volume, shading is applied. You need to darken the edges of the abdomen, head and legs.

Predatory tarantula

Some people keep these spiders at home instead of pets. Tarantulas perfectly feel the mood of their beloved owner, play with pleasure, dance to the music and protect family members in case of danger.

how to draw a tarantula
how to draw a tarantula

To depict them, follow the instructions below:

  1. Draw the body as two convex ovals.
  2. Draw 8 legs with curved lines. Make them thick with volume.
  3. The legs are made up of articulations that look like rectangles rounded at the top and bottom.
  4. There are 8 eyes on the head.
  5. Fang-like chelicerae protrude from the jaw of a tarantula.
  6. Small leg tentacles are located on the side of them, which also need to be divided into segments.

How to draw a spider, you now know. You can put it in a wild environment by recreating a corner of a forest or jungle on a piece of paper. This creature, although it seems dangerous, attracts attention with its unusual appearance. Many spiders are very beautiful, especially if you look at them, throwing aside the usual stereotypes.