Test of the pen: rhyme to the name Vanya

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Test of the pen: rhyme to the name Vanya
Test of the pen: rhyme to the name Vanya

Video: Test of the pen: rhyme to the name Vanya

Video: Test of the pen: rhyme to the name Vanya
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There are many cases where you need to find a rhyme for another person's name. For example, you have to jokingly congratulate him on some event - winning a competition, receiving a diploma, or receiving his first salary. Nobody canceled name-calling when you want to find a convincing counterargument in response to verbal aggression. The topic of the article is a rhyme to the name Vanya.

A bit of theory

Let's talk about strict rhymes, which must be absolutely consonant with the chosen word. They not only have to end with "-nya", but also have the correct accent. Rhymes are divided into masculine, feminine, dactylic and hyperdactylic. Let's take a closer look:

  • Men's differ in the emphasis on the last syllable (house manager).
  • Female - penultimate (mom).
  • Dactylic - on the 3rd syllable from the end (last).
  • Hyperdactylic - on the 4th or more syllable from the end (poetic).

Strict rhyme to the name Vanya is a word with "-nya" at the end and stress on the penultimate syllable (feminine rhyme). Consider suitable options: bath, nanny, Sanya, Tanya, bedroom, matanya, Mishanya. These are nouns in the nominative case, but there are other parts of speech. Let's take a closer look with examples.

Choosing a rhyme for the name Vanya
Choosing a rhyme for the name Vanya

Examples of strict rhymes

Compose a string with a noun:

If we have a bathhouse in front of us, Vanya is exactly in it with basins

But to compose an interesting phrase, you often need to change the case. It is worth noting that the range of nouns will expand significantly. Words with "-ne", "-ni" or "-nu" at the end are suitable for us, if they refer to a female rhyme. For example:

  • Vanya wants to take a bath.
  • Vanya - three aces in his pocket.
  • Vanya walks past the bathhouse.

For the name Vanya, gerunds ending in "-nya" with a feminine rhyme are suitable: chasing, bawling, drumming, wounding, dope, ramming, harp, trash, lasso. Example:

If the soldier's name is Vanya, let him walk, minting step

The rhyme to the name Vanya is very well chosen, if we are talking about belonging to a city, nation, territory. These words end in "-ne" and have a female rhyme: Russians, Armenians, Danes, Drevlyans, Crimeans, Kurians, Kievans, Earthlings, Kirovites. Example:

Let Vanya and I be earthlings, but we'll get a star from heaven

It is noteworthy that verbs ending in "-him", "-him" rhyme very well when it comes to female rhyme: pull up, hooligan, overstubborn, lure.

We selectrhyme for the name Vanya
We selectrhyme for the name Vanya

Offensive rhymes to the name Vanya

If a person with a given name shows aggression towards others, calls names or gives offensive nicknames, you can always find an adequate response so as not to rush at the offender with fists.

In this case, it is important to understand what character trait or personality trait we want to make fun of. We offer the following rhymes to the name Vanya:

  • Mama's boy. (Vanya needs a nanny).
  • Love for alcohol. (There is no drunker in the world than our neighbor - Uncle Vanya).
  • Inconstancy. (With whom does our Vanya sleep today - with Lyuba, Rita or Tanya?)
  • Lack of talent. (We came to the concert to Vanya - he doesn’t sing, but bawls!)
  • Greed. (Ask Vanya - just a flea in your pocket!)
  • Bad friend. (What is Vanya capable of? To ruin friendship!)

When you need to laugh

At parties, the game "Rhymer" is often held, where participants are asked to find a rhyme for a word. Around the circle, everyone offers one option. Whoever is the author of the latest version wins. Often a name is offered as a task. For example, a birthday. A game for a young man named Vanya can be turned into a joke by offering options with humor.

Funny rhyme for the name Vanya
Funny rhyme for the name Vanya

It will be interesting if you draw his portrait with the help of adjectives. We offer funny rhymes to the name Vanya:

  • weird;
  • looking for truth in a glass;
  • like a cat - mustache in sour cream;
  • dreaming about the captain;
  • organ player;
  • like a lily of the valley in a clearing;
  • heart wounded;
  • from great combinations;
  • quack on charlatan.

If a competition is offered, according to the conditions of which it is necessary to compose a quatrain in honor of the birthday man, you can use an acrostic:

The wind ruffles Vanya's forelock.

Oh, what a good young man!

But we will not marry him -

Obviously you will not find a match!