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Best Passion Quotes

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Video: Best Passion Quotes
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Passion can be destructive, or it can push a person to noble deeds. The words of great men about this phenomenon of emotional life shed light on its nature.

sense of passion in life
sense of passion in life

Schiller's words

The following quote about passion was uttered by the great German poet Friedrich Schiller:

When we passionately love someone who deserves our contempt, we painfully feel the shackles of nature.

It often happens that a person experiences bright feelings towards those who are completely unworthy of them. But how can one command the heart? Most often this is not possible. And in this case, the passion of a person plays a cruel joke with him - after all, it is then, according to Schiller, that the restrictions that his inner nature imposes on a person are most acutely felt. What to do in such a case? Perhaps this nature needs to be overcome.

La Rochefoucauld's Opinion

And this quote about passion is from François IV de La Rochefoucauld. This saying says that every passion can lead to errors. He said:

Anypassion pushes to mistakes, but love pushes to the most stupid ones.

A person who is too passionate about an idea becomes as if possessed. He forgets about other areas of life, about the need to pay attention, for example, to his he alth, or to his family. As a result, this leads to significant problems in areas that have been forgotten because of this passion.

But when it comes to love, here people get into the most annoying troubles. For example, a man may fall in love with a girl who will "lead him by the nose" because of money. When he discovers her true motives, it turns out that she has already received everything she needs from him. Or a woman blinded by passion may leave her family and children for a new love. After a while, these passionate emotions will cool down, but there will be no turning back. She will be left without the support of loved ones, as she succumbed to momentary passion.

Life force that gives movement

The following quote about passion by Voltaire describes in poetic form the benefits of a person's enthusiastic aspirations.

Passion is the winds that blow the ship's sails; the wind, however, sometimes sinks the ship, but without it the ship could not sail.

It is not uncommon to hear the opinion that any passion is evil. Many believe that the best philosophy of life should be moderation in everything. On the one hand, there is a rational grain in this opinion. After all, showing moderation, a person does not commit unnecessary actions. He retains logic and a clear mind in any life situation.

enthusiastic person
enthusiastic person

Passion can really be compared to strong winds. Sometimes they become stormy, and in this case, the metaphorical "ship" of a person's life can crash, drown. Often, because of strong emotions, you can lose the support of loved ones, work, good reputation.

But on the other hand, Voltaire is right in his quote about passion: it is emotional passion and passion that allow a person to move forward. Being seized by a strong desire to achieve a certain goal, he moves faster towards it. In this case, his aspirations, whatever they may concern, will move him forward to his cherished dream.

Ludwig Feuerbach's statement

Quotes about passions show that they are not always destructive for a person. On the contrary, in some cases a strong aspiration allows one to achieve those goals that normally require very great effort. This is evidenced by a quote belonging to L. Feuerbach:

In an enthusiastic state, a person is able to do what is otherwise directly impossible. The passions work miracles, that is, actions that exceed the powers of the organ in its normal, impassive state.

Often in a state of strong emotional arousal, a person is capable of such actions that would be impossible for him without these emotions. Physical strength in the normal state would not be enough to do such things. It is strong experiences that make you move forward, achieve even those goals that seem far and practically unattainable.

In this sense, a quote aboutFeuerbach's passion reveals the same facet of this experience as the words of Voltaire. These statements demonstrate that without passions and desires, a person's life would be empty, aimless. On the contrary, passion and strong aspirations are an indispensable "fuel" that allows you to achieve sometimes impossible goals.

On self-management

Many quotes about passions teach how to get the better of them, and how not to succumb to their powerful influence. For example, one such statement is the following, by Henry Shaw:

Virtue does not consist in the absence of passions, but in the management of them.

figurine of a passionate man
figurine of a passionate man

People can boast that they have no desires, and they are completely renounced from the temptations of this world. But such a virtue is highly questionable. After all, much more courage is needed for a person to rise above his passions, and not just give up on them. Those who do not suppress their emotions, but intelligently manage them, actually live a much richer and more fulfilling life. At the same time, such a person will not suffer from the destructive consequences of emotions overflowing their banks.

Quotes about passion and temptation

Many statements on this topic also apply to the sphere of sensual passions. Some consider them destructive. Others, on the contrary, believe that it is this kind of passion that gives a person a feeling of fullness of life.

love and passion
love and passion

An opinion that reflects a critical attitude is expressed in the words of the French writer Emile Zola: “There is no sin heavierpassions. Indeed, many tend to condemn too strong experiences that overshadow the mind, deprive the ability to sensibly assess the situation.

But there are other statements about passions of this kind. Some words condemn strong experiences, others give recommendations on how to deal with them. Here are some such quotes:

It is passion that makes a kiss sweet; it is love that makes the kiss act. Christian Bowie

In the fight against seductive thoughts, it is useful to seek the company of people more virtuous than yourself. Epictetus

I can resist anything but temptation. Oscar Wilde

Love and passion are experiences that are part and parcel of human nature. We cannot unequivocally condemn them. And the statements of prominent personalities help to understand whether they are good or bad.