10 Years Younger Program: How to become a member. "10 years younger": casting features
10 Years Younger Program: How to become a member. "10 years younger": casting features

Video: 10 Years Younger Program: How to become a member. "10 years younger": casting features

Video: 10 Years Younger Program: How to become a member. "10 years younger": casting features
Video: Amazing Dental Makeover! (10 years Younger) | Luxeria 2023, October

Many people love this program very much and often wonder how to become a member. "10 Years Younger" has a main feature - these are cardinal differences before and after the project. As a rule, simple women come here, poorly dressed and forgetting about taking care of themselves. And they return to their relatives as young and energetic girls.

Popular format

The history of the 10 Years Younger project began far beyond the borders of Russia. For the first time, a program with this name was released in the UK more than 10 years ago and gained incredible popularity. Its analogues are on television in many countries of the world - New Zealand, the USA and, of course, Russia.

What is the show about?

How to become a member 10 years younger
How to become a member 10 years younger

The plot of the program is as follows: a hero or heroine comes in order to change his appearance and life in general. A large team of professionals works with a person for 10 days. These include:

  • plastic surgeon;
  • stylist;
  • dentist;
  • hairdresser;
  • makeup artist.

They all do what makes the heroine of the showlooks at least 10 years younger. How to become a member of this project, you can find out by phone or on the website.

Svetlana Abramova about the transfer

The host of the project is Svetlana Abramova. In her interview, she not only told how to become a member of 10 Years Younger, but also shared the story of the show's creation in Russia and how it helps heroines gain self-confidence, sometimes lost over the years.

The woman said that this project is the first of its kind in our country. TV show "10 years younger" ("Channel 1") started relatively recently.

Project history 10 years younger
Project history 10 years younger

As part of the show, the participants undergo serious plastic surgery, and its directors found it extremely difficult to find professionals who could perform this for the general public.

Is the audience ready for shows like this?

If you pay attention to reviews, users are not only looking for information on how to become a member. “10 Years Younger” is a program that everyone wants to share their impressions about. And opinions are very mixed. Some share the opinion of the host of the show that such projects help people gain confidence in themselves and get rid of depression. Others say that it's disgusting to watch this on TV, and such shows are designed to confirm the stereotype that for women, the main thing is appearance.

Who works with the members?

As already mentioned, there are a number of specialists who work with the heroes of the 10 Years Younger program. How to become a participant in the show - we will tell a little later, butnow let's learn more about the people who are directly involved in the transformation.

Show 10 years younger
Show 10 years younger

Plastic surgeon Sergei Nikolaevich Blokhin is a professor, one of the most sought-after specialists in this field in our country. He is also the head of the profile private hospital "Frau Clinic". He is known for being the first in Russia to begin performing operations such as mastopexy and breast arthroplasty. To date, Sergei Nikolayevich has performed more than 20 thousand plastic and reconstructive surgeries in our country and abroad. There are thousands of people waiting in line for it. And only thanks to the show "10 years younger" it is much easier to become a client of this specialist.

Who else helps the transformation?

The "10 years younger" program, which almost everyone has the opportunity to become a member of, by sending their questionnaire to the organizers, also cooperates with such specialists on an ongoing basis:

  • Shinberg O. E. - candidate of medical sciences and chief physician of the Intermedservice center, dentist. He believes that the technologies of the future, among other things, should include the ability to treat teeth without the use of a drill, which is so disliked by many children and even adults.
  • Ekaterina Gershuni - image maker and designer. She is a regular participant in fashion shoots for the most famous glossy publications in Russia. Gershuni has created images for popular television programs and major advertising campaigns. Engaged in private consultations onoverall image around the world.
  • Evgeny Zhuk - hair stylist. He is engaged in creating an image for the stars of domestic show business and its transformation. In addition, this is not only a stylist, but also a makeup artist, designer and even a psychologist. It is he who is engaged in the individual selection of the image for each participant in the show "10 years younger" ("Channel 1"). How to become a member of the program - you can find out on the project website.
TV show 10 years younger 1 channel
TV show 10 years younger 1 channel

New life

How exactly does the life of those who decide to become the hero of the show “10 years younger” change? Participation in the program ("Channel One") can be accepted by anyone, if he is lucky.

Participation in the project 10 years younger than the first channel
Participation in the project 10 years younger than the first channel

One of the first heroines of the program is 50-year-old Irina Kuznetsova. Her story is very sad. Irina had an extremely difficult divorce, after which she was left alone with three children. The youngest daughter is 12 years old, and Irina also has a 9-year-old grandson.

Quite often she is mistaken for a grandmother on the street, and not for the girl's mother, of course, this cannot but sadden. The daughter also wants her mother to look young and beautiful. It was for her and her new life that Irina came to the program.

The result did not disappoint her. After the project, she saw the world in a completely new way and realized that after a divorce, it does not collapse.

Celebrities in the project: Ksenia Strizh

Sometimes well-known people take part in the project “10 years younger” (“Channel One”). Once a popular presenter came to the showtelevision and radio Ksenia Strizh. She was incredibly popular in the 90s, but now she is almost forgotten. Thanks to participation in the program, Ksenia wants to return to work in the media. After the end of the project, she got rid of wrinkles and acquired an attractive smile.

Natalya Shturm

This woman can rightfully be called a domestic sex symbol of the same 90s. Despite her age, Natalia continues to be a success with men. Not so long ago, she began a relationship with a man who is 17 years younger than her. To be as self-confident as possible, Natalia came to the popular show as a participant.

During the program, she had breast augmentation, teeth restoration, face lift and blepharoplasty.

How to become a member?

“10 years younger” is basically a program for everyone. First you need to fill out a form and wait for an invitation to the casting from the organizers.

Program 10 years younger become a member
Program 10 years younger become a member

If you are selected to participate, your next steps will be:

  • Don't plan anything for the next month. One series of the program will be filmed for about 2 weeks. Also allow time for recovery after plastic surgery and dentistry.
  • Tell me all about your he alth. Do not hide information about the presence of chronic diseases and possible contraindications to certain manipulations. This is especially true of the consequences of surgical intervention.
  • Get the necessary tests.
  • Do not interfere with the work of specialists and trustim.
  • Provide your accommodation for a television crew.

Is there a fee to participate?

Many also wonder if you need to pay for your participation in this program. But you shouldn't worry. If you passed the casting and became the hero of the show, all procedures will be paid by the TV channel.

This includes the following:

  • cost of plastic surgery;
  • cosmetic services;
  • dental services;
  • image creation - makeup, wardrobe selection and hairstyles.

If a person comes from another region of the country, then he is also paid for travel to the capital in both directions and accommodation in Moscow during the filming of the program.

TV Reviews

The program "10 years younger", as already mentioned, receives mixed reviews from viewers. Most of them agree that the most interesting and positive thing is the end result of the work of specialists. It is always a pleasure to contemplate how elderly, tired of life, groomed women are made young and fit, with a sincere smile on their faces.

10 years younger participation in the First Channel program
10 years younger participation in the First Channel program

But a lot of viewers are condemning the process of transformation and the attitude of specialists towards the project participants. In their opinion, they do not deserve such reproaches and censures regarding the fact that they looked after themselves poorly. Everyone in life had different situations, and not every woman had the opportunity to pay attention to appearance.

Recommendations from viewers

The audience on the other side of the screen believes that the program On 10years younger” there are things that should be omitted, while others, on the contrary, should be given more attention.

So, for example, you shouldn't criticize the heroines at the beginning of the program too much, who already have mostly self-esteem problems. This does not please not only themselves, but also those who watch the program. After all, many spectators are in many ways similar to them and take everything personally.

What else is worth talking about?

And what, according to the viewers, is missing the most in this show? Let's find out:

  • Information about what medical examinations and procedures you need to undergo before going under the knife of a plastic surgeon.
  • What are the consequences of the operation (even if the person had no contraindications), in which cases it is better to refuse it.
  • Exactly how recovery works. Experienced people know that this period is very long and painful, they have to deal with scars and bruises, and not go out in public for months. The program does not say anything about this.
  • Of course, the operation is free of charge for participants. However, those who watch TV will probably be wondering how much it can cost in a clinic. Also, many may be interested in the cost of other procedures that are provided to the heroines of the program.

Plastic propaganda?

There are also viewers who consider the 10 Years Younger program an indirect advertisement of a clinic whose specialist works with the participants, and the show itself is a direct promotion of plastic surgery.

So, in their opinion, if you take any of the heroines, dothem a modern make-up, hairstyle, pick up a beautiful outfit, then they will not need any surgical intervention.

Also, do not forget that they mostly come in their everyday form, but leave in the front door. Agree that no one will wear stilettos and dresses every day. A much greater effect will be given by the fact that a woman will accustom herself to perform daily small self-care procedures: apply creams, scrubs, periodically take therapeutic baths. It is also important to take care of your hair on an ongoing basis, to be able to choose the right clothes even for every day.

Despite the fact that opinions are different and there are a lot of them, this show is very popular among the viewers of Channel One. It is always interesting to observe the reincarnations of people, especially knowing what stages such a transformation consists of and what each of them includes. You may also want to join the program after watching.