Quotes about the library, librarians and books

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Quotes about the library, librarians and books
Quotes about the library, librarians and books

Video: Quotes about the library, librarians and books

Video: Quotes about the library, librarians and books
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Progress gives people almost unlimited access to a wide variety of information. This significantly influenced the popularity of libraries. If earlier they were filled with students and just reading people, now for the most part they look into it just for the sake of curiosity. Such an attitude is a big mistake. Seeing a library as a collection of books is like judging a book by its cover.

Her value

Library of Alexandria
Library of Alexandria

"Libraries are the treasuries of all the riches of the human spirit" - it is difficult to dispute such a statement by G. Leibniz. It contains both direct and figurative meaning. At a time when books were not yet printed in large quantities, they could be purchased for a lot of money. To have a library of impressive size at home meant the presence of the fortune and status of its owner. That is why the books then really had the status of a treasure.

In a figurative sense, a library is equivalent to a treasure trove, since it canbe collected stories from all over the world, about people whose fates are shared by entire eras.

How many days of work, how many nights without sleep, how many efforts of the mind, how many hopes and fears, how many long lives of diligent study are poured here in small typographic fonts and squeezed into the cramped space of the shelves around us! (Adam Smith)

She can be both a teacher, revealing knowledge about the world, and an assistant, because from her you can learn a lot of advice that will help in a difficult situation. The book often becomes a harsh critic, denouncing the most unsightly vices of mankind, in the hope that this will make people change their minds and not make such mistakes again.

That's why so many quotes about libraries have survived to this day.

A kind of art

Library of Congress
Library of Congress

Some quotes about the library prove that finding the right books and keeping them in order is a kind of art. And not everyone can master it. Limitation of the mind, lack of taste can manifest itself here as never before. A smart, well-read person who is well versed in literature will be able to assess the intellectual potential of the library owner at a glance.

A library entrusted to an ignoramus is like a harem ruled by a eunuch. (Voltaire)

How many of these gentlemen, on whose libraries one could stick, as on pharmacy bottles, the inscription: "For external use." (Alphonse Daudet)

Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are. It is possible to form a correct concept of the mind andcharacter of a man by examining his library. (Louis Jean Joseph Blanc)

Quality not quantity

british library
british library

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "library" is a huge number of tall shelves with hundreds of books. Their contemplation sometimes awakens a feeling of reverent awe. When a librarian wanders into its bowels in search of the right book, it seems that without a map he will never return.

However, a huge number of volumes is not always a sign of a good library. The presence in it of unique books, works of the best authors - that's what makes it worthy of attention. There may be few of them, but after getting acquainted with the work of each, an indelible impression remains. The quotes of the greats about the library, where its quality is more valuable than the size, serve as confirmation of this.

A large library dispels rather than teaches the reader. It is much better to confine oneself to a few authors than to rashly read many. (Lucius Annaeus Seneca (junior))

Many books in a library are often a crowd of witnesses to the ignorance of its owner. (Axel Oxenstierna)

Modern man is in front of the Himalayas of libraries in the position of a gold digger who needs to find grains of gold in a mass of sand. (S. I. Vavilov)

Compass, photo album and time machine

A very unusual characteristic of a library, but with some clarification, it becomes quite reasonable. It contains many books, where the reader opens up a variety of routes. These are amazing expeditions to uncharted corners of the earth and the search for lost treasures, the path to which can be read from the map. Thus, the book serves as a kind of compass. Together with him, you can explore the world without leaving the walls of the library.

The stories that are revealed to us are filled with amazing pictures. Descriptions of the world of animals, mythical monsters make the imagination imagine the most unimaginable. A whole world is hidden inside the book, and the author describes its landscapes, panoramas of the city. So, in our imagination, pictures appear every now and then, as if we were flipping through a photo album.

How to imagine yourself as a resident of a medieval village, a participant in a legendary historical battle, or to visit a spaceship that is created in the future? Just pick up a book. Thus, the library may well be considered a time machine. It will take you to any era. Here are some more quotes about the library on the subject.

Rome, Florence, all sultry Italy are between the four walls of his library. In his books - all the ruins of the ancient world, all the splendor and glory of the new! (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Library is not only a book. First of all, it is a colossal concentrate of compressed time, as if conjugation of millennia of human thought… (M. Shaginyan)

Great teacher

Oxford Library
Oxford Library

One of the main vocations of the library is to help a person get to know this world, improve his intellect, and expand the horizons of his worldview. For many centuries, within its walls, people embarked on the path of the greatest discoveries. The ability to find the right book, study it, selecting what is important for oneself - all this develops in the best possible way in the library.

In the age of the Internet, it is increasingly difficult for books to remain as popular as they are. However, any researcher who wants his work to claim authority goes to the library.

Any learning process will only be complete when a person has good knowledge not only about modern achievements, but also about discoveries made centuries ago. The following quotes about the library will help you verify this.

What a pleasure it is to be in a good library. Looking at books is already happiness. Before you is a feast worthy of the gods; you realize that you can take part in it and fill your cup to the brim. (William Makepeace Thackeray)

Multiply your library - not to have many books, but to enlighten your mind, to educate your heart, to elevate your soul with the creative works of great geniuses. (V. G. Belinsky)

The guarantee of the best and mightiest development, the benefit and strength of cities is to have a diverse, knowledgeable, intelligent, honest and well-mannered citizens … Therefore, cities and, in particular, large cities with sufficient funds, should not spare money for the acquisition of good books and book depositories. (Luther)

Friend and psychologist

John Ryland Library
John Ryland Library

Not every person can freely find a common language with other people. He is alien to the vanity and commercialism of those who see only a chance in every new day.to survive, to get something, leaving others behind. It is difficult for such a person to fit into the rhythm of life familiar to others, and he is desperately looking for his niche, a secluded corner where no one will consider him strange or eccentric. Here his thoughts will stop chaotically rushing about, his mind will clear up, all problems will remain outside and there will be time for himself.

Someone simply does not have a friend or relative nearby who would like to open his soul, tell about his experiences. Books, their heroes, whose fates are sometimes very similar to ours, help to understand how to live on, which path to choose, how to overcome difficulties. Therefore, if you need advice, then you can find it not only in the psychologist's office, but also in the library.

Each of us can find in the library peace of mind, comfort in sorrow, moral renewal and happiness, if only he knows how to "possess that precious key that unlocks the mysterious door of this treasury" (Matthews). (Lubbock)

I love libraries, I like to stay in them, I know how to leave on time. I have been reproached for this more than once, but I am only proud of it. You have to be a library reader, but not a library rat. (France)

The book is the friend of the lonely, and the library is the refuge of the homeless. (S. Vitnitsky)

A good library provides support in every mood. (Ch. Talleyrand)

Her guardian

Vatican Library
Vatican Library

A librarian is a guide to a wonderful world, a wise adviser and custodian of countless knowledge. The ruler of the state is proud of each newoccupied territory, the librarian has a rack with books. It's great when he loves his job, instantly understands what the visitor is asking for, skillfully selects a list of necessary works. Just as the seller assesses the tastes and preferences of the client, exchanging just a couple of phrases with him, the librarian knows what to draw the visitor's attention to. This shows his skill. This is confirmed by the following quotes about the library and librarians.

The librarian who does not like to read is no good, who, reading an interesting book, does not forget everything in the world. (N. K. Krupskaya)

Why, out of hundreds of professions, did I choose the profession of a librarian? Love for books, for reading? No, not only that. The main thing, in my opinion, is that the person who gives the book brings people the light of knowledge, helps through the book to overcome their doubts, disappointments, to experience true moments of happiness. ("The Librarian")

Being a librarian is like riding a bike: if you stop pedaling and moving forward, you fall. (D. Schumacher)

Pledge of popularity

The age of technology, the creation of various gadgets, the Internet - all this has reduced the number of people visiting the library. The availability of information is captivating, because it is so tempting to just type the right question in the search box or download the electronic version of the book.

Another impediment to the return of libraries was the decline in interest in reading. A huge number of cartoons, videos on YouTube channels, millions of applications that children get acquainted with, have not yet learned how toit should be said that all this discouraged the younger generation from wanting to read. Why strain your imagination imagining a character in your head when you can watch it online.

Children need to be taught the importance of reading books. But for starters, parents themselves should know about it. A few quotes about the library and reading will convince them of the truth of this statement.

He who can't read has no advantage over the one who can't read. (M. Twain)

The art of reading is the art of thinking with some help from another. (E. Faguet)

Readers and book connoisseurs often refer to books as "their friends", considering this comparison to be the highest praise. (D. Lubbock)

Love for a book

State Library in Berlin
State Library in Berlin

Respect and love for books originated a long time ago. However, intelligent, educated and civilized people still treat it with awe. It must always be remembered that it is more than a hard cover and a couple of hundred paper pages. The book is the answer to many questions, it contains stories about the prosperity and fall of empires, about love and betrayal, about the past and the future. She certainly deserves respect. Therefore, it is worth remembering the quotes about the library and the book.

The book, one of the greatest inventions of the human mind, enriches our lives with experience. What happiness it is for a person that he is given the opportunity to be friends with a book and use its inexhaustible wisdom. (A. Gorbatov)

Books collect the pearls of human thought and transmit themoffspring. We will turn into a handful of dust, but books, like monuments of iron and stone, remain forever. (M. Aibek)

Love a book, it makes your life easier, it will help you sort out the motley and stormy confusion of thoughts, feelings, events, it will teach you to respect a person and yourself, it inspires the mind and heart with a feeling of love for the world, for humanity. (M. Gorky)

Your holiday

Library means so much in a person's life that it could not help but get its own holiday. World Library Day is celebrated on the last Monday in October. It was first held in 1999. It was initiated by UNESCO.

Russia has its own holiday. It takes place on May 27th. Here, library day is also professional, as librarians are also congratulated.


Visiting the library is necessary regardless of the development of progress. Sometimes even its atmosphere can inspire, encourage new knowledge. If you are planning to visit a country, take a look at the libraries available there. Some of them are so beautiful that they can compete with famous museums.