Jokes about skydivers, instructors

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Jokes about skydivers, instructors
Jokes about skydivers, instructors

Video: Jokes about skydivers, instructors

Video: Jokes about skydivers, instructors
Video: Skydive Instructor Plays Jokes On First Timer 2023, September

Jokes are an integral part of the fun for many companies. Often, in order to have a good time, it is not at all necessary to go somewhere out of town, it takes a long time to prepare, so that later you can test yourself under the hot sun for a day. For some, a couple of friends are enough with whom you can have a good rest within the walls of your home. And if these friends have a couple of funny jokes with them, then a fun evening is 100% guaranteed.

funny jokes
funny jokes

The most popular among men are jokes about mother-in-law, about blondes, and, of course, jokes about skydivers. Such funny stories are filled with funny moments from the life of those who love extreme sports, heights, and everything connected with it. Below is a selection of the best jokes on this topic.

Jokes about skydivers

The wife decided to learn skydiving. She goes to the first lesson, after which she comes home and shares her impressions with her husband:

- Honey, it turns out skydiving isn't as easy as I used to think. All this requires effort, patience and great courage.

- Nothing, love! Everything will work out! You try to look at the birds while jumping. They fly so well. And they don't have much brains, so I'm sure you will succeed!

funny smiley
funny smiley

The husband who dreamed of skydiving all his life will finally fulfill his dream. His wife gave him a gift certificate for his birthday. The husband, of course, was delighted, headlong went to take a briefing before the jump. Returns home after fulfilling his dream, and says to his wife:

I thought the jokes about skydivers were all wrong. I thought it was a purely male occupation until some guy came up behind me and said:

- Relax honey, everything will be fine. I'll do it myself!

Joke about skydiver and instructor

performing a jump
performing a jump

An inexperienced skydiver stands before the jump and asks the instructor:

- Are you sure that my landing will be successful?


- In all my practice, I have never seen a skydiver who would get stuck in the air!!! Of course you will land!

Joke about witty skydivers

Inexperienced beginners before skydiving decided to outwit the commission by tying bags of earth to parachutes. At that time, they themselves agreed to sit in the bushes and watch what was happening.

It's time to jump, the commission is already in place, "skydivers"in the bushes, and now the bags are flying. And then one of them breaks away from the parachute and falls straight into the bushes where the students were sitting. From there, one of them runs out and shouts:

- You can kill yourself with such teachings!!!

Joke about an unopened parachute ring

Young skydivers get acquainted with the basics of jumping at one of the first lessons. The instructor says:

- Today our main task is to master long jumps. First jump, then count to ten and open the ring. Then you will land.

One of the students jumps, counts, lands. The second jumped, counts, and just before landing, another one flies past him and counts:

- Wheeee-you-you-you-you-reeeeeee.

Joke about a paratrooper who landed at the wrong time

Among the jokes about paratroopers, there are many that are ironic about the service in the Airborne Forces.

During the exercises, the paratroopers were given the task to jump with a parachute in such a way that the landing was at a certain point. One jumped - coped with the task. The second and third did the same. It was Sidorov's turn to jump with a parachute, he shouted:

- I've already tried three times - the parachute fails all the time - does not open.

At that moment, a meeting was held at the collective farm, over which a helicopter was flying with students. Head told:

- This is not the first time I have been observing this: riots are everywhere, the grass has not been mowed, the tractor drivers are sleeping under the degree on the brigade, the milkmaids are all on vacation, the field has not been harvested, the trees have not been cut, the stakes have not been cleaned.

Suddenly a terrible roar comes from the barn - fellSidorov.

- And the skydiver is in the liver already!!!

This joke about a paratrooper and a collective farm is one of the paratroopers' favorites.