Movies with cars. Review of feature films about racing and cars

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Movies with cars. Review of feature films about racing and cars
Movies with cars. Review of feature films about racing and cars

Video: Movies with cars. Review of feature films about racing and cars

Video: Movies with cars. Review of feature films about racing and cars
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Today, you can find many interesting films that show presentable cars and professional racers. From such films, not only the guys are breathtaking, but also many girls who dream of a fast ride. Spectacular racing, adventure thrillers about drivers, crime action films with cars and other tapes about cars - in the article below.

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point is a 1971 film that tells the story of a man named Kowalski. He makes a living by driving cars from one city to another. The next task of the hero is the white Dodge Challenger. He needs to drive a car from Denver to San Francisco. On the road, Kowalski is trying to stop the police, but the driver does not obey and stubbornly avoids pursuit, trying not to hurt any of the guards of the law.

Image"Vanishing Point"
Image"Vanishing Point"

The 1971 film "Vanishing Point" featured actors such as Barry Newman, Cleavon Little and Victoria Medlin. The director's chair in the project was taken by Richard Sarafyan.

In 1991, a remake of the classic road movie was released. This version starred Viggo Mortensen. "Dodge Challenger" also remained in the usual white color.


Taxi is a French film directed by Luc Besson and has long been recognized as a classic of the genre. In the center of the plot is a young driver Daniel, who is practically obsessed with fast driving. He originally made a living as a pizza delivery man, and now rushes through the streets of Marseille in a white "beast" "Peugeot", terrifying the locals and the police. He is a taxi driver who occasionally carries passengers, and also helps local law enforcement agencies in catching various criminals. His clumsy colleague, Police Officer Emilien, is about to take down another gang.

The film "Taxi" was awarded various awards, as well as many positive reviews from critics. He made a certain contribution to the development of world culture and French cinema. The film spawned an entire franchise. Crime comedy by Luc Besson stretched into four parts.

Movie "Taxi"
Movie "Taxi"

Starring: Sami Naceri, Frederic Diefenthal, Marion Cotillard and others.

Fast and Furious

"Fast and the Furious" is the film that spawned a number of sequels and is the largest and mostlucrative franchise from Universal Studios. In the center of the story is a guy named Brian. He is a real fan of fast driving. In order to show his talent, the young man dreams of being accepted into the gang of street racer Dominic Toretto. Illegal and dangerous street racing also attracts Brian because it is part of his job, as he is an undercover cop. And now the hero has to find out: who is he really - a law enforcement officer or a racer?

The main roles in the racing franchise were played by: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and others. "Fast and the Furious" stretched into many parts, branches and parodies. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham took part in some of the latest films.


Frank Martin is a former military man with a profitable and rather simple business. He is engaged in the transportation of various goods. The driver has earned a brilliant reputation as a man who knows his business. The quality and speed of his work is due to Frank's three rules: no change in the terms of the deal, no names, no interest in the luggage. However, everyone knows that breaking a rule can result in an unpleasant mistake. Likewise, a brilliant carrier fails to deliver another package without trouble.

Film "Transporter"
Film "Transporter"

The crime film consists of four parts. The film "Transporter 3" was the final in the original trilogy with Jason Statham. In 2015, the prequel "Transporter: Legacy" was released, telling about the events that occurred before the first part2002.

Need for Speed

The film tells the story of car mechanic Toby, who, despite being in debt, tries to avoid participating in illegal street racing. But one day his best friend dies because of a guy named Dino. The culprit of the incident is Toby's customer, who was supposed to improve his Ford Mustang. Dino tried to do everything to avoid responsibility, but Toby gets a real term. Now the mechanic will do everything to avenge his friend. His main weapon is the skill of a born racer.

Image"Need for speed"
Image"Need for speed"

The picture was released in wide release in 2014. Starring: Aaron Paul, Michael Keaton, Rami Malek and others. The tape is an adaptation of the video game series of the same name.


"Nitro" is a 2007 film directed by Alain Desrochers. Cast: Guillaume Leme-Tivierge, Lucie Laurier, Martin Matt and others.

Protagonist Max has long avoided illegal racing. Leaving a dangerous hobby, he tries to be an honest citizen and a loving family man. However, fate presents its surprises - Alice's wife is sick and needs an operation. A heart transplant costs a lot of money, which you can't find honestly. Max forgets about the prohibitions and gets into the race car. He found a way to help the family, but brought the wrath of not only the police, but also local gangsters. But who can stop him on the way to saving the woman he loves?


Adventure movie"Convoy" 1978 - the work of significant American director Sam Peckinpah. The cast was replenished by Kris Kristofferson, Ali McGraw and others. One of the few Western films shown in cinemas in the USSR.

Truckers find themselves at the center of a conflict with a state sheriff who punishes them with a fine for a minor offense. Severe drivers remain dissatisfied with this situation and decide to declare a protest, in which they form a column of heavy trucks. The convoy moves along the roads of the country and increases thanks to the joining cars. The protest gradually develops into something larger, threatening the local governor.

The protagonist's nickname, Rubber Duck, is a reference to the name of a car company.

Gone in 60 seconds

This film, released in 2000, is a remake of the 1974 film of the same name. In the modern action movie, the main role went to Nicolas Cage. The film also stars Angelina Jolie and Javanni Ribisi. Directed by Dominique Sena.

Image"Gone in 60 seconds"
Image"Gone in 60 seconds"

The film tells about the best hijacker - Memphis. However, he swore an oath that he would no longer be associated with crime. Despite this, the younger brother of the hero did not think to calm down, continuing to engage in dangerous business. Taking another order, a relative of Memphis can not cope with it. Now the older brother has to unravel his problems. The rider and his team are going to do a good job so that the brother is releasedmafia. Needless to say, the police are watching the dealers.

Fifty luxury cars were used in the film, from Toyotas and Mercedes to Ferraris and Bentleys.

Baby Driver

Comedy thriller was released in 2017. The film was directed by Edgar Wright. The film stars Ansel Elgort, Lily James, and acting giant Kevin Spacey.

Main character Kid loves music and, of course, fast driving. He encounters gunfights daily and participates in chases. He is a driver who transports criminals to a safe place, thereby helping them escape from the crime scene. But as usual, a girl comes into a guy's life, and he really falls in love. Now he wants to get out of the business, leaving the crime behind, but first, the Kid has one more task to complete.

The film received many positive reviews from critics. Among the awards - nominations for awards such as "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".

Image"Baby on the drive"
Image"Baby on the drive"

Extreme Racing

In the center of the plot of the film "Extreme Racing" - a young guy Takumi, delivering food in an old "Toyota". He lacks adrenaline, everyday life is boring and monotonous. However, everything changes when the hero is offered to participate in an illegal racing competition. On his "swallow" Takumi unexpectedly wins the race, thereby touching the local authoritative rider Takeshi. sudden success andfame leads the guy on the path of countless adventures, each of which is more risky than the previous one.

Extreme Racing premiered in Hong Kong in 2005. The film was based on Japanese comics and cartoons. Starring Jay Chou and Anthony Wong. The action movie has earned many awards and prizes.

Death Race

This racing feature film is a remake of the 1975 classic. The world premiere of a fantastic action movie took place in 2008. Paul W. S. Anderson, who directed "Resident Evil", is also the director of this tape. Jason Statham played the title role. The film also stars Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane and others.

The protagonist Jensen Ames is a three-time racing champion. He is put in jail for a crime he did not commit. Instead of the right to freedom, the hero is offered, together with other villains, to participate in a deadly contest. And so Jensen gets behind the wheel of one of the most dangerous cars in history. The device is equipped with both flamethrowers and machine guns. Ames is about to put on the most spectacular race to do justice.

The name of the protagonist is borrowed from the name of the car Jensen Interceptor.


Double Oscar winner director Ron Howard directed this sports historical drama. The film is based on real events that took place in 1976 in Formula 1. Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl star in the film, which deserved twoGolden Globe nominations.

Film "Race"
Film "Race"

In the center of the plot are two racers - James Hunt and Niki Lauda. One is a real playboy, the other has discipline in the first place. Men have long been rivals, and now they have the opportunity to prove to each other, as well as to themselves, who is the king of speed. Working hard, riders bring themselves to the edge, but no one said it would be easy. James and Nicky know that a single mistake can cost not only their careers, but their lives.

The film received many positive reviews. "Race" has been described by many critics as "an amazing sports drama".

A Born Racer

This dramatic car movie was released in 2011. The film is directed by Alex Ranarivelo. The leading roles went to such actors as Joseph Cross and John Piper-Ferguson.

Danny Krueger is a young racer whose eyes are only the horizon, and in his ears only the roar of the engine. However, extreme driving brings the young man to trouble - he gets into an accident with a police car. As punishment, Danny is sent to live with his father, who himself was once a NASCAR race car driver. The elder Krueger not only does not punish the child, but also decides to help him prepare for serious competitions.

Mad Max

"Mad Max" is a cult Australian action movie, sustained in the best traditions of such a genre of cinema as dieselpunk. The picture was released in 1979. In the director's chair - GeorgeMiller, starring Mel Gibson.

Classics of feature films about cars depicts the near future to the viewer. The fantasy world survived a major accident that practically destroyed the entire civilization. Now everything is focused on the road, and highways are practically the only way to exist. People live by instincts and the need for speed. A young police officer, Max, who is being chased by a biker gang for a murdered comrade, loses his best friend and puts himself and his family at risk.

"Mad Max" not only earned a lot of admiring reviews, it had a certain impact on the development of film culture in general. Also, the film for a long time was held in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful project in the history of cinema (with a budget of 300 thousand dollars, the tape earned 100 million dollars).

Mel Gibson also starred in two other films, thus completing the trilogy. Tom Hardy starred in the fourth film "Mad Max: Fury Road" in 2015.

Image"Mad Max"
Image"Mad Max"

Wow trip

Youth thriller was released in 2001. Starring Paul Walker, Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski. The project was directed by John Dahl.

Lews Thomas sets out on a long journey across the country to pick up his lover. The college student also has to help his brother, so the company is provided to the driver. A relative decides to have fun during the trip and plays a truck driver with a walkie-talkie. The brothers laugh, and everything seems to beokay, but heavyweight Rusty Nail turns out to be a very nervous driver and thinks comedians should answer for their jokes with their own lives.

Crazy Racing

"Crazy Races" is a 2005 film starring Lindsay Lohan and Justin Long. The film was produced by W alt Disney Studios.

A classic Volkswagen Beetle is at the center of this movie. His name is Herbie and he has a soul. The car is distinguished by a gentle and vulnerable nature, dreaming of becoming the winner of prestigious racing competitions. In the end, dreams must come true sooner or later, like those of its new owner. A car enthusiast with a tough personality and a thirst for speed is about to conquer the dizzying NASCAR races with her Herbie.

It is worth noting that some moments of the final race were actually filmed during the racing competition.

No brakes

This French-made comedy film was released in 2016. Directed by Nicolas Benamou. The main roles were played by Jose Garcia, Andre Dussolier, Caroline Vigno and others.

In the center of the plot of the film "Without brakes" - the head of the family, renting the coolest family car, filled with various "bells and whistles" and "gadgets". Now he, along with his wife, children and father, goes on a long-awaited vacation. However, when a modern supercar decides that brakes are not needed on a trip, the journey becomes moreextreme.

Image"No brakes"
Image"No brakes"

The film "No Brakes" was filmed on a highway in Macedonia. Many viewers noticed the amazing resemblance of the protagonist to actor Robert Downey Jr. In fact, the creators relied on the character of the movie "Back to Back" when creating this "speed picture".

Scandinavian afterburner

This Norwegian-made action movie was released in 2015. The director of the tape is Hallward Brain. Starring Anders Baasmo Christiansen.

Roy is a father and racer. Speed is his passion. However, sometimes it is impossible to combine two things. One day, his 14-year-old daughter, who, like a car, needs attention and care, becomes on the way to preparing for one of the most important competitions in a driver’s career. Roy, of course, gives himself to his child, but at the same time he loses the race. To restore his reputation as the best racer, he must win the prestigious North Cape tournament. Start - Oslo, finish - the northernmost point of the country.


Among the films with cars, the French "Overdrive" of 2017 should be noted. A picture with mixed reviews, but with a lot of cool cars. Starring Scott Eastwood and Freddie Thorpe. The director's chair was taken by Antonio Negret.

Film "Overdrive"
Film "Overdrive"

The Foster brothers are engaged in the theft of exclusively luxurious and elite cars. The 1937 Bugatti, valued at one million euros, is now their new target. They are going tothe edge of France, but during the theft they are caught. The brothers did not know that this expensive car belonged to a local authority. Now they are "hooked" by this criminal element. Their new mission is stealing another car from an enemy owner of the Bugatti.

Dust from under the wheels

This car movie details the lives of Jimmy Lewallen and his wife. With their love, the happy couple survived both war and poverty. The head of the family, along with friends, finds salvation from life's problems in racing competitions that appeared when men were transporting illegal alcohol. This story is not just about the people who found the "golden source", it is the story of how such a beloved sport as racing was born.

The historical drama was released in 2011. The film is directed by James Sutles. Starring: Brad Yoder, Burgess Jenkins, R. Keith Harris and more.