Rhymes for the name Karina

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Rhymes for the name Karina
Rhymes for the name Karina

Video: Rhymes for the name Karina

Video: Rhymes for the name Karina
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When writing poetry, sometimes you need to find a rhyme for the name Karina. But this is difficult, because the rhymes found do not fit in the meaning. This is because the author put the name at the end of the line. You can try changing the word order a bit to avoid inappropriate rhymes.

But it's best to first write out all the variants of words that make up a rhyme and are suitable in meaning.

How to choose a rhyme

To figure out how to find a rhyme for the name Karina, you should select the last syllable: -rina and add similar ones, replacing the letter "r" in it with any consonant: -bina, -kina, -shina and the like.

Now it remains to choose rhymes that would fit in the meaning. Nouns with such an ending that can be inserted into a congratulation are rather colorful: cappuccino, half, curtain, brigantine, piano, ballerina, raspberry, cousin, boiled pork, horse meat, sardine, sturgeon, pork, hash, basket, sheepskin, furs, canvas, moccasin, canvas, neckline, burlap, scarlet fever, vaccine, drill, sore throat, medicine, aspirin, cape.

Four topics can be distinguished from the whole mass:"fine", medical, gastronomic and sewing materials.

"Graceful" rhymes

Beautiful poems can be composed with such rhymes to the name Karina:

Graceful Karina
Graceful Karina

Blessing, cappuccino, falcon, half, mandolin, mezzanine, curtain, nightingale, aspen, crane, brigantine, harpsichord, piano, ballerina, jasmine, blond, ruby, decanter, limousine, orange, raspberry, tangerine, cousin, mister.

"If your name is Karina" - funny rhymes to the phrase

There are funny couplets that rhyme with names. How can you think of something like this for Karina? For two-syllable names, the formula “if your name is …”, for example:

If your name is Petya, you are smarter than everyone in the world.

For three-syllable names, this formula is not suitable. It should be slightly changed: "if your name is …". An example of such a couplet: "If your name is Karina, you are a good girl."

When you need funny rhymes, you can use the following words to characterize Karina:


Pork, horsemeat, protein, cholesterol, sardine, sturgeon, shop, pork, hash, basket, margarine.

Materials for tailoring:

Sheepskin, furs, canvas, moccasin, satin, crinoline, canvas, neckline, burlap, cape.


Scarlet fever, glycerin, analgin, vaccine, valocordin, formalin, penicillin, caffeine, insulin, nitroglycerin, vaseline, albumin, dental drill, vitamin, sore throat, medicine, aspirin.


Funny poems about Karina

Using funny rhymes to the name Karina, you can compose poems about a cook, a nurse or a clothing designer. Here's how Kareena might go to the grocery store:

For lunch us Karina

Brought from the store

Anything with lots of protein –

Meat full basket.

Here horse meat, boiled pork, Even the liver is goose, Only no margarine –

It's full of cholesterol.

If a girl is fond of sewing, you can compose poems about how Karina decided to sew a new outfit. For this, she used interesting materials:

Karina and dresses
Karina and dresses

Received as a gift from Karina

Satin cape.

"I wish there were furs here!" –

Karina thinks immediately.

And in the closet, among mothballs, A sheepskin was found at the same hour, Yellow tiger skin, Even peacock feathers.

How can it be without a crinoline!

And Karina found him.

Conquered all men.

There are no more Karin.

If a girl works as a nurse, and her colleagues at work congratulate her, medical rhymes for the name Karina will do:

Nurse Karina
Nurse Karina

Our sweet Karina, Queen of dipyrone, Glycerin, formalin, Caffeine, Vaseline.

Even nitroglycerin, Albumin, aspirin.

She is not afraid of a drill, Scarlet fever and tonsillitis.

Karina has a vaccine, Medicine is proud of her.

How notshould rhyme

There are words that seem to rhyme with the name, but Karina may not understand the comparisons used in the poem. The following words can cause an unwanted association: Pinocchio, wrinkle, carrion, death, beast, swearing, wrinkle, horse, beast, donkey, urea, flea, vrazhina, vagina, nicotine, trolley, naphthalene, cattle, image, rat, umbilical cord, cocaine, devilry, cudgel, twig, stubble, man, hazing.

Such rhymes to the name Karina are offensive, even if you do not directly call the girl with this word. First of all, the poem should carry a positive connotation, be kind.


Give your friend Karina some cute or funny poems.

Finding a suitable rhyme for the name Karina is not so difficult. If nothing comes to mind at all, you can express your thoughts in prose. The main thing is that it should be sincere and from the heart.