How to draw a three-dimensional cross: step by step instructions

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How to draw a three-dimensional cross: step by step instructions
How to draw a three-dimensional cross: step by step instructions

Video: How to draw a three-dimensional cross: step by step instructions

Video: How to draw a three-dimensional cross: step by step instructions
Video: How to Draw a Cross in 3D 2023, October

There are different levels of complexity of the drawings. You can depict a pencil cross on a landscape sheet with a special hatching and shading technique. If beginners do not know how to do this, then in this case a notebook sheet will do, on which it is easy to create a drawing of a three-dimensional cross using dots and cells. It will take no more than 7 minutes to work, but the result will certainly please you.

Tools and materials

For such arts, you will need a minimum of supplies. This inventory is sure to be in every student. Items Needed List:

  • notebook checkered paper;
  • pencils or ballpoint pens with black and blue ink;
  • ruler.

If you use a pen, you can't erase an incorrectly drawn line. Therefore, a voluminous cross is worked out by cells with a pencil, and then with a pen.

The ruler is used to draw straight lines, since by hand they will turn out to be curves, which in turn spoils the picture.

Set of tools
Set of tools

Instead of notebook paper, they use an A4 landscape sheet. They do it on itcell layout and create the desired image. However, it will take much more time. In addition, the grid must be erased so that there are no indentations or unfinished lines.

Point placement

From the first time it will not be clear where to draw the lines, so it is better to place auxiliary points, which will later be connected by dashes. How to draw a three-dimensional cross according to the instructions:

  1. The length of the cross is 24 cells, and the width is 18 pieces, can be made wider. But this is without those elements that will be added to the side and top to create volume.
  2. 3-4 cells retreat from the top of the leaf. Below put 2 points parallel to each other.
  3. 24 squares recede vertically and put similar dots.
  4. Departing from the top by 8 cells, they designate a horizontal crossbar. 9 squares go from the middle to each side.
  5. Now make cruciform blocks on the edges of the object. The width and height of the fragment is 66 cells. It is necessary to retreat from the upper end 2 squares down, then to the sides by 2 pcs. and put points. That is, the figure will consist of small crosses.
voluminous cross by cells
voluminous cross by cells

The dots must be placed carefully so that there is no curvature in the process of connecting the dashes.

Working out the front of the object

Having done this stage of work, it will become easier to draw subsequent details. You will have to prepare a ruler and a pen. How to draw a three-dimensional cross by cells using the right lessons:

  1. Lines are drawn at the established points,that form the shape. It is necessary not to confuse the direction of the dashes according to the auxiliary pointers, then the object will turn out to be even.
  2. Work with a ruler. The tool is applied vertically to the points, a line is drawn for 2 cells, the bar is turned over horizontally and a crossbar is drawn. Then the inventory is again applied so as to draw the extreme side of the cross. Thus, the contours are made. In total, according to the height of the figure, there are 4 cruciform blocks that need to be drawn, but without crossing the lines inside.
  3. Horizontal consists of 3 blocks. Mark similar contours of the subject. You also need to remember that an empty space of several cells is left from the right edge to accommodate the added elements.
cross voluminous
cross voluminous

This stage of work will take no more than 1 minute.

Creating volume

This step of drawing the object is considered the most difficult. It is necessary to correctly place the dots and work out the blocks at an angle. How to draw a 3D 3D Cross:

  1. There are 2 blocks on the 3 upper sides of the figure. 4 cells recede vertically from the top of the object. The ruler is turned over, horizontally to the right they move 3 squares.
  2. They put an end to it, in parallel outline another one, stepping back a little. Then, along the diagonal of the square, and draw a dash to the right horizontally. Again, a line is drawn obliquely through the cell, outlining the contour completely.
  3. A block is added to this detail on the side, which should consist of 4 vertical and 4 diagonal lines. paintedthe elements inside are connected with lines to form a volume.
  4. At the bottom of the main cross on the right side, add 1 block, making it in a similar way. Then, a little higher, another cross-shaped fragment is worked out, which will connect in the crossbar of the object.
  5. All parts from the inside are closed by lines, but symmetry must be observed so that the thickness is the same - 2 cells.
how to draw a three-dimensional cross by cells
how to draw a three-dimensional cross by cells

After going through this difficult stage, it remains to decorate the picture correctly.

Coloring the outer sides

It is better to shade the front sides of the figure with a ballpoint pen with blue paste. If you do not violate this technique, then the picture will turn out more beautiful. Volumetric cross step by step:

  1. Short hatching is applied from the top to the bottom of the front of the object. The front part is painted over with dashes vertically to the direction of the main contour.
  2. Then the remaining voids between the strokes are covered with horizontal lines, placing them as tightly as possible.
  3. The fill is applied in layers in the same way so that the white sheet areas are completely hidden.
  4. Side fragments are painted in a slightly different way. The lines of the cruciform blocks are located diagonally, so they should be hatched in the same way. Then the color will fall correctly, and the picture will become more realistic.

If you want to make highlights, then use a rubber eraser. The grater is divided into blue and red, dark white and gray-blue. It is with the darkened side that you need to slightly erase 1 edge of the object, creatinglight on figure.

Overlay shadows inside the shape

After working out the light areas of the object, they start hatching the shadows. These are the places that are located between the front sides of the blocks. The darkening of the volumetric cross is carried out in several stages:

  1. Work starts from the top. With a pen with black paste, hatching is applied in the direction of the contour lines. If they are drawn vertically, then the dashes are arranged in the same way. Do not press too hard on the pen or pencil, otherwise the fill will turn out to be uneven.
  2. Translucent white areas are completely painted over. This will help the multi-layer overlay of short lines.
  3. You cannot apply a shadow in one tone. There should be partial shade in different places. Choose the angle of incidence of the light. That is, those details that are closer to the source will be lighter. A rubber eraser will also help with this.
how to draw a three-dimensional cross
how to draw a three-dimensional cross

How and where chiaroscuro will be located, only the creator of this picture will decide.

Additional details to enhance the effect

To make the picture even more beautiful, you can add ornaments and create a shadow from the object. You can decorate a volumetric cross like this:

  1. An ornament of plants is drawn along the perimeter of the figure. They are also hatched and applied chiaroscuro.
  2. The drop shadow of the cross will enhance the realism. It should repeat the shape of the figure and overlap at an angle to the right or left side.
Ornament options
Ornament options

Hatching can be slightly shaded with a piece of paper. Fairly lightwipe the painted areas with movements, and the lines will smooth out a little.