Pop art style: a brief history, features and interesting facts

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Pop art style: a brief history, features and interesting facts
Pop art style: a brief history, features and interesting facts

Video: Pop art style: a brief history, features and interesting facts

Video: Pop art style: a brief history, features and interesting facts
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Pop art has emerged to replace the serious abstract art of the twentieth century. This style is mostly based on popular culture, so it has become a form of entertainment. The direction developed with the help of advertising, trends, as well as fashion. No philosophy, spirituality. Pop art (portraits) is one of the sections of avant-garde art.

When did the style originate?

famous pop art
famous pop art

Accessibility and simplicity are the qualities that made this style incredibly popular. The goal was originally to have a wide audience, so it is possible to cover the most talked about images. That is why the pop art style has become one of the most influential art movements in painting of the 20th century and beyond.

Style promotion

Photograph by Andy Warhol
Photograph by Andy Warhol

In more detail, the style gained popularity in the 1960s, despite the fact that it was founded a little earlier, in the 1950s. Great Britain is considered to be the place of origin, and an active rise occurred in the United States of America. Andy Warhol became the founding fathers of pop artand Jasper Johns.

It all started with the Independent Group initiative, which was founded in London in 1952 among enterprising artists and architects. Urban folk culture was supplemented by modern technologies when writing canvases. On the example of American culture, the masters studied the influence of psychology on the mass audience, the deep meaning and content of linguistics. I was mainly interested in industrial advertising, current advertising production technologies, distribution of collages.

It's Tomorrow

1956 Opening of the pop art exhibition "This is Tomorrow". Modern society was presented with film frames of all favorite films, Hollywood idols, enlarged images. Many were inspired by the new unusual style. After the exhibition, most of the graduates of art schools and not only wanted to join the new movement.

Main motives

Another work of the great master
Another work of the great master

Pop art (portrait) has the main characteristics that make it easy to understand that this is a certain style:

  • When popular art drawings are used. Posters, graffiti, comics, vinyl records, Marilyn Monroe graphics.
  • Screaming, bright colors. Protest to the ordinary monotonous styles in the interior. Only disco-thrash and youth funk.
  • Object "plastic" in the interior. Bright colors favorably emphasize the originality of youth style.

The first motif is taken as a basis, but others perfectly complement the image of pop art. In fact, this style is not independent, but only combinesall sorts of details and creates a specific harmony.

Interior use

Style in the interior
Style in the interior

Details are the elements through which all the versatility of pop art is manifested in the interior.

  • Freedom. Spacious grounds, high ceilings, minimalism. It goes well in the design of living rooms, public cafes.
  • Light color. As a rule, a white background visually expands the space. Flashy bright furniture always works well with neutrals.
  • Creativity of forms. The ideological creators were actively fond of retro-futurism, in addition to other philistine styles. When you are in a pop art style interior, there is a chance to remember the good science fiction of that time.
  • Minimum amount of furniture. The same idea of simplicity and spaciousness. There will be no uploaded areas in the pop art room. Only the essentials for life. Multifunctional cabinets, cabinets, sofas.
  • Variety of accessories. It's easy to find a lot of little things: such as elements of mass culture, colorful details and bright accents. For example, pillows that are scattered around the perimeter, or catchy clothes hangers.
  • Unusual lighting solution. A lot depends on the light. Including the mood of the object. LED strips, liquid lamps, ceiling lighting. Such things are especially noticeable when all attention is riveted to the light.

Style Features

Six works by Andy Warhol
Six works by Andy Warhol

Bright, original pop art style is not for everyone. Need ituse primarily where the recreation area is located. Many note a clear similarity with kitsch. But in fact, these are two different styles. A challenge to society, a protest against boredom, an embrace of one's own unique taste, a desire to stand out - all this shows this style in a favorable light.

Pop Art Portrait

A bright surprise does not lose its relevance. Such a gift will come in handy for all those who appreciate expression, style, creativity and, as a rule, deny simplicity.

It's no secret that you need to give emotions. A pop art portrait will do the job perfectly. Bright, fashionable, catchy. He will immediately draw attention to himself. Everything that is in style and presentation is reflected in the drawing. Artists always notice interesting details and facts.

We see a new surge in the popularity of pop art paintings, each of us has a chance to pamper loved ones and friends with a unique stylish portrait. For many, this will serve as an example, and they themselves will begin to do such pleasant and romantic acts.

Interesting facts

Peculiar pop art style
Peculiar pop art style

At the beginning of its appearance, this product was not in vain noted by many rich and influential people of that time, because it completely turned the cultural significance. The concept of the movement changed the followers of the style. Pop art is recognized worldwide.

Lawrence Elloway released a resonant article about the challenge to the cultural society, where he described in detail the intentions of young talents. It happened in America, but interestingly, the critic was from the UK.

BIn most cases, material for pop artists' work is created from all sorts of information and uses technology combined with even more interesting objects. Roy Lichtenstein, like no one else, realized this in his time and used it.

The origin of pop art can be attributed to the period of pop music of those years, it was this fact that influenced the development of the movement in London. No need to look far for examples, Peter Blake created the cover for The Beatles and Elvis Presley, especially since the main basis of his works was the portrait of Brigitte Bardot, like Andy Warhol in New York used the portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Comparing the English approach and the American one, we can absolutely say that the second one is much more aggressive and ironic in its message.

Although don't forget Andy Warhol's great motto, which has become a kind of symbol of American culture in general: "If everything in the world is done by machines, then I will think like a machine."

Clear motifs, symbols, sharp lines. Anti-art in all its manifestations. Peculiar Dadaists who refused once and for all from the standardization of the world. It is generally accepted that the most popular theme in the works of pop art artists was food, but this is a misconception: they gave more preference to objects of simple life and toilet.

Warhol took the products of popular manufacturers to a new level by multiplying the logos of top brands in works.


Thus, such a unique and inimitable popular art really turned the idea of art. Made some revolution in the art world and not only. Until now, many artists, designers, decorators are inspired, live and create with the help of this style, and also use pop art in the interior. Life style called pop art. We think it will be as popular for years to come as it was in the mid-twentieth century.

We hope that the article was interesting for you, and you managed to find answers to all your questions. Thank you for your attention, dear readers. Appreciate art.