Still life with fruits in painting
Still life with fruits in painting

Video: Still life with fruits in painting

Video: Still life with fruits in painting
Video: Unlocking the Beauty of Watercolor Still Life Fruit Painting for Beginners 2023, September

Painting pictures is one of the best ways to cope with depression, improve your mood, believe in your strengths and abilities. It is believed that painting requires some special talents and abilities. In fact, you just need to have the desire and perseverance. It does not matter at what age a person begins to draw. Often people master drawing at a retirement age, and they get great work. The easiest plot for writing the first picture is a still life with fruit. At home, you can always find a vase or a plate, and take a walk to the market for fresh fruit.

What should be prepared for the first drawing?

Drawing supplies
Drawing supplies

In order to get started, it is enough to have special paper for drawing, quality simple pencils, an eraser, paint brushes, and good watercolor. Of course, you can draw on anything and with any pencils, but poor quality materials can complicate the process and discourage you from drawing. Therefore, the first still life with fruit, for beginners, should be done on suitable paper, good pencils and paints.

Tools and materials:

  • Plain pencils of different hardness, it is better to purchaseset.
  • Paper for watercolor or drawing A3 size.
  • Watercolor brush No. 6, if desired, you can buy brushes of different sizes (squirrel, kolinsky, goat).
  • Soft gum (eraser).
  • Watercolors ("St. Petersburg" or "Ladoga").
  • Easel. This is not the most necessary tool, it can be replaced with a chair.
  • Fitting pad is the right size.

How to compose a composition for a still life?

A properly composed composition for a still life with flowers and fruits is half the success of the finished work. When choosing objects, it is important to pay attention to their shape. If you use low objects, then you need to add a couple of elongated elements, this is necessary for the harmony of the composition. To give the picture dynamism, objects should be of different shapes - round, angular and tightly composed. For a calmer composition, objects should be placed more spaciously and stretched along a horizontal line.

sepia still life
sepia still life

It is very important that the composition is contrasting. If you make elements of the same shape and color, then the picture will turn out not interesting and boring. Therefore, when choosing items, you need to pay attention to color, texture, size and shape. If the composition is dominated by green, then it is necessary to add some object of red color. In any case, you should not forget about your desires, because the future still life with fruit is the work of the artist, and only he can decide what the composition will become. Pictures drawn in sepia or charcoal are not at allinferior to works written in watercolor.

Lighting and location for still life

still life sketch
still life sketch

The best lighting is natural. For painting, the best place is by the window. The brighter the room, the more convenient and easier it is to draw. Lamps can be used in winter or at night, but this complicates the work, although if you practice drawing constantly, the artist will get used to artificial lighting and work will become easier.

  • If the artist is sitting facing the window, and a still life, a bowl of fruit is between him and the window, then the shadow will hide most of the details and shades. The drawing will turn out dark and with elements of drama.
  • If you sit with your back to the window, and put a still life with fruit in front of you, then the objects will be fully illuminated and there will be almost no shadows.
  • If the artist sits sideways to the window, and the still life is also located, then side lighting will emphasize the shape, shadows and balance the proportions of the composition.

Therefore, the first time to draw a still life with fruit for a novice artist will be more convenient and easier when it is located sideways to the light source.

Preparation of the workplace

The artist draws
The artist draws

Before you get started, you need to stretch the paper on the tablet. To do this, moisten a sheet of paper and attach it to the tablet with a small amount of PVA glue, smearing the sheet around the perimeter. When the sheet dries, it will stretch on the tablet. If this is not done, then when working with watercolor, for which you need to use a lot of water, a sheet of paperwill come in waves. This will interfere with the correct filling of the drawing with watercolor. If the artist is going to draw a still life with fruit in pencil and pastel, then a sheet of paper can be fixed on the tablet with buttons or clothespins.

Then you need to make room by the window, put an easel or chair and fix a tablet with paper on it. Opposite the easel, put a table or stool on which there will be a still life with flowers and fruits. It is very important to choose a background for the composition. As a background, you can use plain fabric or paper. When you have experience in painting, you can try to paint a picture with a multi-colored background or with beautifully laid folds of fabric.

Picture sketch

preliminary sketch
preliminary sketch

First of all, you need to draw a sketch of the future picture. To do this, you need to select the main element in the composition and draw up a drawing plan. You need to draw thin lines so that later they can be easily erased with an elastic band.

  • Mark a horizontal line on the sheet, this will be the table on which the items stand.
  • Mark the points, lines and location of the elements of the picture and sketch in a two-dimensional projection.
  • Draw the main objects, first depict them with rectangular shapes, and then round the corners, indicating their depth.
  • Mark out secondary objects, such as fruits or flowers, and draw their shapes.
  • Erase all auxiliary lines and errors with an elastic band.
  • Mark the background if necessary, for example, if there is drapery.
  • Determine the location of the shadow, light,penumbra, reflections and reflexes. Mark them on the sketch.
  • fruit sketch
    fruit sketch

Watercolor drawing

After the sketch is ready, you can start filling the drawing with watercolors. When working with watercolor, you need to remember that she loves water. Before starting work, a sketch or sketch must be moistened with clean water, and a palette should be prepared for mixing colors. The palette can be a plastic board, which is usually included in a set of paints, or use a small sheet of paper. The water in the jar must be changed as needed. When drawing in watercolor, you need to stock up on a roll of paper towels so that you can wring out the brush or remove excess water from the drawing.

Fruit watercolor
Fruit watercolor

Steps of work

First you need to fill in the background of the picture. To do this, choose the right color by mixing paints with each other. Drawing in pure color is not recommended, since there are light and dark places in the picture, the transition from light to shadow should be smooth. For example, if you mix yellow and blue paints, you get green, by changing the proportions of these paints, you can get a huge number of shades of green.

After filling the background, you can start painting large objects, while not forgetting about chiaroscuro. Make dark areas darker in tone than light ones, thus creating a three-dimensional image in the picture.

Then start painting small objects, also creating volume with the help of tone enhancement. From time to time it is worth moving away from the picture in order to evaluate the result in its entirety and on time. Correct mistakes. Watercolor paints are good because all the mistakes can be easily washed off with water and paint the picture correctly.

Still life with jug
Still life with jug

When the work is ready, you need to leave it to dry and make sure that dust and other small debris do not stick to it. Rinse and dry the brushes in an upright position with the working end up so as not to wring the hair.

Success in creativity depends on desire and patience. It is very useful for a novice artist to look at still lifes with fruits, photos of which can be found on the Internet, books and magazines on art. Walking through museums will also be of great benefit.