Immersive show "Faceless", St. Petersburg - reviews, cast and interesting facts

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Immersive show "Faceless", St. Petersburg - reviews, cast and interesting facts
Immersive show "Faceless", St. Petersburg - reviews, cast and interesting facts

Video: Immersive show "Faceless", St. Petersburg - reviews, cast and interesting facts

Video: Immersive show "Faceless", St. Petersburg - reviews, cast and interesting facts
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Watching movies on the screen has become uninteresting even in the cinema, let alone at home. In order to somehow attract the public, quests were created with the participation of live actors. However, this quickly got boring. And now a new kind of performance is on stage - immersive shows, where the viewer becomes a ghost amidst intrigues and scandals, twisted storylines and mysterious stories.

What is an immersive show?

This concept came to us recently. Immersive performance presupposes the participation of the viewer. If this is the first time you hear about this, then you will definitely need to visit the performance.

Spectators are launched into a certain area in small groups, and then the show begins. Specially trained actors perform their roles, using acting skills, choreography and charm. You can follow any character, follow just one plot, or switch from painting to painting.

Immersive show Faceless SPB reviews
Immersive show Faceless SPB reviews

Here everything is like in real life. You won't be able to watch every episode, just don'tenough time. But you have the right to touch any objects, study and learn more about the heroes and heroines of the production, and maybe you can talk to the character.

A puzzle is put together at the end of the scene. You understand what kind of people they were and what role they played in the play. This is what is called an immersive performance. Much more interesting than watching a horror movie at home, isn't it?


Even before the creation of the show "Faceless" in St. Petersburg, the play "The Returned" appeared, also based on the play "Ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen. It will be easier for people who are familiar with this piece to participate in the show. So let's dive into the drama for a couple of minutes?

faceless immersive show in St. Petersburg reviews
faceless immersive show in St. Petersburg reviews

The action takes place in Norway, in the estate of the Alving family.


  • Fru Alving is the mistress of the house.
  • Regina is a maid.
  • Oswald is the mistress's son.
  • Manders is a pastor.

In the evening, a carpenter comes to Fra Alving's house and starts talking to Regina about the completion of the construction of the orphanage. He says that he himself made good money here and is ready to open a hotel for sailors, invites the maid to move to him. The girl contemptuously rejects his offer, she likes work in a decent noble house. Carpenter leaves.

Oswald, Fru Alving and Manders discuss shelter insurance. The pastor considers it blasphemy to doubt the strength of a charitable place. But the mother and son have a different opinion. The dispute turns into a scandal.

Manders recalls how a year after the weddingthe mistress of the house fled to him from her husband, but the pastor persuaded her to return. In addition, her husband is such a good person: he multiplied the fortune of the family, loved his wife, kept order in the house. And Oswald generally acquired vicious views while studying abroad, why did he need to be torn away from his family?

Fru Alving tells her interlocutor the true state of affairs. In fact, her husband liked to drink and walk, and she did everything to preserve the dignity of the family. She also kept order in the house. One day, the wife saw her husband on the balcony with the maid Johanna, who gave birth to Regina nine months later. I got a great hubby, a really “good” person. And the son had to be sent to another country so that he would not see what was happening.

As they reach the exit, they see Regina fighting off Oswald. “Ghosts!” shouted the hostess. This meant that she saw something that had happened before. A picture of her husband's debauchery with the maid flashed before her eyes.

As it turns out, Oswald has a hereditary disease. A mother tells her child the truth about the father and his illegitimate daughter. At this moment, the shelter lights up. After the fire is extinguished, the heroes return to their places. Oswald admits that he already had one attack of the disease, and after the second he will simply become a vegetable. He begged Regina for a jar of morphine. The mother comforts her son and takes the bottle.

The next morning, Oswald wakes up in a delirium, repeating: "The sun, the sun …". But there is no sun. The mother is standing near the morphine bed.

Faceless Show

But back to the main point. Reviews aboutthe immersive show "Faceless" is still small in St. Petersburg, since the premiere was in early November, and the authors keep the plot secret.

The action takes place in a four-story mansion, around the Alving family. But not just one house is involved, but the whole city. Each viewer can watch any picture they like, but it is impossible to see all the details, there are too many of them. More than 600 theatrical scenes will take place simultaneously. Visitors can touch any thing, read any notes, follow any hero, walk through secret passages and create a plot in their own head. It depends only on the person what impressions he will have after watching.

immersive show faceless in st. petersburg
immersive show faceless in st. petersburg

The program is only available in St. Petersburg. Immersive show "Faceless" is closed to other cities at the moment.

Each guest will be unrecognizable, at the entrance he puts on a mask. You decide for yourself what role you would like to play. Reviews of the immersive show "Faceless" in St. Petersburg say that the performance will not leave anyone indifferent. All actions make fantasy work, so the plot for any person will become very personal.

The creators and actors of the immersive show "Faceless" tried to keep the mystery and mystery of the play. The members trained for 5 months before stepping on such a stage for the first time. The director was the famous dancer, choreographer, member of the jury of the project "Dancing" Miguel. He was assisted by Victor Karina and Mia Zanetti.

Faceless in Petersburg
Faceless in Petersburg


Like any theater, there isown rules that must be followed:

  • You are in the building for a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Tickets are sold only to persons 18+, you must present a passport at the entrance.
  • The mansion is let in in small groups every 15 minutes. Be prepared to wander around the rooms you will be in splendid isolation.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from claustrophobia, epilepsy.
  • All gadgets you hand over at the entrance and put on a mask.
  • Immersive Show Faceless Actors
    Immersive Show Faceless Actors

Tickets and prices

There are only 2 types of tickets: VIP and regular. They differ only in that the "crown" places provide an opportunity to take a personal part in the performance and access to a personal bar.

Prices are very different. A regular ticket will cost you 5,000 rubles, and a VIP seat - 30,000 rubles. Although, according to reviews of the immersive show "Faceless" in St. Petersburg, it is not at all necessary to spend big money to enjoy it, the difference is not too felt.

Tips for viewing

To enjoy your viewing experience more, we recommend following these tips:

  • Be sure to read the original play to better understand what is happening.
  • Don't go with friends, you'll be more immersed in the plot, and maybe you'll be alone with the character.
  • Don't follow one line of heroes, you won't know everything anyway, but you will miss a lot of interesting things in other rooms.
  • Don't demand a professional mental game, such a scenemuch harder to master.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, you will have to walk all 3 hours.
  • It is undesirable to buy something in a bar, everything is very expensive there.
  • Don't be afraid to be alone with the hero, you will see exclusive scenes.


Banteeva Group - one of the first to visit the immersive show "Faceless" in St. Petersburg. Reviews do not reveal the secrets of the plot, but tell about the impressions.

faceless most mysterious production
faceless most mysterious production

Natalia Banteeva writes about an interesting format in which the viewer is given an important role. She believes that a person can become a tourist in this city and just watch, or can become a detective and get to the bottom of the truth.

Ksyusha Konopelechka confirmed that it is better to explore the mansion alone. Judging by her review, the Faceless immersion show in St. Petersburg will not leave anyone indifferent.

But Marat Tikhonov opened the veil of secrecy and spoke about one of the characters. The first person he saw was a priest kneeling and praying. Marat says that everyone will find their own story in this house.


"Faceless" is the most mysterious theatrical production. These are new emotions, new impressions. People with strong nerves who love intrigue, interactive and vivid emotions should definitely visit such a performance. Believe me, the ticket is worth its five thousand rubles.