Ilya Safronov: a magician from real life

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Ilya Safronov: a magician from real life
Ilya Safronov: a magician from real life

Video: Ilya Safronov: a magician from real life

Video: Ilya Safronov: a magician from real life
Video: Кто мешает семейному счастью Ильи Сафронова? | Человек-невидимка| 19:00 пятница 2023, November

Ilya Safronov is a well-known illusionist in Russia. He is well known to the audience for his participation in various television shows as part of a trio, which, in addition to him, includes two more of his brothers. All about the biography and personal life of Ilya Safronov - one of the main Russian "wizards" - you can learn from this article. It also says what he's doing today.

Childhood in the biography of Ilya Safronov

Ilya Vladimirovich Safronov was born on April 12, 1977. His hometown is Moscow. According to the horoscope, Ilya is Aries.

The boy's family was the simplest - his parents worked as military engineers. After a while, they had two more boys - Ilya's younger brothers - Andrey and Sergey. The brothers recall that their parents instilled family values in them from childhood and taught them to be a mountain for each other!

Even as a child, Ilya "got on TV", playing in the crowd. His mother took him to various auditions and to children's theater circles, who dreamed of becoming an actress in her youth and realized her unfulfilled dream in children.

Safronov brothers
Safronov brothers


Creative life captured Ilya so much that he went to get a circus education at the school. Initially, the guy wanted to connect his life with the circus arena and act as a juggler.

Then, after studying, Ilya Safronov went to the Shchepkinsky Theater School to receive higher education at the Directing course. An interesting detail: in "Sliver" Safronov studied with Vladimir Safronov, who is the full namesake of the illusionist's father, but there is no family connection between the former student and the teacher.

Elijah in makeup
Elijah in makeup

Fascination with illusion

After receiving a director's education, Ilya Safronov worked for some time in advertising, but one day, having seen the show of the world-famous illusionist David Copperfield, he decided that he wanted to repeat his success. Ilya Safronov began to make attempts to stage and perform tricks at a professional level.

The boys' father recorded one of Copperfield's performances on tape, and Ilya watched it dozens of times, unraveling the secrets of performing numbers.

After learning a few flashy tricks, he put on a small home concert for his parents and brothers. The family was delighted. Then Safronov finally decided on the choice of profession.

Andrey was the first of Ilya's two brothers, who also became interested in illusion. Together, they began to master new techniques and included in their performance the “fiery breath”, which they practiced for hours in their entrance.

At the moment, the brothers' show is already being worked ona whole team of stuntmen and technicians who can always tell you how best and safer to perform this or that trick.

First Glory

The first performance on television was participation in the program “What? Where? When?”, where the brothers demonstrated one of their most difficult numbers at that time - burning alive. They performed at the personal invitation of Boris Kryuk and returned home with the full feeling that tomorrow they would wake up famous. Unfortunately, nothing has changed: the phone was still silent, orders never fell on them, and no one recognized them on the streets.

But this year the brothers got acquainted with Alexander Tsekalo, together with whom they developed spectacular tricks for the musical "12 Chairs". Then there was the performance of the trio at the international rock festival in Luzhniki. At the same time, the brothers joined the world-famous club of magicians, which is based in New York.

The turning point, which showed the brothers that they really are worth something, was a human teleportation act, prepared especially for Swiss television and becoming famous all over the world.

The following year, the program “You are an eyewitness” was released on the screens, hosted by Ivan Usachev, and a separate section was allocated for the Safronovs. Then there was the first success - on the channel "M1" the illusionist Ilya Safronov and his brothers were given a whole show called "School of Magic".

In 2006, the brothers took part in the production of Sergei Shnurov's concert and was remembered by many spectators.

Trio of illusionists are regularly invited to participate instaging tricks at various award ceremonies, for example, such eminent ones as "Silver Galosh", "Russian Radio" award, "Golden Gramophone".

Safronov and Shnurov
Safronov and Shnurov

Personal life of Ilya Safronov

Unfortunately, very little is known about the personal life of the star. He does not like to talk about his love affairs. It is known that for many years he has been in a relationship with a girl, Marina. At the moment, it is not known what status the couple is in.

When Safronov is asked about marital status in an interview, he always speaks only of love for the closest members of his family - parents and brothers.

Ilya Safronov with a friend
Ilya Safronov with a friend

TV projects

Ilya Safronov may be well known to viewers from shows such as:

  • "Battle of Psychics" from season 1 to 19;
  • Wonder People;
  • "You are an eyewitness";
  • "School of Magic";
  • "Everything but the usual";
  • "Ukraine of Wonders" and many others.

He is also often invited to various talk shows as an expert. So, he often becomes a guest on the first channel in the program “Let them talk”, on the Russia-1 channel in the program “Live”, as well as on NTV in “We speak and show.”

trio of illusionists
trio of illusionists

What is he doing now

Ilya Safronov is a very versatile personality. In addition to tricks, he shoots videos, writes songs. His work invariably becomes a highlight in the performances of the Safronov trio.

The last project of the Safronovs was a show on the STS channel"Empire of Illusions", in which the brothers competed with each other and even recruited star wards, who were taught all the intricacies of this difficult but interesting business.

Safronov on vacation
Safronov on vacation

Thus, you learned about the biography of Ilya Safronov and got acquainted with projects in which you can observe his amazing illusions. Be sure to check out his extraordinary magic tricks, because looking at them, you can really believe in magic in real life!